Bangkok Girls Casual Hook Up Travel Info Guide to Find a Sexy Girl in Bangkok

Best tips and hints to get laid in Bangkok with Bangkok Girls, this is the most common reason for single men are flying to Bangkok in our modern society to try some solo travel experience and feel the place full of fun and sensational happy endings.

Last updated on December 16th, 2018 at 02:07 pm

Thousands of Thai Bangkok GIRLS are waiting for their matches to get hooked up with men from around the world. 

One of the first things that most travellers to Bangkok realize when they come to red light districts or the city center, is how easy it can be to find girls to sleep with.

And for travellers that are very experienced in Thailand, meeting Bangkok girls and getting close to them becomes almost like pieces of hot mettle and water. 

Also, to catch Bangkok girls, being white is the best option, it is Asian culture. Also, be clean, dress well, nice, tidy and look rich.

Unlike other Asian countries, Thai girls have a lack of English fluency and it can be difficult to communicate with some of them.

Our travel blog successfully brings together singles from around the world. For over years, thousands of happy men and women have met their soul mates in Bangkok for casual sex or even for life. 

Thai Girl, Bangkok Girls

All Men Want to Use Their Skills to Meet Local Bangkok Girls Naturally?

Well, walk around Bangkok and burn some of your fat. Look for cute girls working in restaurants, shops, malls or even on the streets.

It is a bit like flirting with women back in western countries but much easier.

Just smile, speak with them and build conversation, ask for directions or whatever, give a compliment and carry on the conversation (The most important thing to remember is don’t be a stupid arrogant fuck head).

When she is comfortable, ask her to come for a coffee. (Need some time in Bangkok)

This approach works over  35% of the time, therefore for every 3 girls, one will accept your offer. The odds improve depending on your skills, looks, skin color and nationality.

You can’t lose a man, it’s a numbers game and just like gambling.

Other advice along these lines I would have to give our travellers would be to –  visit the disco, Bars, Night Clubs,  and karaoke place, they’re packed with educated girls with well-paid jobs, freelancers clubbing girl and curious girls.

(all your choice, you just want short-term fun and a bang? This the best option for you.) Look up Bangkok Nightlife PartyNana Plaza. or Bangkok City Red Light Districts 

Please note, better to stay away from freelancers because they’re just looking for money.  You pay for them to have fun and drink but still end up having to pay for sex at the end of the night!

Bangkok sexy girls

Bangkok Girls – Nightlife & Dating Sites

When you’re traveling and looking for more than just a pop or bang. If you genuinely wish to meet Thai Bangkok Girls to spend some time with her and perhaps go on a romantic holiday together, maybe even fall in love with her?

(Travel partner) All possible here in Bangkok, you have the tried and tested method here in front of you right now.

Smoochi and tinder or travel Mate Apps ( even FB  is a very easy way to find a girl)

If you’re here on holiday or business and want a discreet way of meeting hot girls, then Smooci is a very good option. There are so many other ways as well as this such as FB, travel Mate and Tinder.

The best, our modern and safe way to have great fantasy sex in Bangkok. Using their online website you can book any of their escorts or erotic massages lady and they will visit you in your hotel or apartment. Prices start from around 2500  Baht upwards.

Getting Nightlife tour, also the best way to find beautiful Bangkok Girls. Tour guides are local and they know where to go and they more than happy to an interduce best looking Thai lady for you to have the best nightlife fun in Bangkok. I have found a guide in the City and He is a great man. I’m more than happy to hook you up with him. His Name is Boy and his profile here for you. 

Ladyboys – Transsexuals Identification Tips

My personal advice you to find a Thai lady. Better stay away from some of the unknown dating sites as much as possible because all those sites are well capable of relieving you of your hard earned money through various scams.

This does not mean you can’t find a woman or man through it, you just may end up spending more money than necessary.

Well if you don’t have good looks and social skills, dating sites are the best way to find someone like a travel partner or a partner of the more romantic variety.

Thai girls

A Few Tips Before Seeing Bangkok Girls

  • Well, Travel men know how to have fun. Remember, you should be having fun with or without the girl. When you are meeting Bangkok girls and hanging out with them, enjoy yourself and don’t be a boring bitch.
  • Bangkok Accommodation – Please get a good hotel yourself, Bangkok Girls like good hotel or resorts, Some time girls would asking where you staying and if you stayed in a good hotel, your chance to get into her pant dramatically increase just because of the name of the hotel
  • Well, Plan Ahead to get into her pant. Before even meet her you should know or well planned where to go and what you two will be doing while out in Bangkok. Don’t just ask all from her. You must be in advance as a fucker
  • Be direct and Be a man, Don’t Be a Pussy. With Thai Bangkok Girls, it is very important to show them you are the man and you have great skills to keep the girls happy to keep the interaction. Have answers, and know how to guide the interaction keep up the conversation. 
  • Closing the Game before timeout. get close to her, once she is comfortable with you. Casually say you want to take her back to your place to hang out. Remember, if she comes this means already that she is very interested in your pants too. 9 out of 10 if she agrees to come to your room it means she wants to sleep with you. Make the move on her and close the game.

If you want to increase your chances of meeting some nice Bangkok Girls or around the world check out my helpful travel like a Local info guide here. 

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