Sydney Best Sex Guide If Ever You Find Yourself In Sydney – List of Street Sex and Best Brothel – Escort Services

City Sydney Sex Escort girls are between the age group of 18 to 30. Most of them all blondes. Your enthusiasm may depend on body type, age, services and most of all their good sexy looks. They make an hourly charge between $550 to $750. They earn the money with the best of its value without incurring any levy of taxes.

City Sydney Safe Sex Tourism Info Guide for Travellers   

Traveller Hints is delighted to furnish you with safety information guide in terms of sex so that travellers to Sydney can realise their sexual fantasies in a conducive fulfilling vibe.

Travellers are indeed dipped in delight as we find ourselves in the capacity to offer you the best places to select your adult entertainment location with sufficient informative directories for gentlemen to indulge in sensuality from the location like bars, clubs etc as well as the guide for cheap street hooking in given specific location.

We have a mission and that is none other than providing our valued travellers with the best of safe sex services that they look forward to and also making it easy to locate those places without experiencing any kind of frustrating sentiments whatsoever is yet another aspect we want to specialise in.

We make an effort to provide the best information ever, for our travel enthusiasts be they the ones with ample experience in the form of fun in sex or be they the inexperienced travellers who find themselves in a completely novel situation.

They may not know what to do at first, but with our guidance, they will experience fulfilment to find themselves in the seventh heaven.

Once you set your foot on City Sydney you will be surrounded by the brothels with the reputation as the best of their kind and the erotic massage parlours. Maybe you cannot have experienced the world of sex for hire but do not hesitate to dip your toe into such stuff.

I doubt it if you ever have the experience of partying in Red Light Districts. In such locations you find brothels making big bucks and provide their clients with the best erotic fun.

If you fancy experiencing the absence of any taboos of sex but experience it as an accepted norm you might find it really befitting your mentality of fun seeking eroticism.

In most parts of Australia, brothels have legal status. How about City Sydney? It is one of the best locations to find erotic fun.

The wide availability of upscale bordellos which run wild across the metropolitical region will help you achieve your sex fantasies in real life. The best of brothels with their pleasure-giving ambience will, no doubt, take your enthusiastic heart.

If you say that brothels and bordellos alone give life to sexual fantasies in Australia catering to diverse types of appetites it is s falsehood indeed.

How about erotic massage salons? They are there for their clients to experience the type of joy time they are seeking like mad dogs. Then come to the rub sensual massages and many more other avenues.

Assuming you want a charming beauty to come to you for you prefer it to visit a brothel you can find locations to achieve it.

If you are not into seeking your ladybirds in brothels you could use the escort services. Where else can you find the sexiest of hot babes in Sydney City if not in  ‘My Playmate!

The best and independent escort services and classy agencies involved in the service are to be found here in City Sydney.

Come on mate. It is time to have your perfect fun time realised here in City Sydney. You see, you need to have a respect for these sexy ladies for without their presence you will find City Sydney an arid dull spot.

City Sydney  Best Sex Red Light Districts Info Guide for Cheap Sex

Kings Cross and Darlinghurst, New South Wales

To find the most famous Red Light Districts in City Sydney come to King’s Cross and its surrounding areas. It is teeming with sex workers.

Let me tell you of my experience that could roughly be called firsthand while I found myself in City Sydney for a couple of weeks.

I accommodated myself in a high-class Hotel in CBD before I started to write the blog. I experienced good fun indeed. (Escort service to Hotel can be expensive)

Travellers can have fun in abundance while haunting brothels or you could bring a cute chick who haunts the streets into your hotel room itself.

I came to know that Kings Cross is the spot. Prostitution here in Kings Cross is legal. I recommend that you make much if your time here. Some are of the view that street prostitution is illegal In NSW. This is a wrong idea.

This is legal as long as they are away from a home, school or church in a distance of 100m. If they practice in such a safety location their work is not deemed illegal. Now there are agencies engaged in escort services. They channel their girls to your hotel itself.

You should make sure you do not use your hotel if your escort service provides you with a good one. Brothels are not illegal in New South Wales and it is surrounded by a great many of bordellos which are in and around the City Sydney.

However, Kings Cross and Darlinghurst areas have a huge presence of sex workers and they contribute to the sex industry like mad. In Darlinghurst, you find a couple of brothels adult massage parlours and a good breed of street prostitutes.


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The History of Red Light Sex Districts King’s Cross, City Sydney 

This area came to be prominent as a result of the presence of the American Troops who were on their breaks of recuperation when the Vietnam War was going on. 

In fact, King’s Cross became an infamous centre of sex indulgence in that period. Then it assumed great propositions of notoriety with regard to cheap sex world over.

The cheap aspect of its sex services was immeasurable to its undying state of being notorious in the sex industry that is on the increase here in King’s Cross.

Here in King Cross, you find sex services aplenty and in this place, you are likely to be scammed. You have to take extra care. Mind your mobile phone. Always keep it in a safe place. You have to safeguard it in a safe place. You have to safeguard your credit cards as well.

You find the presence of brothels all over the place established in CBD. However, here too there are a few of them. In Surry Hill you find a bunch clustered. It is in the south-east of the city and within the walking distance from the central station.

There are at least 5 in between and they have their different prices. You can make a bargain and if you cannot come to an agreement about the price you could walk to another place to find your sex fantasies fulfilled. A majority of parks in Sydney City is full of sex activities.

Parks in Surrounding Area 

This is true of small parks in front of houses during daytime as well. You will be able to walk to your front door and feast your eyes on erotic scenes. It could very well be a girl giving a guy oral sex in the sunshine. In summer this situation is twice as bad.

Asian Cat Houses – Asian Sex Walkers in City Sydney

Travellers can see the availability of diverse sex services from ladies from Malaysia who are here under visit visa and many ladies of Taiwan, China, Philippines, Japan and South Korea who are under working holiday or student visa.

They are engaged in prostitution, in massages providing happy endings. If you want to know more about adult entertainment it is a matter of reading the adult entertainment page of weekend Newspaper and to your pleasant surprise, travellers will find Asian ladies doing business in their home base. A majority of them are above 18 years of age or 25 years of age. However, when you approach them you only find that most of them are fat and old ones.

In the past, the Red Light Districts and their streets used to be teeming with Australian beauties and European belles. However, with the lapse of time, you find more Asian on the streets making their presence ever so prominent.

Popular Street Prostitution in City Sydney in Kings Cross, William Street, transsexual prostitutes who do their work along William St. Bourke St and surrounding streets of East Sydney, Darlinghurst Region, Darlinghurst Street.

The Best Casual Hookup Bars and Clubs in City Sydney


This is a location where people coming to it can relax and indulge in their desired manner in a homely setting. It is in a home just away from your home.

It finds itself happily located in the basement that can be called trouble free. This place is amid the breathtaking and hectically active centre of Sydney’s CBD.

Grandma’s does justice to your five senses and it is adorned with hospitality, friendliness and real sincere services.

Basement/275 Clarence St. Sydney NSW 2000

Club Grand Hit

Your visit to club Grand Hit will ensure that you will get novel and unique experiences here. A kyabakura bar is there and in here you find Japanese beauties from the City Sydney.

You can visit our bar enjoy our quality drinks in readiness to enjoy the lustful experiences without hot Japanese chicks.

Come to feel relaxed here. This place is really suitable for hard working business people looking forward to relaxation and fulfilment in terms of real genuine sex experiences. Although this is the reality about Kyabakura many folks from the west have a wrong notion about it.

They think in Japan they receive sex services in Kyabakura. Rather it is a club to which people come to receive complete companion treatment by a beautiful lady. But it does not come with no sexual interaction.

ARQ City Sydney

16 Flinders St. Darlinghurst NSW 2010

This is an arena that was built with the idea of providing the sound system which gives complete 360-degree aural stimulation. ARO’s Arena is visited because of its penetrating sound, it’s great lighting displays along with the resident performers and their guests. It increases the mezzanine level and takes you to a magical level.

Chinese Laundry

This place is located at Sussex Street Sydney NSW 200. It is called Merivale. It is a place where the inmates try to do something effective and outstanding.

It is as if they try their level best to mesmerize the visitors with unmatchable and memorable experiences. This is a venue where the person who pops in or haunts it later habitually gets maximum pleasure as if it were by the wand of a fairy godmother.

This place belongs to the Hemmes family and it has been in their ownership for more than 60 years. This place is run by them with all possible propriety and decorum.

This place that is popularly known as Merviate started as a prominently popular fashion house and John and Merivale were the ones who father its establishment.

Here are few more iconic places to pick up and have casual hookups in City Sydney sex guide for travellers.

Marquee Sydney, Vasco, The best first date bar in Sydney, The Beach Road Hotel, Frankie’s Pizza by the slice, Panda Friday Manly Wharf Hotel, Palm or on oxford Nightclub, Goodbar and ivy Precinct.

City Sydney List of Best Brothels for Best Sex Fantasy



Though it is a brothel, it has five-star quality and the travellers who step on this establishment will experience something which is specifically exotic.

It owns wonderful vibrant nightclub decor and an excellent party atmosphere. It as an unmatchable renown and can get to its hold charming pretty ladies with horny come-hither looks as devote inmates to provide the clients immeasurable, never heard of before type of bawdy strides in extreme sort of magical sensual erotic fun driving them into the realm of soothing, balmy casual experiences in sex.

It has in its possession diverse types of itsy bitsy sexy Lexy fairies from the world over or is it from out of the blue? In this filthy undertaking, this establishment has met the various erotic needs to the utter satisfaction of the hunters of this brothel.

True to the five-star name it functions here in Sydney without much audacity ranked as it is as one of the top brothels with the right kind of flesh and expertise in the erotic fun.

Address: 239 Northumberland Street. Liverpool NSW 2170

Phone : (02) 98224830


Just after ten minutes of in its pursuit, you find this hotspot of freshly temptations which comes into you searching grasp in the northern location in City Sydney.

Renowned as this is as the brothel which is boastful of its stunning and exotic women who are found in huge lineups it caters to the fleshly erotic industry with all its might and fervour. If your delight is meeting Aussie Girls, this is the most rewarding venue for you.

Oh, they are of diverse international fleshly chicks. They hail from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. A pretty nice bit of attractive international chicks to cater to your burning lustful decorum.

You will be beset by the smashing world of the glamorous sophisticated ambience of La Petite Aroma. Do not take me to be an unscrupulous liar or a trickster.

Telling you my mate, the truth in the rawest form. Well, such is the vibe of La Petite Aroma. One of the most fleshly delight concentration centre. Oh gosh, I am expressionless. Visit today and see for yourself!!

Address: 26 Railway Street, Chatswood NSW 206

Phone : (02) 941955907



As you know some blokes are after mature bits of flesh. Well, take me seriously this is a paradise of men who are into getting themselves entertained by mature women.

With maturity comes experience. She possesses experience in an attractive form for some blokes means total satisfaction as they know their trade fully well.

For the novelty of experience for wildest types of sensual engagements with an utter guarantee of secrecy, there is no other place to find its equal.

The sexy babes here at Miss Heaven do you justice. This is a City Sydney brothel well renowned for their expertise in mature escorts and they are the mistresses of the art of seduction.

Maybe you are seeking the achievement or realization of your fantasies or maybe you look forward to receiving a girlfriend experience, come here and you find fleshly solace waiting for your ardent search. Your carnal satisfaction and delight are within the walls of Miss Heavens!

Address: 6 Cleg Street, Artarmon NSW 2064

Phone : (02) 94394211



This is a Sydney brothel which is fully licensed and it has in its offer for its clients finest of adult services to be found near CBD.

Throughout the week our escort caters to the needs of our clients with the help of a nice selection of ladies chosen using strict criteria.

What is special about these ladies is they are all exclusively City Sydney escort girls. Their adult service run 24 hours a day.

This Marrickville brothel specialises in erotically motivated extreme types of carnal fun and delight. For the ones who are in the blind search to satisfy a fantasy seeking to realise a queer fantasy of his own!

Do not call me a liar if I avow that this is the best of all places of all time. It is promising to give you the experience to last your lifetime. Call and book it without delay.

Address: 143 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

Phone : (02) 95726842



The best of erotic fun in terms of massage and adult services emerge from Hornsby 142. It is a precious place for carnal pleasure without any sort of inhibition.

This place has been the best secret in Sydney’s carnal lovemaking venues. The ladies employed to cater to the lustful needs of the clients are so passionate that they say they are born to please and give pleasure to their clients.

The rooms are comfortable and add glamour to your erotic experiences in the rooms. The comfortable beds and the like are really smashing.

The sentiments kindled by this establishment are such that the clients do not feel like leaving the premises once they experience its amazing delights.

Address: 142 George Street, Hornsby NSW 2077

Phone : (02) 94829556


It is 40 years of old in the industry. Throughout this period it has enjoyed the reputation as a brothel that is best of its kind. Its location is conducive for easy approaching as it is just a matter of minutes to reach it.

They are well renowned as they cater to the needs of its clients with the best of a tantalizing brood of hottest and horniest and most charming escorts in City Sydney.

They also offer the most fascinating sorts of services ever to be found exclusively in this particular brothel. Their roaster is brilliant and as a result, the boast of their brilliance by way of erotic excitement they provide it is said to be without equal.

No matter what time of day you choose they are humbly at your service passionately satisfying your carnal endeavours. This five star Sydney brothel is a fleshly delight in its most of form.

Address: 535 Glenmore Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027

Phone : (02) 93630250


One of the most renowned male club with the fame of offering the finest of ladies for pleasure-loving erotic giants.

This brothel is ranked as among one of the best of its kind in Sydney. It is a merge of passion and pleasure with luxury that is called unbridled.

It satisfies every desire of yours and for this reason, many agents choose it. The penthouse owns its own private club. In fact, once you experience the visit to a Sydney brothel your memories filled with pleasant memories will last a lifetime.

Address: 250 Pitt St. Sydney NSW 2000

Phone : (02) 92646610


If you are in the hunt for an Asian brothel in Sydney Sakura Palace is the place for you. Established as it is in 1993 as a council approved establishment you find it conveniently located centrally in Surry Hill. The ladybirds are all Asian.

If your whims and fancies goad you to seek relationships by way of erotic pleasure with Japanese,  Chinese Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Taiwan ladies here you find your dream realised. Do not worry what sort of Asian woman you desire, you will find fulfilment within our premises. This is ever the best Asian brothel for your voracious sex appetite.

Address: 2/57 Reservoir Street Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone : (02) 92812818


This is a massage parlour replete with beauteous ladies that are as gorgeous as gorgeous can be. Just pop in to experience a wealth of good time.

Wow! How about being a VIP member at SIRS. There is a nice deal here in this establishment. If you continually visit it ten times after your tenth visit you get sensual erotic massage free of charge. If spoiling yourself in carnal pleasure is what you an after visit it today itself.

80 Erskine Street Sydney NSW 2000

Phone : (02) 92997771


This establishment is conspicuous and enjoys pride of its place as an establishment that is complete with luxuriously decorated rooms.

This luxury ambience gives it a super touch and appears imposingly monumental amongst its kind. The vibe provides feelings of quiet and peace. This then leads to the highest moments of adult sexual pleasure in its smashing form.

One praiseworthy aspect of its rooms is the conducive ambience it supplies the clients with. You can relax within this establishment’s luxury satisfaction and great emphasis on service excellence. Therefore calling Golden Apple a leading brothel and escort service in Sydney is being true to reality.

Address: 169 Victoria Street Potts Point NSW

Phone : (02) 93572555

CLUB 121

What really is this? This is nothing but a boutique in City Sydney.  It has a brothel with an escort at Pyrmont near Darling Harbour. This is a five-star brothel and has terraced features. This is one block from star city casino.

You find this happily located in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. Oh mate, if you are hunting for the carnal love you should make it a point to visit this amazing house of fleshly delight. Maybe you may require an escort. Maybe you require a dining companion.

Maybe you need a travel partner. Maybe you are looking for a companionship for a personal social event. Maybe you look for adult services.

Whatever, your need maybe Club 121 is at your service. Amazing isn’t it? There is an escort agency capable enough to meet your burning needs!

Sydney Best Strip Clubs

It is true that here in these strip clubs men who are not sober squander huge amounts of money lavishly. These strip clubs are the money making institutions and are not like financial consultants at mid-sized regional banks.

Oh yes, these places can be really depressing for the ones who are sober and discreet enough to make use of their prudence.

Shippers and strip clubs give you ample opportunities to experience the division between men and women. You are able to see a quiet keen division almost straight down the middle.

Men make much of their time in strip clubs. They have been to one at least once in their lifetime. They enjoy themselves thoroughly.

They might have bestowed $25 or maybe more for a lap dance. Well, I am not laughing at you. I am just trying to stick to the truth.

What you see is the flip side, a rubbed up, g-string dressed man who asked a group of ladies to part with their cash so that they can shake his butt their face.

This is an excellent way to get laughter going on. As you know ladies get stripers for a party and we get the opportunity to giggle when men get strippers for a party and we get the opportunity to giggle when men get strippers for a party and they never finish with their pants!

A List of Strip Club in City Sydney

Petersham, Inn, Twin Peak Restaurant, Cover Girl Strippers Sydney, centrefold Strippers and Topless Waitresses Sydney, Dollhouse Strip Club Sydney, Dancers Cabaret and Male Stripper in City Sydney. 

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