Tbilisi Red Light Sex Fun Party Places with Casual Hookup for Single Travellers to Georgia

Georgia is a fast-growing cheap travel destination in central Asia. Of course, Tbilisi is its capital city. Full of sexy central Asian Ladies waiting for fun with travellers, to have even one night stands. Also many Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian ladies are waiting for you to feel your beautiful nature with erotic sensual fun.

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TBILISI RED LIGHT SEX Info Guide for Travellers  

In Georgia, it is illegal to practice prostitution but it is widespread. This is true especially of Tbilisi. Many NGOs say that Georgia is fast becoming a sex tourism destination in the region owing to the difficult economic condition.

Most of the sex workers in Georgia including prostitutes or upper market escort women in Georgia have their origin in South East Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic Region or European countries.

Gorgeous Sexy Ladies

Georgian Ladies & TBILISI RED LIGHT Sex Districts 

Women in Georgia belong to some of the most charming Gorgeous Sexy Ladies. They are of medium height and normally they are slim looking secret models with horniest of little asses.

Those kinds of ladies have been seen by me here in Tbilisi, in Georgia. They appear yum and strawberries to me. They often possess sexy skins that are tan.

Their black eyes, black hair or ones with black hair and blue eyes mesmerize you. Oh, you fun-loving hornily women hunter!

These ladies live in a changing society which has been fast changing over the centuries after a long period of Soviet regime for well over many years of the 20th century.

Georgian ladies have mixed with Russian. Ukrainians and Armenians. Most people in Georgia are Georgians. There are also minorities. They are Azeri, Armenian and others.


Tbilisi Red Light Sex Districts in Georgia

You do not see the presence of an official red light district in Tbilisi like in Asian countries, Netherlands or Germany. However, there are indeed ways to get good sexy ladies in Georgia or Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Red Light Prostitutes – Sex workers

You should keep in your mind firmly that there is no official Red Light District in Tbilisi. All who engage in it do it illegally.

Sex workers in Georgia often come from south-east Asian countries like Thailand and neighbouring European countries like Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania and other countries which belonged to the USSR formerly.

It is possible for you to find sex workers from one of Tbilisi Red Light districts such as Saburtalo or somewhere close to the main road. Numerous Turkish bars and clubs are engaged in the sex industry in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi red light sex girls

Tbilisi Red Light Sex Street Hookers

Gamsakhurdia Street from New town to the old town is notorious and is popular among the ladies who do their jobs as street hookers in Tbilisi.

The southern end and the right bank of the Mtkvari River and the area close to the circus are mainly such areas.

The raids by the police which take place about once a year are mere features as the girls run away on the sly very soon yes, so quickly.

Tbilisi Red Light Sex – Rkini Rigi Street

The travellers are provided with great nightlife experience in this street and places surrounding it. For best adult entertainment in Tbilisi red light district, you should go to the old town of Tbilisi.

Also, it is haunted by street hookers from 11.30 p.m to early hours of the morning. Most strip clubs offer VIP rooms and furnish you with take-home services. The prices range from 50 Lari to 300.

Tbilisi Red Light Sex – Kiacheli Street and Perovskaya Streets

These are some of the best nightlife districts with many a local bar. There are also Thai massage parlours providing extra services by way of sex vending.

Tbilisi Red Light local ladies

Where Tbilisi Local Ladies Hang Around

“Fabrika” Ninoshvili street 8. This, of course,e is a place where the best local young university boys and ladies gather. I had the opportunity to be there.

There were groups of ladies.  These ladies picked me up. They gave me weeds and drinks for the night. We could party there the whole night.

You find this place open from 10 am till late at night. You can have drinks at cheap prices. This is, of course, one of the best locations to go to get drunk before going clubbing. This is also one of the best places to hook up a local lady for the fun of the night.

Tbilisi red light streets

Aghmashenebeli Ave

Agmashenebeli street another Tbilisi Red Light SEX District  – If I call this street one of the best streets to find ladies from another country or local ladies I tell you nothing but the truth. This nightlife street is diverse in its makeup. It is also adorned with clubs, pubs and strip clubs.

It is just a matter of walking down to the river valley, exactly where the whole park is. The walking path is next to the bridge.

Night Clubs

Night Clubs, Bars, Strip Club

Let me recommend to you the Night Office Clubs. You find many girls every night and it could rightly be called a meat market. You find only hookers here. Tbilisi Nightlife Party Info Here 

Most of them are Georgian girls. Prices start from 100, 150 Lari for short times.

Where else do you find it if not near Baratashvili bridge which is very close to the independence square. Oh yes, just walking distance.

Down Turn in Tbilisi. We really do not know what really attract ladies to men here in Georgia. The idea of the locals is that the hookers take foreigners as a thing with which they have just a temporary exchange – sex for money.

It is really well understood that they just have one night standings and that they have the feeling of relief that they have nothing to do with them forever.

You find nightclubs in Tbilisi in plenty. These nightclubs give strip please and erotic shows. You find many a dancer who comes from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. They also arrange private sessions outside the club.

Floor 8

This is a nice place. It has outdoor seating facilities. There are also great views. This place also has good washroom facilities and is well suited for party nights. More to that, they provide palatable dishes as well.

The prices are fair. You have to renew, the playlist music is much too loud in every corner of the club.


Lisi Lounge

This is exactly on an attractive lake. It is just 15 km from Tbilisi town. This is one of the best places to see and catch beautiful young ladies from Tbilisi.

GT Club

This is ranked as one of the best among all other clubs of the same category. There are so many Georgian ladies offering their services by way of casual sex fun. This is one of the best places to get a sexy Georgian girl.

Diva Nightclub

This is a nightclub located in Kostava street 37. It is located next to the Vera Park where there are lap dances and full strip shows.

A majority of the dancers are of Ukrainian or Russian nationality. On their menu, there is a slow dance and a romantic date for 30 minutes.


This is located in 11 Rkini street in Tbilisi. There are also few more clubs with great nightlife and it also has a really great street nightlife.

Diva has private rooms for those who seek closer contact and more and more close interaction. Another strip club near Diva( Kostova Street 67) is not any other but Autograph.

There is yet another club popular among fun seekers and has as its best of ornament – DJs. It is none other than Cosmos.

Tbilisi Marriott Hotel 

The lobby of this outstanding and popular Tbilisi Marriott hotel which lies on Rustaveli Avenue is usually a good spot for picking up working girls.

The bar in the courtyard Marriott is haunted by working girls. The same condition can be witnessed in the lobby of Sheraton Metechi Hotel on Telavi Street 20.

It is said to be Georgia’s most comfortable international five-star Hotel. If you are into meeting local pro and semi-pro ladies there is no other place for it but this Hotel.

Black Diamond

If you are into picking up Russian Ladies this nightclub paves the way to that great moment in your life during your visit to Georgia. So many European ladies along with Russian ones go for sex fantasies with black men.

JR Club

In the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, there are DJs and they are available on Thursday till Saturday. There is no better opportunity to entangle with local ladies than the moments of nightlife provided by this club. You can also find pros or semi-pros here.

Seidabadi Restaurants

You can see the presence of so many ladies of Russian and Ukrainian ladies concentrated here in the main street which is close by the river in Old Town which is just next to Zeidabadi restaurant’s little lanes in old town.

Restaurant Sabudara

you can find this restaurant located near the bridges with the very name Restaurant Sabudara. It functions as a hostel of sex workers.

You can see very well that it does not function being true to its name which sounds like a restaurant with conventional characteristics.

You can also find working girls in the bar. If you ever happen to visit it you will have to incur an expense between 45 to 50 Lari for rooms.

The payment for the girls ranges between 100 to 150 Lari. You can find it on Tskalsadeni Street, Tbilisi. 

Tbilisi Red light sex fun

Few Other Nightclubs of the Best Quality for Getting Casual Hookups

They are called the underwear club, Phoenix Club, TB club, Terrace Tbilisi and Tiffani bar.

Are you madly into local sexy Georgian ladies? Then you could find them at the Astral bar and Lemond Underground bar. They are in the new town exactly on the main street. It is located just close to Tbilisi Opera.

Tbilisi Erotic Massages

Tbilisi Red Light SexErotic Massage

If I tell you that Tbilisi is involved in one of the best of performing markets in massage it is nothing but reality. Where you are is insignificant.

Here in Tbilisi, this sensuous service is available in great abundance. As getting VISA is easy to Thai citizens horny Thai ladies are performing madly in this industry.

If I tell you about my own first-hand experiences I should frankly avow that I visited almost all massage places run by those sexy Thai chicks.

You will have to spend 50 Lari basically an additional amount of 50 Lari has to be paid for the happy endings. If you really need all these services or all inclusive services be in readiness to spend 280 to 300 Lari on sex.

Tbilisi is also teeming with many saunas. Here sex requirements are also provided in the same manner in places like Africa Sauna, Laberinti Sauna Hotel and Poseidon bath on meidan Square in old Tbilisi which lies in close proximity to Turkish baths.

There is also a pub called Budweiser pub. This pub is exactly a mixture of cafe and sauna along with services for you to satisfy your extreme sexual fantasies. You find this pub near the bridge which is connected with the road to Tbilisi circus.

Let me tell you this that they say that a visit to Tbilisi is incomplete without a happy visit to the infamous Sulphur bath which can be found happily located in Ortachala on the bank of the Mtkvari river.

When you are there it is possible for you to get a girl for massage as well as other pleasure-giving services involving sex.

Here are Some of the Best Places in Tbilisi – Thai Massages.

Erotic on Tbilisi Red Light Districts

Golden Finger Thai massage

Bangkok Thai Massage in Tbilisi

Maya Thai Massage

Nana Thai Massage

Georgia Thai Massage Pattaya

Sawadee Thai Massage

Diamond Thai Massage

Enjoy Thai Massage

Angel Thai Massage

Tbilisi Red Light Districts – Accommodation 

It is my personal view that you should choose your Accommodation in a place in old town or else in a new town. There is no other better way to choose accommodation than using the map and looking for a place in the Old Town.

In fact, you have to assess the distance from your place of stay to the so-called ‘Meat vending street, forgive me for saying this, the Tbilisi Red Light Districts.

I think I have found one hotel called Red Fox Hotel. This is a superb place which has been newly built. Once I walked into the hotel I found a lady from Russia.

This lady was also a traveller. She helped me to open the door. We had a friendly chat. Afterwards, we went to have coffee together.

Finally, we found the end of this relationship with a visit to clubs. This Hotel is an amazing place and guarantees you immense freedom.

Few Pieces of Advice for Hooking up with Local Girls in Tbilisi

It is known that sex liberalism is abundantly found in some western European countries. Likewise in Georgia, that liberalism is raising its head little by little.

In Tbilisi where you find the young population we find that a greatly liberal attitude toward sex among the younger generation. 25 to 30 % of the Georgian population reside in Tbilisi.

It is still very commonplace to see the presence of Georgian women and men who still live with their parents into their 20s.

One outstanding feature in a society that is fast becoming popular in a single lifestyle. In spite of the presence of so many sex workers there are still men in Georgia who look for girls who are ‘virgo intacta’ It is really not quite obvious the way a man should act to successfully win a Georgian girl.

The foreigners, for local women, are just relationship makers on a temporary basis. In fact, they are amply aware that they have come for just a few days and that they will not become a pain in the bum for them.

Foreign males seeking Georgian women should remember quite well that these girls, though need attention, do not like too much of it.

Do not overact and show attention in much too abundant manner. You should allow time for doubt and not lose your dignity.

However, let me tell you this to you that well-dressed men are a lot preferred by them. On their dates, they like to bring friends with them.

It is not a matter rouse any surprise in you and if they so arrive with a friend be ready to pay them all not just for meals, but also for drinks as well.

Be prudent and make much of that opportunity. Say her friends like you then you stand a chance to have a really satisfying time.

Also if you come to know that they live with their parents you should be ready not to be surprised for living with parents is a usual practice for most women in Tbilisi. This is true about guys as well. In fact, one night stands are rarely found but can still be a possibility.

If indeed you demeanour equals the manners of a gentleman all the things including sex will be a possible achievement. I should advise you this way, that never ever ask her to come to your place while you are still in the nightclub.

This is because it would not be a very prudent thing. Let time pass and get out of the place and then it is really an opportunity for you to take the initiative. Make sure you always propose her to come to your place. The known place is much safer you know.

To get hooked up with local girls are small and cosy clubs similar to Cafe Gallery, Art Cafe Home or Mtkvarze where you see much of hanging out with others take place.

IS Tbilisi Red Light District Safe?

Indeed this is a reality. As you can see the Georgian Police is an extremely sincere institution in Georgia. There is the east presence of corruption and assure genuine service especially to travellers.

In recent years, we can see the advent of Iranian and Turkish people who come owing to financial reasons. With them, they take with them rubbish problems. Some bring extremely Islam Ideology, Mafia and Crime.

Calling Tbilisi one of the safest regions is not a falsehood. Never have I been to a safer place in my lifetime. Even if you leave your valuables unlocked in your car nothing bad happens. No stealing indeed!


XO Strip – Don’t ever go to this Strip club.

X.O Strip Club – 55, Kote Afkhazi St, T’bilisi – Don’t ever go to the club, Do not tell your nationality. They lift the price accordingly. There a dancer from Minsk and she will come to sit down with you, will ask expensive Champagne (actually sparkling wine It would cost 530 Lari, ) The barman will come and push the order. 

If you happen to find a gang of underaged girls take care. This is because most girls who belong to such groups are beggars. Mostly you find no boys in these gangs.

It is quite possible that they are kind of Gypsy people who are intent on stealing both money and other belongings from the tourists.

Do not expect mercy from them if they ever happen to come to you. The best option is walking away with an all possible haste.

Hope you will enjoy your visit to Tbilisi and capitalise on all the opportunities to enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.

Enjoy the sex liberalism in Tbilisi and follow our safety tips too to the best of your ability. Happy sex experience mate!

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