Bangkok City Best Sex Red Light Districts – GO GO Bars – Most Popular Cheap Sex Paradises for Single Men.

Sex tourism came off with its development when Thailand became the ‘go to’ destination for many American Soldiers on R&R and also other Western battalions which encouraged the mushrooming of the go-go bars. In addition, ones involved in human trafficking also carried out sex slavery to military camps around South East Asia. Buddhism which permeates in Thailand is also said to have a say in this trend as strict ways of interpreting Buddhist doctrine to tend to express women as lesser contributors to society.

BANGKOK CITY SEX GO GO Bars Red light Districts Info Guide for travellers to have safe travel in Bangkok. 

What is a Red Light Districts in Bangkok City?

What really is a red light district? It is an urban area where people indulge in sexual pleasure as a result of having a high concentration of prostitutes. This concentration spreads itself into small lanes. 

Also, it expresses an area where there are brothels, street sex workers and also businesses which are sex oriented.

They can be sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theatres. The term red light has come into being as red lights were being used to display brothels to others.

Red Light

Highlighted Bangkok City Sex Nightlife in Red Light Districts.

From Bangkok Red Light Nightlife you not only can hook up a woman for sex but also you can experience some cultural fun and learn something you have not ever witnessed in your lifetime.

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How to Identify Ladyboys

  • Spank Bar
  • Bangkok Little Arab
  • Coffins Temple Cow Shrine
  • Gay Red Light District
  • Muay Thai Inside Go-Go Bar
  • Yaa Dong
  • Blowjob Bar Alley
  • Hangover part 2 location

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Popular Red Light

Most Popular Red Light Districts in Bangkok City sex

The most outstanding red-light districts include Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Patpong and Soi Twilight – all are nestled next to each other in the heart of the city.

The workers are typically women who hail from village regions of the country. They work in the red light districts as a result of an inability to find other lucrative occupations in the city.

That is because they are uneducated or do not have the necessary qualifications to get them. Here, in the Red Light Districts, they find enough work that earns them money with ease.

These establishments thus engaged in sex work are not related to illegal trafficking or forced workers.

They are very visible in public which established the fact that there is no forced sex work upon them.

As a result, they are not under the watchful scrutiny of the state which is on the lookout to evade such a thing as a strong negative reaction to such violation connected to ethnicity.

 Go-Go bars

Nana Plaza

This has established itself as the best of places in Bangkok city’s red light districts as you can experience pay for play options. The area around Nana plaza cannot be competed against.

Today NEP owns a multitude of Go-Go bars with real bar girls and also with a track record as the most popular ladyboy Go Go bars in Sukhumvit Region.

NEP is situated in the centre of the districts where activity is highly concentrated thanks to the presence of numerous go-go bars such as Rainbow 4, Angel witch Billboards and Twister Bar.

You can see Thai horny hookers up and about down areas of Sukhumvit Soi 4.

Russian’s harlots can be found right across the road on Soi 3. You can also witness the presence of African street workers on Sukhumvit  7/1 posing a challenge to local prostitutes. Prior to this, the situation was a Thai hooker stronghold.

You can see the presence of a large number of beer bars and well-liked pubs throughout the area.

You can see them in Sukhumvit  Soi 4 in particular also you are able to pick up ladies inside Nana Plaza’s courtyard where there is its beer garden.

Transexuals freelancing about all over Nana district can be found here. So many are the places where you can hook up a prostitute for your lustful craving.

Anyhow finding a bar girl is what most of the tourists are after. The girl’s private properties are well visible as they are in bikinis in go-go bars giving them a clear idea of how they would look like when they have nothing on. Also in some bars, there are girls who do the dancing topless.

Bangkok City sex – Nana Plaza Best Go Go Bars

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You can call this the best bar in Nana Plaza with its massive size and with its high-quality dance shows it has earned a good fame.

Their dances are about the best of its kind with choreography with its highest of complexity and themed clothing.

They also display a girl to girl interaction too. Of course, part of the programme shows play a large part.

The time you have for selection is shorter in comparison with other bars. The waitresses wear schoolgirl uniforms and appear very open with their obvious kindheartedness.


Here in Bangkok City if you want to get alcohol with mid-range cost Badabing is the ideal place for you.

The cocktails contain the alcohol content that is ideal. You can witness the charming presence of dance girls engaged in their routine dancing activity on stage.

Are you single or are you a solo traveller? Well .. pleasure is yours once you select one of these girls for the night.

For any occasion ranging from birthdays to relaxing at the end of a tough day at work this place in Bangkok, city sex is really suitable. Here drinks are available to match your mood and it indeed is a characteristic trait of Badabing.

Oh man ! Why not recharge yourself with an energy giving a glass of fresh orange juice adorned with a juicy lemon wedge or why not go for a round of wine, beer, tequila and champagne.

Come on man! This is a lifetime opportunity to make merry in Bangkok City at Badabing with your friends.

Here, make sure you raise a glass with your friends and invoke mirth and bliss and comfort and soothing solace.

Soi Cowboy Red Light District – Best  Sex Cat Houses 

I will not call myself a man if you will not be abundantly accosted by ladies in large numbers.

This location in Bangkok City sex can be labelled as a place with a large increase in visitors after it was recently renovated.

When I first paid a visit to this place its appearance was that of a one on the verge of being run down.

At present, it has a modern look to its entirety and reassures you of its ability to keep gathering momentum.

Soi Cowboy boasts of its ability to be popular with the expatriates in Bangkok city sex and of course, that is indeed a good development.

As the experienced people haunt the place almost every day it speaks values for the good quality or rather the best of quality connected to its restaurants and go-go bars. Having a drink in a go-go bar in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok City sex is a pricy matter nowadays. The case is that but the prices are not as high as the prices of western bars.

What is best about these bars then? Well. Here in Soi Cowboy they have happy hours or drink specials. They are something like 2 for 1 special or cheap draft beers.

Baccara Go Go Bars

Baccara Go-Go bar here in Bangkok City sex can perhaps be called the last A Go-Go bar in the street.

The popularity it enjoys is significant and massive, though. This aspect is well witnessed by you if you find no sealing facilities available for you owing to the presence of a large crowd.

The bar here was recently refurbished and with a new appearance as well as a new spirit it serves its customers.

It is clean – as clean as clean can be! Also, it owns a non-smoking downstairs. Wow! What an improvement!

There are also three elevated rows of sofas around the room giving you a feeling that it is a bit without enough room.

You see mate, they say the Japanese love this place, Baccara in Bangkok city sex, like mad.

Midnite Go Go Bar

Midnite Go Go Bar here in Bangkok City sex is a really nice bar. It is a place with expensive drinks like its sister bar ‘KISS’, though.

Its local beers can be brought 180 baht. However, there is the possibility to buy the cheapest ones.

Yes, very light draft beer can be bought a 110 baht. With its pleasant appearance which speaks volumes for proper maintenance, with its central stage and with its availability of two rows of sofas around the room, it is raising its head in the nightlife scene of Bangkok city.

Shark is a Go-Go bar with two levels. It has a downstairs which is adorned with a classic layout. It has a stage in the centre which is elongated.

It has a small rotating platform with a see through the ceiling above. The prices are not usually exorbitant or unreasonably high.

You have to incur 145 baht for a beer. However, if you are an early comer you are able to make much of their happy hour from 16.30 to 20.00. That means a beer is only 80 bahts. The same is true for lady drinks too.

Cowboy 2

This is a place that haunts in my memory forever more. The girls, the crew and the managers were all good.

I could make sure I received ample fun there. In Bangkok city sex, you have to think of fun without worrying much about the expenses. So here at Cowboy 2, I advise you to have the same attitude.

My memories connected with cowboy 2 is really memorable. I spent $1000 in 5 hours made all the staff dance and had drinks with at least 10 ladies.

Unluckily the name of the lady who spent most of the evening with me has slipped out of my mind now.

Oh man even at least 15 shots could not make her drunk and stood sound and sober. Hey folks, try Cowboy 2 and experience nothing but sheer fun.

Patpong Red Light District Best Go Go Bars

It is in the region of Silom where go go bars gathered momentum during the Vietnamese war.

At present its two main streets called Patpong Soi 1 and Patpong Soi 2 pose themselves as magnificent tourist attraction centres for visitors wishing to experience the cities’ notorious nightlife.

King’s castle 1 and 2 can be rated among the best of its establishments. It is notorious mostly for the presence of ladyboy performers.

Also, there is the Bar Fetish Club and it is the niche go go bar. Then there is The Safari Bar for wandering tourists.

It plays oldies classics from the likes of Elvis or The Beatles. At the same time, Thigh bar is liked by tourists and its alcohol prices are comparatively low.

This red light district in Bangkok city gives you great enjoyment and fun, both lustful and otherwise.

Pink Panther Go Go Bar

Pink Panther Go Go Bar is situated in the centre of Bangkok nightlife area which is called Patpong.

Come here to gain rest with a strong assurance. It has a friendly staff which is bitten by the policy of customer mania.

The staff serve the visitors with great efficiency and friendliness. Here there is no need to have fear of being irritated by Farang Hunters who force you to follow them to disreputable places only to be overcharged.

At the Pink Panther, you are not overcharged. You pay the same price mentioned in the drinks lists.

Here in this go go bar in Bangkok city, the motto is a sense of feeling. That is to say, they try to make their guests feel comfortable with the feeling that it is like being at home.

The staff here is friendly and go out of their way to guarantee that you chill out or revel in a comfortable and relaxing vibe.

Black Pagoda

Black Pagoda which is located in the old park Bridge club was first launched in 2009 as an establishment.

This bar here in Bangkok city possesses an unmatchable structure building which has been built on a sky bridge connecting the two sides of Patpong 2.

The structure is made up of two glass walls giving a view out onto the two ends of the street. Added to this is its large pagoda roof.

They call themselves a boutique nightclub with its own resident and guest DJs. It also organizes many underground parties. Some of them are Disco Robert and Red Zone.

This place has the fame as being a location where many DJs have played sets.


Here is a list of few other popular bars

  • The High Bar
  • Safari
  • Silva Star
  • King Castle (ladyboys)
  • Kind Castle 2 and 3 (50% ladyboys)
  • King corners

Opposite Side

  • Kangaroo
  • KISS
  • Pussy Collection
  • Gold Fingers

Soi Twilight

This is a narrow street located just northeast of Patpong Night Market and involves itself specifically as Bangkok’s locale for gay go go bars.

They have a bar which is well illuminated and enjoy a proper and high place in Bangkok Nightlife scene here in Thailand.

This place is thronged thanks to classic programmes like underwater mermen and shows involving swimming.

Also, Tawan is a breathtaking stage show with dance performances which come one after the other.III

In addition, there are shows of drag comedy and many more vistas of entertainment.

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