Batumi Beach Sex – Best Red Light Districts Casual Hook Up for Single Solo Travellers to Have Best Sex Fantasy Night Out

Batumi Beach is one of the most popular beach Party paradises for travellers to have the best holiday fantasy in Georgia.

Georgian BATUMI BEACH SEX  – Safe Nightlife Party Guide 

In fact,  if you call  BATUMI BEACH a well known touristy beach in Georgia and a charming nightlife Red Light District for the best of sex fantasies, you interpret what is available for single solo travellers in Batumi beach in a very appropriate way.

This piece of information is given to you with the assistance of a Georgian guy with first-hand experience about what there is for you in this beach.

Solo Femail must try Batumi Beach, Hot Boys from Turkey  hang around  here

Batumi Black Sea Beaches

In this beach, he says, you can get the experience in its rawest form as you take part in nightlife parties with ample opportunities for wildest of sex fantasies.

I met few locals, This particular Georgian guy has shared this precious piece of information about Batumi Beach Nightlife, nightclubs, bars, casinos, massage parlours and many more avenues of fun making.

The information furnished by him is prolific with the manner in which you should shape up your behaviours in Batumi Beach so that you will not stay single in here.

You should hook up with a charming Georgian Beauty and experience the best part of fruits of life with her. Then only will your visit to Batumi Beach will be a fulfilling experience.

Say, you received answers from girls to casinos, nightlife and alcohol you have got to the right place at the right time.

Batumi Beach is as crazy as Miami or Las Vegas in the USA. I am not kidding. Oh yes, I am telling you everything with great assurance.

You find people of diverse nationalities here. Also, they are waiting for your happy arrival. What is it that you have for daytime fun?

Why?  Travellers are able to enjoy rocky sandy beaches walking at pizza square, theatre square, Europe square and Mtsvane Kontskhi. Diverse things with various sorts of fun await you here in this beach.

The beginning of nightlife fun making with most enthralling and captivation characteristics gets it to go after 23.00 P.M.

Batumi Beach walking

Dear traveller this nightlife carousels start and last until the very first lights of the sun. Oh yes, until daybreak.

What else should be there to captivate your soul head over heels, you merrymaker?

Do not take me to be a liar if I make a statement like this. Well, Batumi sexy Nightlife is more enticing and enjoyable than nightlife in Europe.

Being engaged in clubbing every Friday and Saturday enthusiastically, I have experienced the reality with regard to my statement about Batumi Beach Nightlife Party.

Not only Friday and Saturday, but also all other days are filled with various fun making opportunities for enthusiastic fun loving travellers.

Want to get a girl? Well, let me call it an easy task here in this Batumi Beach. There are easy going sex workers and these ladies are really in it and into it for it helps them earn a lot.

According to the statistics of Batumi local council registered sex workers in here number around 1500.

So having casual fun in Batumi beach in the manner you prefer depending on your sex fantasies is an easy task and though it can easily be done it does not mean the experience is of substandard. Of course not! You will find your precious money giving you the maximum thrill you seek.

Statistics of Batumi Beach local council is just the official record. There are many more illegal, non-registered ones.

The presence of legal or illegal sex workers, however, requires that you should have a good knowledge of them.

So it is advisable to contact locals prior to your visit to Batumi beach. However, one fact remains true to its very depth. That is, Georgian ladies are madly into meeting foreigners.

Batumi Beach – Las Vegas of the Black Sea

The most outstanding thing you will notice as soon as you set your foot on Batumi will be the availability of casinos all over the place.

As a result of this outstanding phenomenon, some call Batumi to the beach the Las Vegas of the Black Sea.

It is a very obvious fact that Batumi tourism earns a lot of income from Turkey situated nearby.

As you know Turkey is only 20 kilometres away and gambling is forbidden there. This fact generates more desire for the Turkish nationals to seek gambling ground in Batumi beach. Also, they are madly into its unofficial Red Light Districts.

I am of the view that your presence of mind helps you understand that there could be other things you should learn about Batumi beach other than Batumi Red Light Districts and sex fantasies prior to setting your foot on this city.

Batumi beach sexy girls

Sexy Ladies in Batumi Beach 

As I set my eyes on attractive Georgian Ladies on the beach sexy strawberries and most beautiful ladies from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and everywhere in Eastern Europe are also remembered. Such is the beauty of Georgian belles in Batumi beach.

Let me tell you three basic methods to find attractive Georgian local girls or girls of other types for casual hookups.

To look for them make a relaxed stroll around the city. Then you yourself will see the great opportunities for meeting local Georgian girls.

It is easy to find them in at parks, cafes and markets where they could possibly be working. It is just a matter of talking to them. No worries mate, the ladies in Batumi beach are not as rude as you think.

Say, they like you most probably just because you are a foreigner, they will answer you in a courteous manner.

The moment you finish having a short chat with her you should invite her somewhere for a drink.

If she is still at work tell her openly that you will willingly wait till she finishes her duty. You see guys, it is not that difficult. Some involvement in a polite and positively soothing way will help you get them.

The second method is a little expensive but it gives you the best of opportunities to meet hot Georgian local girls.

As I said earlier that Batumi nightlife is enjoyable with its thrilling experiences just get into a nightclub and sit at a table.

At nightclubs, you can book a table or order a bottle of vodka or any drink you wish to have. You will find yourself beset by girls even if you do not ask for their company. They will most likely ask for a friendly chat and a drink with you.

Amazing isn’t it? Yes but a bit more costly method. No worries guys. Isn’t it wonderful to have a girl that easily? If you like her company kindly say yes and do get going till you decide your plans with her.

If you like the girl that happens to come to you and ask to have a drink with you, accept her offer with a lot of decorum.

If you do not like her that happens to come to you asking to have a drink with you say no in a very polite way.

With the girl, you like you ought to come to an agreement about the price you have to pay before you accept her to your table. That way you will be able to avoid trouble. Do not be worried.

Nothing bad happens in such a situation. However being watchful is always advisable. First of all, do a count of all the girls in the nightclub. Do not think every girl in the nightclub may be a sex worker.

Some of the girls who may happen to be in the nightclub may be local Georgian girls who have come to have fun just like you.

If luck would have it you would find such a girl. That is because then your cost will only be for her drinks and the hotel room.

Let me tell you about my own experience. When I was in a little local bar a few local ladies came to pick me up. They offered drinks, WEED and invited me to their own homes to have fun.

Batumi beach Gate club

Nightclubs, Bars, Pubs and Casinos of Batumi Nightlife

So many are the leading beach clubs on Batumi Beach. And also the abundant presence of nightclubs and bars that are open during the summer until the morning can be seen here.

These nightclubs and bars have various types of moments arranged to have great fun making. The music and various tastes appeal to everyone.

The other thing is the low cost of transport in taxes. It is only a matter of asking how much they will charge to get to the place you wish to get to.

Come to an agreement about your deal for the travel. That is because some try to cheat foreigners and try to overcharge.

After all many pubs or live band clubs are there in the city as well. Casinos are another way to find a beautiful girl. It is advisable to avoid casinos, though.

As you know most people go to casinos to gamble and earn money not to look for girls.

Some nightclubs have the custom to charge an entry fee while some do not. However, they can give you free drinks inside though there is an entry fee.

As you know some hotels are not friendly to the guests. So to avoid that obstacle from the hotels you can contact your hotel and ask if they accept guests.

Also, why not rent a house that is fully furnished for a week or a month? It is just a matter of typing house rent in Batum Beach.

It is possible to find many that match your expectation and cost. The other thing is there is cheap alcohol in this touristy city, Batumi City Beach.

Once you visit this beach you may really look forward to visiting it again for you become sort of addicted to the attractions in this great location.

Batumi Boat party

Batumi Beach Boat Party 

The beach offers a great boat party. And there few boat companies are organising either group or an individual trip around the Balck Sea. 

I want to tell you about the boat trip in Batumi.  Traveller only has that seaside, where you can have a boat trip. Though it was really lovely watching the shore from the sea and enjoying the view. Also, There few floating nightclubs style boat available. 

I give you some best beach clubs, nightclubs and lounge style clubs in Batumi beach.

Palma Laguna  

This is one of the best places to catch a Russian lady as your day game. Seawater outdoor swimming pool available with bar & Loung.  

Chacha Time

Innovative chacha. People are creative. To see types of chacha you have never seen before. There is an opportunity to meet folks from all nationalities here. It has pleasant service too. So I recommend it unreservedly.


One of the best LGBT Friendly Nightlife party place in Batumi Beach. Also, there so many sexy Europian ladies are going for nightlife fun.   

Intourist Palace Batumi

It is a nice place to enjoy yourself close to beachside hotels and restaurants and casinos. Batumi city is exciting to the very marrow of your bones.

One of the best tourist cities in Georgia. Radisson hotel is a good place to get accommodation from and so is the Intourist Palace Hotel. Don’t get wrong, This is a 4-star hotel. 

Night Club Wave

One of the classiest of clubs to get casual hookups with Russian girls.

Boom Boom Beach

Nice, It has a relaxing beach lounge along with a small pool to cool off.

Club Take Five

Jazz festivals and after parties are usual events here. The environment can be called nice. Its service is superb. The food they serve is tasty and good.

The cocktails are classy and outstanding. I advise you to go there with great assurance of its super quality service. There is no better place to hang out with friends than Club Take Five.

Sector 26

If there are events on particular days this place can be overflowing with fun. Normally they have good DJs during August.

What can you tell of its cocktails if not superb? Friendly staff. The food is not that very good but the best music is played here at Soho.

Soho is right next to sector 26. There is an entrance fee of 10-30 GEL at night. Anyway, that depends on the day.

Drinks are cheap. You should really try this place at least once if you happen to be in Batumi Beach during summer.

Jasmine Lounge Bar

They have a good impression of it. You get a view of Sheraton and the pool. The vibe is very cool. Can be called a nice place to be.

My recommendation. Well, everyone should pop in there if you are in Batumi Beach.

Arena Disco

I saw many local ladies here the locally popular place to hook up with a local lady or Ukrainians or Russians.

More Clubs and Bars on Batumi Beach 

Clubs, Bacani, Botanico New Soho, 8 Bar, K2, Cante and ZONA, Dante Club, Silk Beach Club, Blue Veranda, Beach Bar


Red Light District

Batumi Beach Red Light District Prostitution

Street prostitution is abundantly seen in Batumi Beach. So there is no surprise you can get a sex partner at a corner of a street easily after midnight.

My recommendation! Never ever seek a lady for sex in Batumi streets. You may quite get into the traps of Russian, Armenian or Turkish Mafia.

It is unfortunate that prostitution on Batumi Beach is controlled by the mafia. Those seemingly doing sex work are not self-workers.

There could be a few of them but the greater part of that is under the control of mafia. Whatever the case is if you are skilful enough you could easily find a girl in a club.

Just hitting a nightclub and finding a girl will be very easy for you. If you wish to have fun with the girl you may dance with her until daybreak and later you may take her to your hotel room for best of satisfaction of your sexual desires.

If you find no time to be there for a long time just explain it to her and take her to your hotel room immediately.

Some hotels also provide you with escorts to the rooms. You have access to them only when you are in Batumi Beach.

If you want to have your sex fantasies satisfied massage parlour are another option.

You can have a half hour or one hour of the duration of their service. In the meantime, you can make a deal with masseurs and have sex. No worries mate, you have no chance of feeling alone in Batumi Beach.

Batumi Erotic

Batumi Beach Red Light Sex Streets

There are several of them. Of them, Piazza Street Kutaisi Street, Rustaveli Street and Abashidze street are some of the best nightlife streets for travellers to walk around at midnight and look for horny street hookers.

Sex Massage Salons

Batumi Beach Red Light – Sex Massage Salons

It is essential to have massage salons, but you do not find the ones like in Batumi. In fact, the majority of massage parlours are ended with a happy ending. 

There are so-called Thai Massage saloon or Chinese Massage salon but without a single girl from China or Thailand. ( Have visited some places with Thai ladies originally from Thailand  and give you happy ending massages)

They are from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan and they have the appearance of Chinese girls.

As I have said above the massage parlours in Batumi are not complete with professional massage services.

They are nothing but brothels. Let me tell you this. I do not really recommend massage salons where the masseurs are really ugly but ask for exorbitant amounts for extra services.

In fact, as mentioned earlier, nightclubs and bars provide you with the most beautiful girls who are really horny yes horny as horny can be.

They have better services too. If you wish to get an experience at a massage parlour you may try but you will walk out with lots of regrets for having gone there.

Batumi Beach Nightlife Tour info contact on Viber or Whatsapp +61497822189 (SAM) or Email

Batumi Beach Accommodation 

There so many accommodations and apartment options and can be really expensive during the summer. If you find a lady, you still need the best place to take her. Look up best Hotels and Apartment deals with Hotels combined Here.

Batumi Beach Summer Events

There is every opportunity to get drunk wildly and have sex on the beach. Echo waves are one of the best. There are also many other summer beach events.

They are available every week. Many a hot young sexy men and women await the events to get the best fun on the beach.

Safety Attention on Batumi Beach 

Do not go to Star Disco Club. What they say about the club is not true. It looks more like a place managed by the Iranian or Turkish mafia.

Anyway, I do not know for sure. Do not go to this place. Never have I seen worst kind. The bill they bring to you is unbelievable. Our bill which they brought to us was 1075 Lari when in reality it should have been 115 Lari. Also, If you’re from America, Canada, NZ, Australia or Western Europ, your bill will be higher. 

They have close contact with the police as well. They did not call the police but I learnt it from the internet.

I feel they ought to be having contact with criminals. Yeah, most probably who knows, after all! Do not go to this club. I advise you with all possible vigour. Never ever visit this club. Why not save your money mate?

Visa for Georgia

For all European passport holders, visas are free. There are no restrictions to travel. It is just a matter of getting a stamp at the airport.

The great thing is this. The US, Australian and NZ citizens can stay up to 365 days in Georgia. Visa available all border checkpoints, all international airport as well as harbours. Isn’t that already a good reason for you to travel to Georgia.

How to Get to Batumi Beach 

In Georgia, Batumi airport is the second biggest airport. It has the facilities to travel to many international destinations. Some of them are Dubai , Moscow, Istanbul , Kiev, Tel Aviv.

During the season, there are also direct flights with  Wizz Air from London , Dortmund, Berlin or Tbilisi to Batumi by train and many more places are to be included in no time.

You also have railway facilities. There is an extensive train between the capital Tbilisi and Batumi.

The trains are new and very modern. It takes 4 hours to travel to Batumi from Tbilisi and it costs around $8

Marijuana is Decriminalised

I get sort of a funny sensation to say this. Sorry, I am Dutch. Once I got to Batumi one of the first things I learnt was that marijuana has been decriminalised very recently.

I really do not smoke it. When people came to know I was Dutch, they started talking about it.

The fact that marijuana has been decriminalised sheds light on one aspect of Georgia. That is to say, it is a very liberal and open country. 5 grams is just 20 Lara.

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