Things You Should Know if you go to Bangkok GO-GO Bars or Sex Red Light Districts.

Bangkok GO-GO Bars General Travel Info Guide to Have safe fun in Thailand.
As you know, as it has always been the case in any unregulated sex industry, the Bangkok City Red Light District is teeming with shady places for making money. There are many places lesser distinguished to the travelers and recommended by the Tuk-Tuk Taxi drivers. Tuk drivers will suggest you best Bangkok GO-GO Bars. Please, don’t go my opinion.

Thailand Beach Party

Bangkok GO-GO Bars Free Shows

They advertise free shows, but if you visit such a site, you may get big bills full of unknown charges for nothing making it really expensive for you. The security guards make sure that you pay for everything before you leave.

Ping Pong

This practice is present in the Ping Pong, and other live sex shows trademark to Patpong in Bangkok. The workers engaged in the sex industry in these established venues get their compensation using many sorts of payment methods which differ from bar to bar.


They often get a fixed salary, which is supplemented by commissions. Girls in the bar earn the commission according to the number of drinks the customers buy. As a result, they all try to sell as many bottles as possible. They also try to make clients buy drinks for working men and women. You may pay for a good cocktail for, but they only have soda water. In well-reputed places, they make sure your tab is kept for you to see the price.

Bangkok GIRLS Casual Hook up

Keep An Eye On Your Tab.

Tab update may help you to keep an eye on your cost. This method is really transparent and shows the quality of the establishment.

GO-GO Bar Fines

If a dancer, a bar girl suddenly gets the chance to go out with a guy, Man has to pay some money. They call it mama Money “Mamasan” to their manager, that is the fee for their absence. This may amount to a few hundred to a couple of thousand Baht. ( Around 3000 Baths) . They manage to get that from the guests on top of the charges for going to bed with them. As we always do, we try our best to provide you with the most reliable information. Hope you read this article and make safe travel. Best of Luck!

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