Nazreen Marikkar – Incredible Humanitarian In Sri Lanka!

The blog is rewarding with respect and a dedication to Honor of the Greatest Humanitarian Mr. Nazreen Marikkar.
I have been amazingly blessed in my life to be able to travel. Also, I see the world and its diversity in many different ways. I have met so many incredible personalities around the world, while I’m on my foot. Fortunately, I met Mr. Nazreen Marikkar in Sri Lanka. And I thought to write down something about his Bio to admire this astonishing human being to the world.

How Do I Do know Him??

Relatively, I first met Nazreen Marikkar long back in Sri Lanka, when I was a young technical student. I used to Travel from Chilaw to Colombo by the train. Most importantly, even though I have left Sri Lanka for a long time. I’m still keeping touch with this miracle Sri Lankan; I met many years ago.

What Makes Mr. Nazreen Marikkar Special??

Far as I know. Mr. Nazreen is coming from a well-known family background in Sri Lanka. Means, well respectable heritage. His humble personality is telling us that visible evidence of his significant ancestries. Somehow, we all know that many Sri Lankans, as well as many other people, are from around the world trying to overwrite their cast, religions, and color. But this personality. Many Sri Lankans believe that there vast differences between Muslim and Budish community but Him.

Mr. Nazreen MarikkarCharity Life

Mr. Nazreen Marikkar Spends his own time for the Sri Lankan community without religions or ethical background.

He is participating in all religions festival in the country without any divisions.

A highly active member of many Sri Lankan NGO’s such as Red Cross.

Spending entire his holiday to help School kids and poor people in Sri Lanka.

Collecting donations, organizing welfare & charity, as well as blood donation programs withing northwest part of Sri Lanka.

An active member of natural disaster management.

An active member of peacekeeping among all sub-classes, and religious group in the Society.

A member and the media director of the International human right commission.

Still working as a technical director @ MICH technical college in Colombo and uplifting technical education for Sri Lankan youth. (over 35 years of service to the nation)

human right commission

What Should We Have to Learn From Him?

Mr. Nazreen Marikkar is truly humanitarian in Sri Lanka. That means, he did so much to help out Sri Lankans base on humanity. And he is still doing it today. His entire life was entirely devoted to helping the poor, misplaced, the sick, need help badly. What do we do?

In Conclusion

Well, my thoughts on writing this blog to tell other Sri Lankans. The elementary fact we all know, but don’t follow. According to modern science, All humans on this plant have been sharing well same DNA code. We all distinctively identical, 0.001% is compromising our skin color, eye color, personality, and intelligence. So what. Our culture & heritage and religions are making the difference between our global human society. Power crazy under-educated group of people are trying to make conflicts every corner of Sri Lanka right now. But this Simple man of the nation is doing the most fabulous task to Sri Lankan society without any financial benefits his own. The only thing that he knows “I’m a Sri Lankan and Human. Other than that, nothing he could feel.”

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