Get Ripped Off in GO-GO Bars in Patpong Bangkok

Get Ripped Off-Patpong Travel Info Guide.
Here in Bangkok city’s Patpong has GO-GO Bars located on the ground level among the two streets. By the way, You can freely enter them as long as you order a drink costing you around 120 Baht. You have to be watchful cautious and mindful of the places that try to take you for a ride and overcharge you without even giving you quality drinks.

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Want to Get Ripped Off-Patpong?? No, No

How should you identify the tricksters and gain recognition of their tricks? It may be something like someone approaching you with a list of things featuring great entertainment ping pong shows and favorite activities with attractive names attached to them. Up until now, you will not experience anything unusual.

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Free Promise

Their promise that its free to see for the first five minutes. Well,
Get Ripped Off-Patpong already. However, after the first five minutes, you will have to pay. Such fellows may sound trustworthy and speak really quickly. Ending up what, You forget you should be cautious and not take precaution and fall prey to their trick.

Be vigilant

The place to which such tricksters take may be a location in a side street and if the bar is upstairs it may be a one without a name from which it could be recognised. Here you will be ripped off for sure. Be mindful of such possibilities of being ripped off. As soon as you are inside you will be asked for a tip after one act in the show. This will go on without stopping. Oh, unlucky you! How cleverly you are ripped off! The reality is that you have to offer them a tip for each trick performed. You are likely not to be well treated by the staff if you do not provide them any tips.

Get Ripped Off-PatpongLady Drinks

Get Ripped Off-Patpong Already. Heavy.
You will be requested to buy a lady drink whether a lady is next to you or a bit away from you. There each glass will be at least 200 Baht. They will not bring the bill until the last minute. In fact, in general, Go-Go bars your bill is placed in a small box in front of you this helps you decide if any more drinks are necessary.

Drinks prices

Typically, Drinks prices range from 100 to 120 baht. In those places of deceitful practices, the bill will not be given to you until the last moment. If you happen to ask the cost of

a lady drink usually they will say that it is the same as your drink. They deceive you and cleverly extort money from you. You think such a drink is 100 to 120 baht. Oh no! It will be 200 – 300 Baht. Fun in Go-Go Bars.

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