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Incredible lakes and dramatic picturesque landscape – Slovenia is for many, unexpectedly stunning. From fascinating and vibrant culture to delicious cuisine and wine, Slovenia will definitely make your heart skip a beat.

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Slovenia is a smaller European state located in the southern part of Central region of this continent. It has an access to the Adriatic Sea and borders with Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. The Republic of Slovenia covers an area of more than 20 thousand square kilometres and has a population of about 2 million people. The official language is Slovene and the majority of population is secularised.


Slovenian capital city is Ljubljana, which is also the largest and since ages ago it has served as the cultural, economic and political hub. Slovenia as an independent country today is a small but developed economy and also a member of the European Union, NATO and also the OECD.


The history of Slovenia is marked by many countries as the territory used to belong to many other formations and kingdoms.

Those include the Roman Empire, Habsburg Monarchy, State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs, Kingdom of Serbia or Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After the time of occupation by Nazi Germans during the World War II, the Independent State of Croatia was established, followed by Federal’s People (and then) Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The last one named threw the communistic shade and slowed down the development. The final independence came in 1991.


Thanks to the great geographical diversity, Slovenia has technically everything a traveller can wish for and therefore tourism forms an important part of national economy.

The Adriatic coast is maybe short, but offers several picturesque little towns and stunning beaches. The Julian Alps create a stunning scenery of snowy mountain peaks, ideal for hiking and, together with mountain lakes, definitely belong to the most beautiful face of the country. The inland is covered by green nature as well as thermal springs, offering a great attraction.

Apart from natural beauty, Slovenian culture is a colourful and pleasant blend of various influences formed over centuries and transformed into a lovely masterpiece of different flavours and scents.


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