Geylang Prostitution or the sex district is one of the best-regulated sex providers in Asia. Also, One of the best red-light regions in the world. Tourists can walk around any time in the day or any streets in the Geylang Prostitution area without any problem. This most famous sex district in Singapore is located between the market Street, Paia Lebar Road, and the Katong area in Geylang District.

Sex Law

Geylang Prostitution is fully legalized But many illegal sex workers in the area, and selling cheap Sex. Registered Brothels in Singapore under old British Prostitution laws and Sex providers or Brothels owners do not allow any personal advertising. So, My blog has written to give information to sex seekers in Geylang but promotion.

Diversity of Sex Workers

Sexy Singapore offers much variety of real sex products. Means, Beautiful slim, young as age 18 to 25, quality models, and from all around the world. By the way, Singapore has the highest human diversity in Asia. As a result, Sex workers are from Thailand, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, South & Central America, Vietnam, Europe, China, and many other places.

Young Sexy Chines Sex Workers in Geylang

Westerhout Road Best Sex Shops in Singapore.

Geylang Prostitution and sexual adventures are available to anyone who wants to have the best safe Sex service without breaking the law. But not many places are offering well trained young Prostitutes in Geylang. I highly Recommending you to go to Westerhout Road area in Geylang. Also, Lorong 16, Lorong 14, Lorong 15, Lorong 18 are the best. But many sex shops all over the district. 

Geylang Best Prostitution Sex Shops

I have found one best sex shop here. Be honest; I have tried a few places with Chinese ladies, Thai, Philippines, and Indians. But they all very ordinary.

Well, here is the best one. Go to Geylang Lorong 16, from the main road, walk up to Westerhout Road. Then, you can see the sex shop number 69.

Sex Shop 69 with Chinese Sex Models 

However, I have been there several times in the afternoon time between 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. I didn’t see many sex girls are waiting outside. Maximum numbers of Girls, I did see in the shop around 5 to 8.

The shop only offers the best quality Chines modeling ladies age young as 18 to 25. Girls have well trained for sex fantasy and best possible erotic feeling you could have imaged. 

My Sex Experience at Sex Shop 69

Sex Shop 69 in Geylang

I slept with tree Beautiful young (Age 18 to 21), Chinese ladies. They all are incredible service with all the fantasy I expected, such as Best oral sex satisfaction all over my body with the best blowjob, and much more.

Geylang Prostitution Prices

Well, Sex is one of the most demanding services in Singapore. The sex industry is turning over millions of S$ a year because Sex Tourism is well regulated in the country as many Sex tourists are visiting Singapore. And Sex is getting a little expensive But no much as Australia or Europe.
Licensed Brothels have one rate around S$ 150.00 an hourly rate. You may able to find freelancers for cheap Sex in Singapore red Light Districts. The price can be variable. By the way sex price little as S$ 50 to S$ 200.00 or even more.

Safe Points Geylang Prostitution

Some ladies may be trying to give you blowjobs without condoms. I highly recommend it not do so. Safe sex practice is the best. Also, Those girls are always using mouth wash as bacteria killers. I don’t know how effective are they to kill STD when they give you blowjobs without protections.

Best Sex Accommodations in Singapore

Singapore Best Sex Hotels guide would have the best solutions. I have given the best hints for sex tourists to Singapore to choose best hotels in each location. Such as Orchard Towers sex paradise, Singapore Red Lights Districts Guide. Well, I hope that you will enjoy the best Sex in Singapore. Please, book your hotel on Singapore sex Hotels or click on the link. Thank you.

  1. Fred Furiousfux says:

    Whoever wrote the above forgot to mention that service is usually very poor and cost very high. There ARE many brothels in Lorongs 16, 18 and Westerhout Road joining the 2 ( as well as a few others in Lorongs 22 – 10 ) BUT they are highly regulated and controlled, the girls will be pushing for as little time as possible with you – regardless of how much you paid. You are far more likely to be disappointed than satisfied. Freelance streetwalkers around Geylang – and there are not too many – might start at S$70 if you are lucky – but that would be for 20-30mins – not 1 hour as in rest of Asia. They are likely to be Chinese, speak and understand no English at all and usually “older”. Singapore is NOT the place you come to for hookers……

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