Tour in Kiev – Alex Tour – Best Nightlife, City & Adventure Tour in Ukraine

Alex Tour Package Prices and other Relevant Info. All tours can be customized upon customer's requests. Payment has to be made before the start of the tour. All tours are private unless customers want to do it as a group. Also, it depends on the availability of other travellers.

Alex Tour in Kiev

Alex Tour Packages Information Guide 

Alex Tour  –  Best City Tour With Kiev Tour Guide 

  • City  landmarks ( the most interesting places ) Euro $ 60 for 5 hours long tour
  • You will be picked from the airport to your accommodation,  prices will be very reasonable In general for between $ 35.

Alex Beach party tour

Alex Tour – Best Beach Party Tour in Kiev 

Beach tours are only available from the middle of spring to the middle of  Autumn (daytime or nighttime ) $ 60 for 5 Hours.

(Swimming, sunbathing, cocktails, partying on the beach  and exciting nightlife) Time depends on your ardent travel requirements and what travellers are into doing. 

Daytime  swimming, beach clubs – 3 pm to 8 pm

Night time beach tour is available from 10 pm, starting at few bars could be a wonderful choice for the travellers craving for dining in spectacular dining locations in Kiev dinner while engaged in Alex Kiveton Tour.

If you are a gourmet exploring exotic dishes Alex Kiev Tour offers you with the best of opportunities.

Just walk up along the river, and find yourself wining and dining at Restaurant on the river which is situated right on Kiev beach.

Nightclubs are also available for parties on the beach. So say yes to Alex tour.

Conditions: Taxi charges, should be paid by the customers.


Nightlife Tour 

      • Nightlife tour ( pre-party, bars, nightclubs , after party ) $ 60 for 5 hours, If the traveller like the first nightclub where we arrive, so usually we stay in the same clubs or we   still need to see few other clubs, Alex do take travellers wherever they like to go up to 5 hours.

If the travellers want to stay in engaged in partying after nightclubs hours called early hour partying the new nightclubs in Kiev Alex Kiev tour would be

happy to stay with you. However, there will be extra charges for that exciting service. You see, Alex Kiev Tours are thrilling and affordable.   

Alex Tour Packages with other tours can be organised  

  • River Cruise maximum ( 25 people only group the US $ 400) it is inclusive of all cost.
  • shopping tour $60 up to 5 hours.
  • Private aircraft over the city with 3 persons ( and drive plane ) $300, one hour flying time in a“Light aircraft”
  • Shooting Tour  $150
  • mezhyhirya ( corruption museum) on segway $130,

Alex Tours price does not include taxi charges, Taxi is not expensive at all in Ukraine

If the traveller wants to do over 3 tours with one tour guide,  Alex Price Tour will be happy to give you a discount.

Alex tour Packages for you to choose.


Kev Nightlife Tour Package: Nightlife tour per person + 2 drinks, Entrance fee. $100.00 

Taxi fee may be included- It depends on the location of travellers.

Alex City Tour Package

City tour with Coffee or either a beer price per person  $100.00.

Taxi price will be included if your location is around the city.

Group Tour PricesPrice –  for 2 people = $90  for   3 people = $115,  for

4 people $130, for  5 people $160 . For more than 5 people 190.  

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