Solo travelers need the best travel sex toys today than ever before due to COVID -19 and STD level increment. Well, if your traveling with your partner, it doesn’t mean she or he gives you good Sex at all. By the way, we all know that for sure, having sexual fantasies during our trip part of solo travel culture; if anyone is traveling solo and no Bang on your way up?? absolutely something wrong his or her head. After all, We may not find someone to get some sex every day when we are on the road. So, but as humans, we all feel isolation and sexually emotional days. Also, Think about on a holiday island yourself in the Maldives. Although, you may not get a hook because it is an Islamic country. What could you do? The best option is a toy, as we know already.


Well, what is the solution then? According to sexual health specialists and other relevant specialists, we have to find the best travel sex toys to have fun.  

Personal Distance 

This isolation technique is applied due to COVID 19 in almost all nations around the world. Well, think about it. If your in Thailand or Amsterdam and looking for a hooker. Or you are getting hookup in a nightclub. Then, due to the Corona virus, you may lose it. Can you get a sexy erotic massage with a happy ending? Personal distance killing us. So, the best solution is to fund the best travel sex toys, after all. 

What Do You Know About Global Sex Toy Industry

The global toy Sex industry evaluated more than 15 billion resent years. According to sexual and reproductive researchers, half of the UK population uses less one sex toy daily. Also, one of the notable research has done by the University of Indiana in The USA. According to that study.  53% of women in The US, 45% of men aged 18-65, used a vibrator or any sex toy. 

Surprising, Major Benefits of Using Sex Toys

According to Sex experts, there are significant benefits such as



Health Benefits 

Whenever you use sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure, the activities will be given you the consistency of relaxation orgasm for sure. Relaxation and orgasm are the best way to relax your physical and mental stress levels. By the way, the best benefits are below.

Enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm give you deep sleep

Boost immunity

Relieve physical pain

Reduce stress

Boost brainpower

Effectiveness of the reproduction system 

Improved sexual function

Age is not a barrier

Have few side-effects only, unlike medication

Best Sex Toys could help oneself continue to enjoy sexual confidence and pleasure when penetrative Sex is impossible.

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Social Benefits

Promoting either general sex toys or travel sex toys could have some social benefits such as below.

  • Positive Impact on Sex crimes ( Keep Sex predators away from women)
  • Less demand for prostitution (Fewer sex workers would coming to business, the majority of females could have respectable jobs withing the society other than doing prostitution)
  • More happy people withing society
  • Enhancing productive and smart workforce

How to Select Best Travel Sex Toys?

Well, Selecting the best travel sex toys may not easy; when you think about your bags, your expectations. Also, careful your travel destinations.  Key points are below you to make a selection of BEST TRAVEL SEX TOYS.

Easy Packing 



Easy rechargeable or a manual one 

No much sounds


Easy Packing – When it comes to travel, packing can be the hardest with little weight. So, make sure to choose limited numbers, and the right best travel sex toys accessorize. Also, Make sure that the toy with safety switch. Otherwise, it may easily switch on in your bag, and it may start buzzing away. Also,  Can it simply fit in clear airport security zippered bag? So, Airport custom or safety officers can have checked your luggage appropriately. 

Light Travel Sex toys – whenever you select one, make sure to choose a very light one. It helps you to easy packing as well as little weight in your bag. Specially made it of soft material.

Attractive – Find the most likable and turn you on more straightforward.  

Easy rechargeable or a manual one – find one easy to charge, fast and efficient. The best travel sex toys are the manual when you on your foot.  

No much sounds – buy the one with fewer noises because your travel’s nature could other travelers hear and will joint with you. 

Travel Destinations – Your travel destination is essential before choosing the best travel sex toys because you don’t pack any easily identified sex toys for the middle east, Africa, or some Asian countries. Highly religious states, culturally as well by the law, sex toys are prohibited.  

Selection of Best Travel Sex Toys You to Have Fun

For Women

According to researchers, there are many health benefits for Women to have Sex toys. Such as 

  • Menopausal symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, vulval/vaginal pain, and tightness. 
  • Vulvodynia
  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Gynae cancer treatments and surgical interventions
  • Also, Neurological – multiple sclerosis; lack of arousal, and low libido

Our Best Selection for Solo Females Travellers 

We can give you a few best travel sex toys to choose from. Choices are yours.  

  • Satisfyer Pro 2 is available on many online websites.  
  • VESPER vibrator is highly recommended as destination issues.  The vibrator is designed for public and private experiences like beautiful jewelry.
  • Iroha Stick Vibrator available on Amazone
  • Dame Products Eva II is a tiny vibrator and the best option for destinations issues. Ladies can cross any airport with Dame Products Eva II and VESPER vibrator in your checked-in luggage or your handbag. 

For Men

Several sexual problems in men may be helped using specific sex toys. But our purpose is given you a selection of the best travel sex toys to have enjoyable travel without getting Isolate or STD. By the way, men are facing some sex-related issues in general, such as 

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of libido and post-surgical problems. Also, the lack of confidence.    

Our Selection As Best Travel Sex Toys Below

Silicone Penis extension
Silicone Penis Extension

Penis rings can help a man maintain his erection for longer. Also, it is tiny and easy to pack. ( One of the best travel sex toys, Screaming O Vibrating Ring)

Explains Evans is specially designed as male vibrators can help men gain an erection and better stimulate nerve endings.

Silicone Penis extension another great product. The product can be used for masturbating.  

Tenga Egg is another one and easy packing, one of the textured single-use masturbation. By the way, Tenga has few designed such as 

  • TENGA Easy Beat EGG
  • Ultra Tenga Size Deep Throat Cup
  • Tenga Standard Air Cushion Cup, all available on Amazon

Lesbian Sex Toys

Lesbian Sex Toys

Lesbian sex toys – pack joque strap on and harness among some of the best. It has all you need. 

Lovehoney Unisex Strap-On Harness Briefs – This adjustable harness is so easy to use and comfortable to wear. 

Lesbian sex toys – fun factory share vibe rechargeable vibrating strapless strap-on dildo

 Gay Men

Gay Men Sex toys

Best Travel Sex Dildos

Most products are made out of light metals or light glass. Big or small? Realistic. Whatever the size or style you wish, sure to find the right toy. I can mention only some of them as travel needs. But choices depend on individual needs.  VISITING BROTHELS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AUSTRALIA

  • BASICS Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inch
  • Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch

Best International Travel Sex Toys Brands 

I love to give you some of the best brands to buy online. Mainly, What we expect here small and lightweights.  

  • ADAM & EVE
  •  DOXY
  • EARTHLY BODY – Massage oil
  • LINGERIE – Honey Birdette

Final Tips to Organise your holiday with Best Travel-Friendly Sexy Toys 

  • If you have check-in luggage, placed your toys in it! 
  • If asked about them, be honest! And speak the truth at the airport.
  • Make Sure It Has A Travel Lock – battery-powered or USB rechargeable.
  • Use separate zip-lock bags for each.
  • Check if sex toys are legal where you are going. Thailand, Vietnam, and India have banned all types of sex toys. Also, many the Middle East and Africa.
  • Buy the right travel adaptor if it needs to be plugged in to a new country’s power outlet. 

I hope you may better understand the Best travel-friendly sex toys to have the best time on your holiday. I love to see your comments. Thank you. 

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