South Coast Of Sri Lanka is a beautiful assembly of local and national traditions. Even more so than the East Coast, there is a distinct beat towards a more relaxed lifestyle. Well, much of the local economies revolve around fishing, coconut cultivation, as well as rice cultivation.

South Coast of Sri Lanka beautiful tropical traveler paradise. Also, the serene natural beauty of endless stretches of powdery beaches merging with turquoise waters. Most importantly, Some of the most stunning and wildlife lavish national parks also marine parks and Hikkaduwa beach party destinations.  

The South gives you a magnetic pull that is hard to break away from. The South Coast is frequently described as magical, so don’t be surprised if you see local fishermen walking on water. 

South coast Sri Lanka

Hambantota Port Man-made Port

By the way, Hambantota Port man-made port also home to the South Coast of Sri Lanka. Well, the port is only the one opened in the 21st century as man-made ones. Also, one of the deepest channels in South East Asia. Secondly, the second Internation airport in the country also opened in the South a few years ago. 

Transportation From Colombo to South Coast

Sri Lankan Government is open te last part of the newly built high way to the South. Well, do you want to travel from Negombo to any part of the South? It can be done around 3 hours by car. 

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South Coast Bentota Tourists Town

Bentota Sri Lanka South Coast

Located on the south-west coast of the Galle DistrictBentota is famous for its turtle hatchery on Induruwa Beach, toddy production (a coconut drink with alcohol), and watersports. On the other hand, you can have some ancient healing practice dating back to 3000 BC. It’s calling Ayurveda treatments. So, there is an Ayurveda treatment center near the town. Also, garden and architecture enthusiasts will definitely want to check out Lunuganga, which was created by the widely known Geoffrey Bawa and is described by many as a ‘garden in paradise.’


 South Coast Hikkaduwa Beach Party 

Another small town on the South and well famous among young party travels. Well, the coast is Hikkaduwa and is considered to be the second-best surfing town in Sri Lanka behind Arugam Bay. There is also a vibrant nightlife for all of the local and international surf enthusiasts to enjoy

Galle City – In the Bay of Galle on the Southwest Coast of Sri Lanka, was Built First in 1588 by the Portuguese

Galle Fort 

The fort is well known to be the best preserved in all of South Asia, and it is close to the southern-most point of Sri Lanka. Earlier, Galle Fort originally built around 1560 by the Portuguese. After all, Galle Fort fell into Dutch hands from around the mid-17th century. Then, where it reached the pinnacle of development in the 18th century. In-scripted as a World Heritage site in 1988.

Dondra Head Lighthouse

Also, it is close to the country’s southern-most point is the Dondra Head Lighthouse. Built late in the 19th century with materials imported from Britain, the lighthouse is still in use today. It offers a beautiful view of Dondra Head and out-stretches of the island

South Coast is home to Weligama


The Matara District on the South Coast is home to Weligama, which means ‘Sandy Village.’ Weligama has a vibrant mix of tourism and local fishing industries. This beautiful coastal town has everything to offer in regards to water/tourist activities. It is also one of the locations you may see some fishermen walking on water with their stilts!

Mirissa Sri Lanka

Another town in the Matara District is Mirissa, which is the largest fishing port on the South Coast. Furthermore, this is also the most famous town for whale and dolphin watching.

Tangalle Sri Lanka

One of the largest towns on the South Coast in the Hambantota District. In addition to relaxing on Medilla, Mawella (small & quiet beach), Medaketiya, or Goyambokka Beach, be sure to check out the Mulkirigala Rock Temple. The temple sits about 200 m high on a giant boulder consisting of beautiful works of art, statues, and several caves spread throughout the entirety of the temple. Similar to the Dambulla Temple, just a bit smaller in size. It is definitely a must-see if you are in the area, and it tends not to be nearly as crowded as other touristic sites in Sri Lanka.

Hummanaya South Coast of Sri Lanka

 Hummanaya South Coast of Sri Lanka 

The Matara District is also home to the world’s second-largest Hummanaya or blowhole, located in Dikwella. Surprisingly, the blowhole is pushing a large amount of water from the depth of the ocean to the sky. Incidentally, it will be turning to spectacular water sprinkles.



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