Hikkaduwa beach Party and the town have been a firmly top tourist destination on Sri Lankan travel map since the 1970s. Hikkaduwa – golden rays of sun reflecting on the endless water surface. A place where the party easily never stops and drums will walk you through the dawn. Hikkaduwa is a unique and beautiful place for every young party traveler. So, there are many ways to travel. Well, you might want to see all the highlights and historical sites; you might want to try all the food, you might want to spend your holiday on a pristine beach and have everything taken care of. On the other hand, you might be one of those people who want to spend some of the best time of their lives partying at a terrific location with the sunshine above and ocean waves in the background. 

The Nature Hikkaduwa Beach Party

Hikkaduwa Beach Party and the beach itself is a great party place for young backpacker travels. It means this part of Sri Lanka is typical for young groups of friends who want to enjoy their time doing some crazy things, which usually include drinking over Night. Then, chilling wherever possible, making some adventure trips, or even smoking weed, yet still keeping the budget low. So, Hikkaduwa is one of them in the Southern part of Sri Lankan Island

Hikkaduwa SEY Party – Where the beach Party Never Ends

Hikkaduwa beach

One of the most popular sunshine towns in Sri Lanka with infinite parties, incredible music, superior beaches, and frothy ocean waves entirely made for surfing – that is HikkaduwaSri Lanka’s most beautiful party destination. The lively town of Hikkaduwa has risen over the years from the budget backpackers’ place to a top destination with a hippie charm and unique possibilities.

Hikkaduwa Beach Party Nightlife Clubs and Pubs

Hikkaduwa beach villa

In terms of music, which will get deep inside your bones and parties lasting till dawn, there are several places you can choose from in Hikkaduwa.  All of those will surely make your holiday unforgettable and infinite party experience.

Best Nightlife – Vibration Club

Vibration is a music bar and a place to go on Friday night. Considered to be the best club in Hikkaduwa, especially all lovers of electronic music will feel like they found their heaven. So, Well popular Hikkaduwa Beach Party spot. 

Best Nightlife Party – Top Secret

The Top Secret Bar, beach restaurant (and also a guest house) in Hikkaduwa is also one of the places not to be missed. Despite its name, it’s no secret that To Secret has a perfect chill ambiance, quirky look with hammocks and cushions all around and, mainly, plenty of irresistible drinks. 

 Nightlife Party – Mambo’s

Mambo’s offers incomparable vibes and party twenty-four-seven, that is what you will find in Mambos. Although Mambo’s hotel is a place with great rooms with ocean views, you will hardly ever get a chance to sleep. Also, many local boys are hanging around here to get hook with foreign ladies. Well, your choice to get some Sri Lankan chocolate for the Night as a young female solo traveler. So, Hikkaduwa Beach Party spot. 

Golden Sand Beach Hotel 

Are you looking for the best place for cocktails in the area? You have found it! Apart from cozy seating, laid back and chilled atmosphere, and beautiful ocean views from the terrace, the sunset happy hour cocktails selection will make you want to stay long after the sun disappeared from the horizon.

Nightlife Beach Party – FUNKY DE BAR

THURSDAY NIGHT BEACH PARTY. The funkiest place in town to have from sunset to sunrise! Well, the Bar not only gives you the best chance to enjoy your Thursday nights but is also the most enjoyable Night out place during the week. Also, Popular among females travelers to get hook up with local Sri Lankan Boys.


MONDAY NIGHT BEACH PARTY, the lounge & Bar is the ideal way to spend a Monday nightlife out and have a sexy beach party. The Organisers surely do know how to whip up a fantastic concoction for Travellers to sip on while enjoying the incredible view of the South West coast Indian ocean. 

Beach Clubs On Hikkaduwa Beach

Well, many little puds style places on the beach. Most owners are local beach boys. So, Those places offer great Viber every day from 7 pm to late. Well, I would say that walk through each and look up some beautiful places to watch live local music, drinks, and local food.

After Hikkaduwa Beach Party,  Another little party town in South of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna!

Unawatuna located Just 36 KM from Hikkkaduwa town center to Unawatuna beach. For many years this nightlife paradise has a special meaning in Sri Lanka. So, there is a growing number of beach bars every year providing extraordinary nightlife experience to both local and international party crowds, mainly thanks to the latest dance floor music and never-ending parties going from sunset till sunrise. Well, or many years Unawatuna nightlife has been successfully competing with the big beach clubs in Hikkaduwa, and it is getting bigger just after the Sri Lankan war end by 201.  now the beach has been brought back so that some great parties can be expected for the 2019 holiday season. The most popular party places are Jungle beach, Happy Banana, Kingfisher, Lucky Tuna Beach, and Comoran Beach Club.

Hikkaduwa Beach Party with extra Fun Facts – Not for everyone

It might not be for everyone, but Hikkaduwa is also a bit of a sin city, offering various temptations that are not always alright according to the law.

Nightlife – Weed

If you want to get a bit stoned, look for beach boys and bar people. Those are the ones with exciting offers and prices ($ 22 / 1g). However, keep in mind that weed is illegal in Sri Lanka so that it can be found on the black market only. All at your own risk. By the way, the new Sri Lankan Government is putting pressure on drugs and prise has gone up. 

Hikkaduwa Nightlife – Hookers

The particular company, if demanded, can be arranged as well. For more information, try to get in conversation with local Tuke Tuke drivers who can tell you more. Again though, This is an illegal activity, and sometimes, the business can be even set-up, so be careful!


Hikkaduwa beach sap

Arak is a delicious invention and one of the best ways to get the alcohol flowing in your veins. The local alcoholic treasure Arak is made of coconut palm sap, and its distillation results in a signature Sri Lanka’s spirit of a unique taste and color. Although, the business with Arak can get tricky as locals sometimes endeavor to save money and use metals, batteries, fertilizers (urea – nitrogen sulfide), or a dangerous combination of chemicals during the process of distillations, which are highly harmful to your health. Therefore, buy Arak only at safe and trusted places and check the etiquette while purchasing a bottle – again, beach boys and locals will help you. The slightly fermented coconut sap is also drinkable itself, in the form of mildly alcoholic wine, which is a cheap and tasty alternative to Arak.


Leel tour Sri Lanka

Leel well experience driver in Sri Lanka you to have safe travel around the Island.

If you need to transport within or around Hikkaduwa, there is always a possibility of a three-wheel rental. It is a cheap, yet not the safest option. While going for this option, it is recommended to hire a local driver as well. Better safe than sorry. For transportation to the Commercialcapital city of Colombo, the easiest way is to take a train. You can find a little bit about activities in Colombo below. By the way, New Freeway open from the airport through Colombo to Southern Sri Lanka. It only takes around two hours’ drive. 

Hikkaduwa Hotels and resorts

There is plenty of accommodation options, bars, restaurants and shops and thanks to the right amount of tourists (not too much and not empty either), the city is kept busy and fresh all the time. Going private and enjoying to the fullest, you can always decide to go for a villa rental. There are several villas and vacation rentals in Hikkaduwa, including, for example, the Banana Leaf apartments, where you can rent a beautiful house with many rooms, bathrooms, and facilities just for yourself, all only a short walk or motorbike ride to the beach.


Smart Way to Find Best Hotels 

To make things easier & struggle free and also to allow yourself to still stick to the budget, it is recommended to book only one or two nights online from one of the cheap accommodation options in advance before you leave your home soil. The rest of the nights for your stay would be then more comfortable to book directly on the spot – that makes the bargaining possible and the budget even more pleasant, as locals will gladly recommend.

Activities  in Hikkaduwa

Well, You can’t enjoy the Hikkaduwa Beach party 24/7. So, The town and surround are offering any activities for you to enjoy your holiday. Well, travells should stay for a minimum of two weeks. But truth to be told, after two weeks, you’ll wish you have had decided to wait much longer! Thanks to the divine underwater life in the national park such as 

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  • Diving 
  • Snorkeling
  • Reefs and underwater caves 
  • Blue whales/dolphins or turtles watching
  • Turtles are best seen starting in March or April, dolphins or whales start to appear from December onwards – till the end of the season in March/April.

Hikkaduwa Beach Surfing 

Hikkaduwa beach surf

Surfing is naturally the most popular and most enjoyable activity of them all. While local beach boys and experienced surfers enjoy the top-class waves on reef breaks, the Hikkaduwa surf scene offers a wide range of waves perfectly crafted for beginners as well. Best waves arrive after the New Year and grow steadily till April, which is considered the end of the season. For complete beginners, there are several surfing schools available as well, so that nothing keeps you from enjoying this place to the fullest.


In case you want to treat your body, there is a splendid opportunity to enjoy your time while having a unique Ayurvedic massage treatment by locals or the relaxing beach massage. Last but not least, there is no better relaxation and chill than sunbathing on one of the white sand beaches while eating tropical Sri Lankan fruits, drinking the fresh and delicious coconut water.

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