Colombo Erotic Massage with Happy Ending Info Guide. Sexual Massage culture is very new to Sri Lanka. But the travel and tourism industry is growing continuously day by day. So, new things are coming to society in Sri Lanka. BY THE WAY, Sri Lankans are specializing in traditional AYURVEDA HERBAL Treatment & Massages for many Years.

 What Traveller Should Know Colombo Erotic Massage

There are many SPA places in Colombo Sri Lanka. Only Some of them are only practicing according to the license. Many of them are doing erotic Massage or a happy ending

lousy hygiene practices
  1. Many places have lousy hygiene practices; the showroom isn’t clean, towels are not cleaned.  
  2. Ladies aren’t sexy enough 
  3. Lack of training. They don’t do proper Tantric or sloppy Massage. 
  4. The extra cost is accumulating during the massage period. 
  5.  Communication issues

Country Law and Order

All SPA are usually looking the same in Colombo. Sri Lankan government does not register any Erotic Sex Massage salons in the country. The reason why Sexual services are illegal under Sri Lankan Constitutions. But all wealthy Sri Lankans more like to have sexual massages because culturally corrupted. They do all shit works behind the shadows.

Inside Colombo Erotic Massage

Almost all therapies of massage places are doing the same way, like starting from the back of your body. Then, she or he will ask you to turn upside down. So, she or he will tell you; I like to offer extra service like a happy ending, touch my boobs, And additional charges apply.

Colombo Best Erotic Massage Places

Red Apple SPA

Best Happy ending one in Colombo you to have fabulous erotic Massage. I was there a few months ago; many Thai ladies are available in the saloon. I pick one of Sri Lankan lady her name is Archini, a little lady with big boobs. Highly recommended place.

Address: 25/1 Clifford Avenue, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

Healing Palm Korean Massage

I back to Colombo a few days later. And did try this place.
After a long day in Colombo, my body and manhood need a great touch.
I was a bit nervous and didn’t what to expect because I want to have a good sex massage. Perhaps, I was waiting to speak someone to know who is doing my Massage; a sweet girl turns up. She walked me into the massage room and asked me to remove my pants. The saloon located right in the hotel kind of or not. You must step into the Western Hotel lobby and into a small quite sketchy room.

Address: Colombo, Frankfort Pl, 04, In the western hotel.

Colombo Erotic Massage – Thai SPA – Velvet Touch

According to the website, the place offers a Thai traditional massage.
The saloon has a great decoration with a relaxed atmosphere for customers. Rooms very comfortable and double rooms are available for the couple. Velvet touch will give you more information.

Address: 31 /1 Hammers Avenue, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

SEX Massage Price in Colombo

  • Prices are well the same in all places. USD 20 – 45 MINUTES 
  • USD 25 – 60 MINUTES. Likely, during the service, the Therapist offers extra services with extra cash. You end up to spend all up USD 75 to 100 ends of the service. 

Colombo Erotic Massages Other Relevant Facts.

Many places are available in Colombo for happy ending sex massages. As we know, Places like little passages in Colombo 1 to Colombo 7 and many other touristic areas. You can’t find well established and regulated tantric sensational massage industry in Sri Lanka. Likewise, countries like Ukraine, Europe, Thailand, the USA, Brazil, the Philippines, or in Singapore .
The list, I have given to you with my personal experience and highly hygienic standard as well as great privacy. Also, You could try erotic massage in Negombo, check out Negombo Erotic massage.


Leel tour Sri Lanka

Leel well experience driver in Sri Lanka you to have safe travel around the Island.

Transportation can be difficult in Colombo. I was in Negombo and went up to Colombo by car. And I found this Eco Car Renting, Taxi-Sri Lanka. So, I hired the taxi; I asked the driver to wait outside until I come back from the massage — low charges and well reliable. Also, with a Safe driver. When you’re looking for the best of Colombo Erotic Massage, you need a reliable transportation option.

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Enjoy Colombo Erotic Massage Salons and be safe

  1. Uthum says:

    Qualified Male Therapist Available For Local And Foreign Females. I can Visit Your Place Or You can Visit My Place. Safe Parking and Free WiFi available during the Service.

  2. Uthum says:

    The Best Massage Service In Town Contact For More Details….Qualified Male Therapist Available For Local And Foreign Females. I can Visit Your Place Or You Can Visit My Place. Safe Parking And Free WiFi Available During

  3. hello i will arrive to colombo soon. i am boy 45 years old and single. i like to massage ladies and ladyboys too. i am straight, i just do work for money.

  4. Being a professional , I can offer you body massage and its flexible according to your requirement . Purely service minded and payment can consider what you can offer reasonably. Home / hotels visited . Im a male and service is for female clients only.

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