Negombo Erotic Massage – Happy Ending Massage Saloons Info Guide in Sri Lanka!

Negombo Erotic Massage Guide Negombo in Sri Lanka.
Chocolate brown sexy ladies and boys are available in this tiny transit town in Negombo to get sensational Erotic massages in your hotel or the massage saloon.

I have visited a few places in Negombo and around. Well, I have an excellent idea about all local massage places in Negombo. Those places are registering as local Ayurvedic relaxation treatments. But the happy ending. All most all massage places are doing the happy ending erotic satisfaction.

The Truth About Ayurvedic Massage Centers in Negombo Sri Lanka

Negombo Erotic Massage

There many Traditional Ayurvedic Massage places right on Beach Road. The Truth, They don’t practice Ayurvedic massages at all in the promises. Most of those places are practicing Erotic or happy ending Massages for tourists as well as local.

Negombo Erotic Massage Political & Social Factors in Sri Lanka

Among Sri Lankans have high sexual abuse just because of cultural and traditional issues. Most of the sexual activities are going on behind hidden shadows. Sex Nothing unusual but speak in public unpleasant among the cultures. Having sex before getting married still socially unacceptable but over 90% are having sex before getting marrying. So, Corrupted Sri Lankan Cultural factors are contributing to unstabilized and unsafe Sex tourism Industry as well as high sexual abuse among society.

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Leel well experience driver in Sri Lanka you to have safe travel around the Island.

Negombo Erotic Massage Hygiene Tips & Hints

I have visited a few erotic massage place during my recent visit to Sri Lanka. Some of those places have poor hygiene practices such as bathroom disgusting; massage bed has no bed clothe separately. I didn’t see fellow covers either. All massage bed have only rubber layer and can you imagine 1000 of people are sleeping on the same couch without proper cleaning??

Quality of Erotic Massage

In Sri Lanka very often face low skills and the passion the job among the workforce. They rub your body; I can’t see any well-trained massage therapists on duties, except in 4 or 5-star hotels. Ladies and boys are looking well clean. But have no great look. By the way, I got a tell you that I found one place which has all expectation levels.

Type of Negombo Erotic Massage Availability

I can’t compare the type of massage availability to Western Countries, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong , Ukraine, Moscow, other popular Sex tourism Destinations.
Here travelers can find the list of massage available in Negombo spa centers, male and female both massage therapists for Happy Ending.

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Erotic Massage availability in Negombo!
Chicky happy ending, Back Massage, Bleaching, Body To Body Massage, Couples Massage, Dirty Soapy Massage, Erotic Massage, Four Hands Massage, Lingam Massage, Breast Massage, Nuru Massage, Swedish Massage, and Tantra Massage.

Best Erotic Massage Places in Negombo.

Somehow, I would like to say that there one place incredibly clean and excellent services are offering 24/7.
I have spoken to the owner. There more than ten good looking ladies and boys are available.

Luxury SPA
No – 63 1/1
First Floor
Beach Road ( Poruthota, Etthukala)
Tel +94715422600
Viber or Mobile Number – +94773759777

Massage Prices

As your foreigner prices always will be high, Massage menu usually mentions price little as $20 to $25. Around 2000 to 3000 LKR. I act like I can’t speak the Local language to find out the right price. Most places charge around 2500 LKR for one hour massage at the reception. Secondly, Just after your back massage, the lady will be asked you to turn around. Then, She will ask do you need a handshake, If you say yes, You have to pay 2000 or 3000 LKR to the lady to get a happy ending. What I found out about payments, Massage therapists don’t get any cash from the message center; happy ending tips will be her income. I want to encourage to pay little more as you could. Those poor ladies heavily discriminated by society as well as with the low-income family background.

Bet SPA Massage Availability in Negombo ( No Erotic. But all depends on the therapist)

All 4 to 5 stars hotels offers well standardized Sri Lankan Traditional Ayurvedic natural Treatments in Negombo. Prices can be higher than ordinary SPA on the street. But well clean, well-trained staffs, and propper Sri Lankan Natural herbal treatments offered.

Jasmin Villa Ayurveda Resort

I found this place two stars hotel accommodations with proper Ayurvedic SPA treatments just a few KM from Negombo town.
Room prices and SPA prices incredibly low But best service available.
The villa is offering great packages such as rooms, SPA Treatments, Transport and much more.

Best Accommodations

Negombo town is home to some of the best hotels and resorts. Also, there are little home base accommodations available as you wish. and hotel Combined are offering great one day to 4 days deals. Booking


There no efficient public transportation movable. Tuk Tuk service is available around Negombo. But they will tell you almost more than double for tourists.
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