Piduruthalagala – Mt Pedro in Sri Lanka – Best Climbing on Island Nation Sri Lanka!

This mountain is the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It is 2524 metres high. This mountain which is located in the central province north - northeast to Nuwara Eliya is the only Ultra prominent peak in Sri Lanka. It enjoys the statue of an ultra prominent peak and it is one of such kind in the world.

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Piduruthalagala means straw plateau rock. The rock had a cap of pale green vegetation on its quite flat summit.

This dried up during the dry period giving it a pale yellow colour with the appearance of straw on top.

Thus it came to be called straw laden rock. The British found it hard to pronounce Piduruthalagala.

It,  for the colonial rulers in then Sri Lanka, was an arduous thing to pronounce it in Sinhala.

They made it easy calling it ‘mount Pedro’. It is known in English as such. During the colonial rule of Sri Lanka there were paths to climb it on foot in two and a half hours trek.

This was done in comparatively a shorter time on horseback. This was a place frequented by the Britains.

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Piduruthalagala Mt

It was also known to be a favourite place of British ladies not saving some of the most high ranking ladies who came to enjoy its natural charm.

The mountain has a forest reserve which surround it. Five years back a wildfire damaged it but now it has been overcome by nature and human effort.

It is. In fact, an ultra high security zone since the summit is used to house the communication array of the Sri Lankan government and the armed forces of the country.

The natural beauty of mount Pedro attracts tourists who are both local and foreign. The picturesque, panoramic view from the mountain takes your heart. The forest reserve nurture many endemic plants.

The forest reserve nurture many endemic plants. The wildflowers are also an attraction that glues the visitor to Piduruthalagala mountain.

Though it is not open to the public most of the year, you can obtain passes of admission for a drive to the top.


Trekking is not allowed in the Ultra security zone and vehicles have to be driven without stopping.

Getting off the vehicles is also not allowed. In spite of all that the drive is picturesque with flowering trees and plants with charming colours.

This is magnificently positioned in the heart of Sri Lanka. Only a person without taste for beauty of nature would not visit and pass over it during a visit to Nuwara Eliya.

You could also see some animals and birds when driving to the summit.

Piduruthalagala is comfortably located many other tourist attractions in Nuwara Eliya. It is located close to Horton Plains national park, moon plain, Hakgala Botanical garden, lovers leap waterfall, Bomburu Ella etc.

So make your travel arrangements in such a way as to get maximum benefit for the value of your visit to Sri Lanka.


Piduruthalagala mountain is also a nice location for photographing or videoing natural beauty.

On your visit you will find accommodation near  Horton Plains National Park, Gregory lake, Victoria Park, hakgala Botanical gardens lover’s leap falls etc.

That is to say your visit to Piduruthalagala mountain is rewarding and worth the cost you incur because of  its convenient positioning close to attractive places of beauty coupled with the availability of hotels from which you can pick and choose the ones that suit your personal taste and liking.

So dear traveller, never ever miss out on a visit to mount Pedro or Piduruthalagala mountain once you are in Sri Lanka.

It is always better to make prior arrangement for all your requirements of travel and accommodation.

We highly recommend that multifaceted travel arrangements are made to cover up many  other places of beauty mentioned above. So that your visit to Piduruthalagala mountain will resound in your memory for ever and ever.

Travel To – Piduruthalagala 

Travellers could travel by car, bus or train, but I recommend well organized tours to the area if you could afford the cost of travelling by car with your personal arrangements preferably with a good tour guide of your liking.

It is really advisable. So piduruthalagala mountain or mount Pedro which is an ultra mountain summit will enthrall you and make your visit highly rewarding with the pleasurable feelings it will cast on your whole being.

Do enjoy its visit while your stay in this island paradise of the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka.

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