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With a population just over 5.5 million in the metropolitan area, Colombo serves as Sri Lanka’s commercial capital and largest city on the south-west coast. The last thing travellers want to do, especially in a country like Sri Lanka with so much gorgeous coastline, is to spend time in a busy city.

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However, Colombo has lots to offer and like most cities, gives another intriguing perspective about the country. Colombo long served as vital port city for various trade routes and has fallen under Portuguese, Dutch and British rule and influence.

This European influence can be seen in the city’s architecture and tasted in many of the local food dishes.

Beira Lake

Colombo: Beira Lake 

 This is the big lake in the heart of the city around the business district.

Take a ride on a swan boat or go for a relaxing stroll with many tall trees providing shade around the lake.


Galle Face

This is an amusing urban park and walkway along the coast in Colombo. Many bikers, joggers, and roller-bladers can be seen moving between the food venders, couples and families. The 

Galle face beach

best time to come is probably in the evening for a spectacular sunset view and cooler temperatures.


This is an enormous temple complex consisting of several Gangaramaya

buildings, replete with hundreds of Buddha statues. There is also a room with gifts received for the temple, a library and a  museum.



Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara 

The Buddha is believed to have visited here on his third visit after gaining enlightenment dating back to 500 BC.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara is located about half an hour outside the main city, but it is definitely worth a visit due to its historic importance and beauty. The temple is still in use today.


National Museum 

If you are interested in the nation’s history and culture, this is the place for you. Be sure to check out times and prices on-line at


St LuciaCathedral

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

This is the largest church in Sri Lanka located in the Kotahena District (north-east part of Colombo).

St. Lucia’s was built in 1887 and inspired by St. Peter’s in Rome A main tourist spot and offers a unique comparison of difference between many of the country’s more ‘colorful’ temples.




The Town Hall 

The building was built in the 1920s and has maintained itself for use municipal use today.

There are also little exhibits within the grounds consisting of old vehicles and statues.

The structure is said to have been modelled after the White House of the USA due to its resemblance.

Colombo was the Capital of Sri Lanka until 2006 



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