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Gan is the southernmost island of the Addu Atoll as well as the southernmost island of the Maldives  By Maldivian standards, it is a relatively large island, measuring 2.256 square kilometres in area.  The island has had continuous human habitation since ancient times as the island was very well suited to farming.  

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Gan Island, there is record of the island being covered in cultivated fields of yams, manioc, and coconut.
However, during World War II, the inhabitants of the island were moved to neighboring islands as the island was used by the British military as a naval base due to its strategic location.

Gan islandHowever, nowadays, the island is the home to a hotel catering for tourists and the island is connected by causeways to the surrounding islands of Feydu, Maradu, and Hithadhoo.

Gan Island  is not a typical Maldivian experience.  It is off the beaten path and isn’t one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.

Since Gan is one of the bigger islands, both in size and in population (25,000), and is also one of the less touristic islands, Gan offers visitors the rare opportunity to interact with and experience the locals.  Excursions out in the town and around the island are a must for anyone visiting Gan Island.

Gan island. Maldives 

Gan Island: Visitors to Gan should look to stay at the Equator Village Resort.

 The resort  is located only around 1km from the airport and offers a variety of amenities to visitors.  

The resort comes with the relaxing Serena Spa where guests can get any sort of treatment they could possibly want.

The resort also has its own “house reef” where guests can snorkel and observe a plethora of vibrant colors and fish.  If you are a more experienced diver, the resort also has a fully equipped dive base, which offers PADI Open Water and Advanced courses.

Gan island

 These courses are lead by instructors well versed in the dive sites of the area and who are more than happy to escort visitors to the best dive spots in the atoll.

 While the atoll doesn’t have an abundance of reef fish, it is an ideal spot for those who want to see sea wrecks, large manta rays, sharks, turtles, and other large fish.  

Gan is accessible by air via Malé.  The island has a regional airport that is about a one hour flight from the capital.  

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