Well known the fact that most brothels are conducting pre-medical check-ups before having sex with hookers. However, hookers have no proper training to do so. But they do look for some visual moles any other pieces of evidence on your Penis. I have learned a few stories from some people while traveling the World who faced some difficulties with hookers. Therefore, I have decided to write this little informative info to prevent the challenges.  

What is Brothels Pre-Medical Check-up?

Brothels Pre-medical check-up is nothing but showing your genital to the hooker or hookers. Make it simple; the basic idea is after the selection process. First, you have to pay the price. After that, the hooker will take you to the room where it will be the action room. First, however, She would ask you to show the penis and balls before getting a shower. Then, the hooker will have a closer look at any kind of visual evidence of STD or skin disorder that could transmit during sex.

 Brothels Pre-Medical Check Visible Symptoms 

  • Moles
  • Other types of spots
  • Pearly penile papules
  • Fordyce spots
  • Tyson glands
  • Angiokeratomas
  • Lymphoceles
  • Skin tags
  • Genital warts
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Scabies
  • Syphilis

Outcomes of Brothels Pre-Medical Check-up

Moles are pretty common with many people. However, most hookers are not health professionals. In this case, the hooker may have identified moles as harmful ones. Therefore, You’re a customer, you have to make sure to let the hooker knows whatever you have on your genital. Later, If the hooker found out any hidden sports on your genital during sex, you may loos your money and no more sex either.  

Special Attentions to Brothels Pre-Medical Check 

This isn’t discrimination. If you black, you should make sure to show your genital to the hooker with a good flash. Otherwise, She may not see any molds or spots, and you end up unsatisfied sex without any money back.

   A Story From Regular Visitor

“I have been here ( One of the Brothel) a few times, and I picked up Lora Today, Skinny, light blond, aged 25 to 29. She charged $ 300 and exceptional service 100. I paid for whatever she said. She did Brothels Pre-Medical Check and she said all good. Then, I try to put my finger in, she said the extra money for it; I asked, can I go down? She said the additional charge for it. So, I had a feeling that she is a systematic scammer. Around 10 minutes later. She went down to get my gear into her mouth. She has seen little Moles, but I know that it has been there almost over 20 years. It has nothing to do with Syphilis or any other STD. Then, she said, well, I just give you a hand job for all money; I paid for her full service. 

Brothels Rules “No Pay Back”

“I spork to the manager about Brothels Pre-Medical Check and she is An Asian lady who has no customer service skills. Also, poorly speak English. I expected some money to pay back. She said that nothing you get. What I want to tell people. Don’t use this place because, like Lora, someone has her own perception isn’t evaluated by a doctor. It is fair if they pay some money back. Lora made a mistake, and the entire establishment act like dictators. As responsible management should play appropriate points between customer and hooker.” 

Be Safe First and Have Fun Sex

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