Perth’s best FIFO hotel accommodations info blog provides some ideas about short-term or long-term accommodation in Perth. However, due to the Covid pandemic, interstates workers have moved to Western Australia and look for jobs. Because most of the other states’ economies collapse badly, specially VIC, QLD, and NSW. Only the economy most substantial growth here in WA because it is a resource-rich economy. However, short-term and long-term renting prices have sky-high around Perth due to high demand from inter-state people. 


Under different circumstances, people could use many types of strategies to select their accommodation. Therefore, all kinds of hotels, hostel, or apartments are available but the price. Surprisingly, well know fact, FIFO workers have to pay consistently entire calendar months under regular contract even though tenants away from his accommodation. Why would you? My suggestion is not to spend money your time away. I have selected some properties right in the city center and convenient to all you need during your RR.

Kangaroo Inn Hotel – The Cleanest Backpacker in City Center

Kangaroo Inn Backpacker is categorized as an upper market hostel that offers queen rooms, single rooms, and bunker bedrooms. However, I have known the place for years and one of the cleanest ones for sure. Also, it is located right in the city center. few hundred meters to all you need such as Waterfront.

As a FIFO worker, I would be looking at price and easy access to all I need significantly. So, I would highly recommend Kangaroo Inn as PERTH BEST FIFO HOTEL ACCOMMODATION. Most Importantly, Security another good one here. On the other hand, You can leave a bag in the luggage room. 

Price Negotiation option 

If you are looking for a long-term staying with Kangaroo inn, you may have a significant discount. What you have to do, speak with a manager and get fix price.  

Amenity With Kangaroo Inn Hotel

Free Computers

  • The Quokka Arms Cafe 10% discount
  • Large kitchen
  • All kitchen utensils available for own cooking
  • common area
  • Outdoor deck
  • Lobby
  • Pool table 
  • Laundry
  • Reading Room
  • Free wifi ( little slow)
  • Free Computers

Notably, Needs Improvement 

According to price and service, healthy balance but Common fridges required once a week cleaning and rotation, but it never happened. Another Issue, You may encounter some hospital treatment customers saying here from remote WA. Notable, there no more hospital people anymore.  


Like I said earlier, there many kinds of PERTH BEST FIFO HOTEL ACCOMMODATION. Therefore, I would like to mention some other accommodation options available for your convenience. 

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