Vilnius is home to the best sensual EROTIC MASSAGE SALONS IN LITHUANIA. Also, the best erotic massage salons in the Baltic Sea Region for sensual fantasy. Surprisingly, most of the ladies in Lithuania are the hottest in the World. On the other hand, Some of the Erotic Massage salons in Vilnius only hire model quality ladies. However, I believe that the main reason why ladies are the hottest in Vilnius, Baltic Slavic, and far Eastern Russian are genetically mixing over the years. As a result of that, travelers to Lithuania can see the World’s sexiest ladies, just like sexy strawberries.

Sexual Massages or Sensual Massages

Do you have Erotic massage fantasy? And it never comes to reality. Also, love to have sensual touch, rub and connect with erotic intelligence? Vilnius in LITHUANIA is the best destination for you. By the way, I was in Vilnius a year ago. Then, I have chosen a few Vilnius Erotic Massage Salons and love to share some of the best ones here on my blog

Erotic Intelligence

Best Erotic Massage Hotels Here in Vilnius

Sensual Erotic Sexual Massages Types That Will Drive You CRAZY With Lust

Duo or Four Hands Massage

Nuru or Body to Body Massage

Yoni or Vagina Massage

Lingam or Penis Massage

Tantric Massage

Happy Ending Massage

Prostate Massage

Soapy Massage


As you are a traveler to the City and looking for Erotic Massage or Sex massage in Vilnius, for sure, Google will give you a list of Erotic Massage salons in Vilnius. But Are they the best? Well, I’m happy to provide you with some of the best Sensual fantasy places, but your choice.  

Best Erotic Massage Salons in Vilnius 1 # Monsier

The Salon is located in the City with easy directing from any part of the City. By the way, the same company owns and an operating total of the four best Erotic massage salons in Vilnius. I have unforgettable memories here. Luckily, I put my first step to the place around 3.30pm. And the manager organized 6 girls for welcoming. Well, 6 of them were gorgeous angels. By the way, I picked one extra skinny blond from Russia. Although She was extra slim, she had the most giant boobs compared to her body type.  On the other hand, her chemistry and emotional intelligence were fabulous. Most importantly, it all offers me the best time here.

   Best Sensual Erotic Massages Available on the Menue  

  • Passion exotic + shower
  • Glamour double exotic
  • Quick shower 
  • Glamour exotic + shower
  • 4 hand massage

Phone: +370 644 43222
Address: Zukausko str. 26, Vilnius


Another one is belonging to the same company INDIGO erotic Massage in Vilnius. By the way, I was here a few days after Monsier’s erotic massage salons. I tried a four-hand erotic sensual massage with a shower in place—one lady from LITHUANIA and a Ukrainian girl. However, it was one of the best massages I have ever had. Both girls are super friendly and full of emotional intelligence ladies.  

Phone: +370 642 22200 +370 644 43222, Email:, Address: Klaipedos str. 2, Vilnius


PILIES 38 SPA erotic massage providers also belong to the same company. However, I have never visited the place online and assumed this salon must be good. 

Address & Contact: Phone: +370 644 43222, Email:, Address: Pilies str. 38, Vilnius


ODRY is another excellent place. I picked one skinny blond here. And paid for  Glamour double exoticSurprisingly, heavenly relaxation you will be experience. However, the lady was incredible with her boobs moment because she has more prominent sexy nipples. Therefore, the large strawberry nipples can be used all over your body as sensationalism. 

 Address & Contact: Phone: +370 644 43222, Email:, Address: Ligonines st. 2, Vilnius

More Places in Vilnius No Independently verified. 

If you search on Google, as usual, many Erotic massage salons will be coming up. But those places could be great or disaster. However, I love to pay my money more for quality with hotter sexy ladies other than dissatisfaction. So, I would like to write few other places below but your choices.  

Exotic Spa

Black in White

Nirvana Erotiniai Masažai

Common Questions 

Do I need a reservation in advance? 

Best to have one. You are always welcome without reservation, but we are recommending you to have one.  

What happens if I late for the appointment? 

If you are late more than 15 minutes, please call us, if not. Your appointment may be canceled.  

Are those images on websites genuine? 

Yes, I have match images and ladies in saloons. They are real, but photoshop to make a better look.  

Do Ladies provide any sexual service in saloons?

Well. Most salons are licensed under erotic massage. The happy ending is included; what does that mean? Touching penises or vegans allowed. But direct sexual services are prohibited.   

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