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Bioterrorism and Biological warfare could harm the travel tourism industry and humanity in the future, nevertheless sooner or later. Global powerhouses, secret services, and law enforcement agencies are paying closes and detailed attention incidentally. Bioterrorism or Biological warfare nothing new, but it may cause a global economic meltdown. Also, It could destroy the travel and tourism industry badly. However, Bioterrorism’s ghost shadow is alive secretly among us. So, it needs prevertebral measurements if we do want to keep our travel adventure to the future. Surprisingly, if we define what Bioterrorism is more specifically, the treat will apply to many areas like  

  • Inflict new diseases or reengineering disease like Anthrax  
  • Destroy animal and plants, included our ecosystem (Air, Soil, Water, valuable microorganisms)
  • Crops and livestock
  • Targeting the young age of the human population to destroy military manpower in a particular country. Also, it weakens the productivity of the economy of the country.  

The History First Usage Chemical Compounds

Even our ancient ancestors used various chemical compounds to hunting animals more than 1000 years ago. The best example for That   Paleolithic hunter’s usage extracted of toxic Plants, animal poisonous, they applied poisoned spears or arrows. The technique was used to prevent animals from escaping too far; also, they used chemical compounds even for fishing in freshwater. Furthermore, much evidence has proven that human history has been using Biological warfares from time to time. 

The History Of The First Development As Biological Weapons Pre- 20th Century 

Significantly, the firstly developed Biological Weapons warfare was used by The Mongol Military to capture the Black Sea port of Caffa in 1347. According to the modern political map, the port is located in the Russian Territory of the Crimean Peninsula. But it belonged to Ukraine previously. By the way, Infested Black Death pandemic killed over 25 million people next 4 years. Also, many other countries have used and will be used in the future. List of countries Used Biotechnologies as Biological Weapons. French and British forces also used smallpox as a weapon against Native Americans during European settlement in North America. Also,

  • In 1710 Russian military in Estonia
  • British troops in 1763
  • WW1 between 1914–18 Germany – Clandestine program Western and Eastern Europe. In 1915 in St. Petersburg, Russia by German force.  
  • Allied forces in China were used between 1937 and 1945. Japanese Military also used human experimental as well biological weapons same time in China.  
  • WW11 – Japenese, German ( Asphyxiating, Poisonous)and Allied forces used, researched & developed many types of Biological weapons; it included a nuclear program with biologically designed. Also, USSR did massive biological weapons development during the cold war, nevertheless the USA. 

Agent Orange Used in Vietnam 

The U.S. Military chemical warfare in Vietnam was Biological weapons. It destroyed forests, water resources, soil, people, and animals. Also, chemical exposure left a long last chemical contaminated impact on the ecosystem of the country.  

Recent Years

U.S. Military, its allies, including Israel’s secret service and Syria force, have been accused of Biological weapons. 

Next Generation Biological Weapons & Bioterrorism

Modern-day Bioterrorism is changing the directions to Genetic engineering. As we know, many microscopic organisms are within our ecosystem. Today, Bioterrorism highly likely modernized genetic codes or a hybrid with intermediate species with bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi, and protozoa. And that modification can be used as Biological Weapons in the future.  

Future Strategies  of Bioterrorism 

Bioterrorism could use straightforward strategies to achieve their ideological satisfaction, such as manipulating common DNA between 2 or ( Many) biological organisms. And creating new microscopic organisms with unique characteristics such as an increase of 




Antibiotic Resistance 

Replicate Capabilities

Mutation Capability

Increased Persistent Infections Time

Next Generation Bioterrorism & Travel Tourism

Technological and scientifically advancing human society capable of many things. Moreover, it could be potential bioterrorism activities that threaten global peace, security, and the travel tourism industry.  

Why Travel Tourism at Risk?

If Bioterrorism focuses on microscopic organisms, fundamentally, They may target opportunities from large human migration like travel communities to spread essential elements of biochemistry,

  • Physiology
  • Cell biology
  • Ecology
  • Evolution 
  • Microorganisms that including the host response to these modified agents

So, Most countries may lock down their borders, and It may cause a massive negative impact on the Travel tourism industry in the future. Also, permanent restrictions would apply to international travel tourism sectors such as

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Pre heath check
  • Enter into Global Database, which under the command of a New federation Law enforcement agency.  
  • Complete body sterilization before departure and after arrived and full-body scan for contagious 
  • Applying 100% biologically verified identification  

How Likely Is a Bioterrorism Attack to Happen?

According to Intelligent agencies, the probability of Bioterrorism attacks is doubtful globally because of manufacturing such large quantities, research, and logistics facilities. But also, it has more possibility than nuclear terrorism activities. However, mass destruction biological weapons have been using on several occasions in the past.   

Travelers Responsibilities 

If it happened, we all, as responsible citizens, must safeguard everyone’s safety other than sabotage it. However, We can never create a perfect system to keep everyone safe. But as responsible travelers, we should stop our adventure and follow strict measurements to prevent spread. Also, obey law and order, follow instructions from health officials or a division of Bioengineering. Our little sacrifice would change the future of our adventure.  

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