Covid-19 vaccination will be compulsory to travel internationally, even domestically, in the future in many ways. Personally, I don’t really know it fortune or unfortunate. Still, many countries will enforce the law to make sure all incoming passengers have covid-19 vaccinated. Unfortunately, people who refuse to have the covid-19 vaccination will face more travel restrictions than those who got the jab. However, The travel and tourism industry will face a higher level of regulations than other sectors. Because human migration will be the primary source for this deadly human-to-human transmit disease.  

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout 

The best example, the Australian government already has a plan to issues a digital covid-19 vaccination passport. As we know, WHO is also making one. And many other countries like Singapore , the UK already in its process.   

Type of Travel Restrictions Will Apply Without Covid-19 vaccination

As of evidence so far from various sources, almost every facilities provider will be asking the proof of covid-19 vaccinations.  

International Air Travel

International Air Transport Association has announced it is a plan to develop a digital covid -19 vaccination passport. But it will be more comprehensive, and the app will have all your vaccination history. Also, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has openly told all international air travelers to prove covid-19 vaccination once it resumes air travel.    

Travel Insurances & Covid-19 vaccination 

The insurance sector may stop issuing travel insurance without a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Because covid-19 infection could cost billions of dollars to insurance companies. By the way, Most countries may not open the doors to travelers without covid-19 vaccination anyway.

10 Main Reasons To Have Travel Insurance and Why Travel Insurance is Necessary today

Accommodation Providers 

Accommodation providers may require proof of covid-19 vaccination to make sure every one safe.  


Domestic transport companies, taxies, UBER, or any other travel transportation, may require proof of vaccination.   

Most of the Booking Platforms

Online booking companies may be required or assurance of vaccination before checking into the accommodation, activities, or airlines.  

Sex Industries & Covid-19 vaccination

Global sex industries will make it compulsory to enter Strip clubs, brothels, and erotic or sensual massage salons.  

Entertainment Industries & Employment

Countries like Australia heavily regulated nations may require proof of vaccination for almost all mass gatherings.  

List of The Most Succsusefull Vaccinations

More than six pharmaceutical Companies are Racing to Mass-Produce a Coronavirus Vaccine.

Pfizer/BioNTech – $19.50
Novavax – $16
AstraZeneca – $4
Johnson & Johnson – $10
Moderna – $15
Russia’s Sputnik two shots -$20
Chinese Vaccination Sinopharm and Sinovac. – $ 20

Certificates and Passports

What Is a COVID-19 Immunity Passport? Well, highly likely a global database with an immunity record. Once COVID-19 vaccines become accessible, countries and airlines may well require visitors to produce a certificate. However, many East African countries already have a similar system for the yellow fever pandemic. So, Nothing I can see is unusual. By the way, A vaccine passport is nothing new.

Travelers Responsibilities

Many people may have many different opinions about everything. Well, OFF COURSE ABOUT VACCINATION TOO. After all, in the end, as we travel, we are responsible not to do any harm to culture, history, customs, humanity, and the social system of new destinations. As a responsible traveler, I would definitely take covid-19 vaccination before my departure to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

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