Unexpected events could destroy the travel tourism industry on a global scale in the future. So, Even after WW2, we have faced many destructive events around the world. Even though, travel tourism is the keen and valuable economic sector to many countries. Without any separations, the country developed or developing; all economies need travel tourism indeed.

Travel Tourism And Negative Impacts 

Moreover, Some people would say that travel tourism could destroy nature and wildlife faster than any other economic sector. Yes, It is possible without proper management in place. Therefore, the best argument we could think of, if no tourism, it could lose income to the needy families in Africa, South America, Central America, or Asia. In this case, many lost income people out there could destroy wildlife and nature for surviving purposes. Either way, the environment and wildlife could face a threat more than anything else. So then, what are the things that could ruin travel tourism in the future on a global scale? According to geopolitical and science base researchers. Something could happen in the near timeline, such as below. 

Geopolitical Policies Changes 

Pandemic and Biological Warfare 

WW3 with Nuclear Firepower

Global Climate Changes, Global Pollution, Population Growth

Geopolitical Policies Changes 

Geopolitical factors and travel tourism is a very parallel business so far what we can see. Any policy changes from politically motivated or socially motivated could hurt the travel tourism trade. The best example from the past like

  • September 11
  • Bali Bombings and Bombing in Sri Lanka. Those are politically motivated incidents. 
  • SARS outbreak (2003)
  • The global economic crisis in 2008/2009
  • And the 2015 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak.

South China Sea

South China sea is directly political ideology could impact on Asia pacific travel tourism industry eventually.  

Socially Motivated 

Bali’s best example, growing Islamic ideology and extremism, could destroy travel tourism in Bali. Similarly, many South East Asia countries, Africa, and the Middle East. Also, Indian Sex Predators are destroying the Indian tourism industry badly. Many tourists, especially solo females, are skipping India on their travel map because of personal safety.   

Only Short Term Negative Impact

Fortunately, most incidents we have seen in the past were only short-term negative impacts on the global tourism industry. Therefore, the sector still struggles but recovered as it moved to the stable level of the market.  

Pandemics and Biological Warfare 

The novel coronavirus or ( COVID – 19) is a Pandemic, but it could be the beginning of Biological Warfare. By the way, the success of Pneumonia of COVID 19 unknown. What do We know so far? The lab in Wuhan, China, shipped from Moscow just before USSR collapsed. Also, the lab is basically designing for  Biological Warfare strategies during USSR time.   

According to Virologists and environmentalists are predicting more and more unknown Pandemics would be in the future—the main reason why unknown various will be active due to global warming. Millions of unknown viruses are inactive under glaciers in the Arctic and the Antarctic today. 

 COULD DESTROY TRAVEL TOURISMThe Reality of Biological Warfare

Biological warfare isn’t conventional warfare. So, the point of stages and focus unconventional ways to target enemy nations. Specialised people who will be using this type of warfare would be exceptional and most likely invisible to the general public. COVID -19 has some similarities to biological warfares Even though it a global outbreak. Incidentally, this the best example of future biological wars which could be

  • Targeting productive humans
  • Or a unique group of humans of those countries 
  • Making financial weakness
  • Stop Supply and logistic 
  • While global powers are paying attention at Pandemics, some other countries like Russia or China will roll its political ideologies worldwide. 
  • Isolating from global  trade links and much more

Is Next WW3 with Nuclear Firepower? 

Our world has many nuclear warheads, the last estimated in 2019 in nine different countries as follows.

  • The U.S.
  • Russia
  • The U.K.
  • France 
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • China and North Korea. 

Also, A few other countries are also trying to achieve it badly, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, South Koreaand Taiwan. Some nations like Ukraine Belarus and Kazakhstan have technologies to develop nuclear weapons at any given time. By the way, those former USSR countries joined the NPT (Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)  just after the collapse of the USSR. Whatever happens, the war will be destroyed travel tourism in the world for sure. By the way, there is good news; I can see so far here as blow.  

Change In Military Technology For The Next 50 Years From Today 

The U.S. and all other most powerful nations heavily invest in high technological warfare other than traditional strategies. Well, it needs for the future. DOD is focusing more on creative military technological invention and innovation in futuristic war possibilities. Most other countries are looking into such as 

  • Hypersonic speed 
  • Effective Communications systems 
  • Offensive cyber capabilities
  • External combat environment encasement
  •  Robotic soldiers 
  • Systemic military internet platforms, military-grade networking, quantum computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Anti-submarine warfare systems
  • Sufficient Supply and logistic 
  • Amphibious landing crafts
  • Battery-powered engines and more sophisticate Satellites
  • Chemical weapons
  • Advance aircraft carriers
  • Advance UAV sea, land and air crafts, remote combat technologies 
  • Laser guns
  • Nanomaterials
  • 3D printing
  • Human enhancement devices as well as New military graded substances

In this case, I can’t see that we would be directing into nuclear warfare because we all understand that atom-powered war like suicide missions. My final thought is next W.W. will be more technological than a nuclear war.  


As we all know, our planet climate has been rotating since this plant formed. The plant itself has passed many climate changes through before even the last ice age we have known. How could climate change destroy travel tourism? Climate changes will destroy liveable lands because sea level rising will claim more and more suitable coastal areas. Solidification and land sliding could impact current population growth because population rising and minimizing vast land areas could make a high population density. Beautiful beaches in the Maldives or Sri Lanka or even most of the islands in micro polonaise will disappear. Also, More Natural disasters.


Global pollution will pay another critical role in destroying travel tourism. Population, climate changes, and population growth are linked to each other. Human activities are already in the space, in the air, in the land, ocean, and even in our bodies. We did pollute all the above, as we know. 


Most wildlife in Africa will be disappeared in the next 50 years if we do the same rate of distracting activities. The entire ecosystem will be collapsed, where will tourists go? Well, nowhere to go. So then, eventually, our actions will destroy travel tourism in the future. How could It happen? 

  • Destruction of nature and habitat loss due to direct climate changes
  • Congested human and vehicle traffic Destry wildlife habitats 
  • Increased pollution (plastic, noise, light, sewage)
  • The exploitation of wild animals to entertain the tourists, and animal organs trade
  • Growth of aggression and crime rates for tourism and wildlife 
  • Destruction of historical monuments and natural landmarks because geopolitical changes or political motivations 
  • Increased prices on goods and services due to increasing natural disasters, Pandemic and Biological Warfare or even WW 3 

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