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More and more Solo Girls are traveling nowadays. Thanks to the world are changing in positive ways. Changes such as economically, educationally, socially females are getting more freedom ever before. Kicking off stupid dumb ass men and ladies are standing up stronger ever before.

Over the years, I have traveled with many solo girls from all over the world. Type of travel that included romantic, road trips, adventure travel, cultural travel & tourism, and Relaxation travel. I have watched many mistaken have done by first-time solo girls when it comes to travel the world. So, I decided to write down some of the best travel tips for those ladies. Who is the first time coming out of the door to the world as free birds to travel the world? Whether travelers are first-time or experienced travelers, tips and hints are always the best to use.

Check Out My Best Travel Tips Guide for Solo Girls Travel

Categorizing Your Travel.

Fairly, Categorised your travel as weather it working holiday type, Solo type long period of traveling, backpacking travel volunteering, or a Relaxation Travel & holiday.

Research Before Buy Your Tickets

Make Good Research Before Buy Your Tickets.

Look up more information as the initial categorization of your travel type.
Most importantly, Lookup information accordingly Geography of the destination Political and social pieces of information. By the way, It is essential you think because if your traveling to some countries in the Middle East, You may have to pack your dress accordingly. And pay extra precautions.

Pick the Right Destinations

As you did your initial planning for preferring category, you like to travel.
An example, Australia and New Zealand are offering a safe and fun working holiday for young travelers. Also, Aussie Boys are the hottest. Don’t go to Saudi Arabia or Middle Eastern Countries for nightlife tour.

Countries like Thailand, Singapore , and Bali are offering great nightlife, beach party fun.

Eastern African countries are offering animal welfare and volunteering. My Volunteering Experience in Ghana

If Your Looking for Best Volunteer Organisations??

Countries like Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Seychelles island are offering great relaxation holiday.

Scandinavian Countries are offering great nature-oriented travel experience.

North America, South America, and Canada are offering all you need, include pots smoking, cheap drugs, nature, fun, fantasy sex, and adventure.

Solo travel Final Judgement

Solo Girls Travel Final Judgement

The final touch, as solo girls. Make sure you choose the safest travel destinations to have fun — You may not find the safest travel destinations as solo girls travelers in this world. There always creepy fuckers. The prime example of New Zealand. Make it simple; pick your destination, including fewer crimes against women — most importantly travel freedom to ladies. Hot boys Travel Destinations Here.

Just because, As solo girls, you could enjoy your time without no worries. Especially If you don’t want to get unwanted attentions from men? Or cat slamming. If you like to get a casual hookup, and have fun with few boys on your holiday and tick off each city and countries all up to you.

Initial Needs

Visa, six moths validation of your passport, climate, first-night accommodation, travel insurance, Airport documents need ( Travel insurance printed, return ticket printed, accommodations confirmation, your financial statement.) Country social, religious beliefs, and political situation.

Pay keen attention to your first night accommodation and your flight landing time. Don’t book your hotel far from the airport and better book it in the city center. Why? Pay common sense to be safe yourself.

Final Checked Your Initial

Make sure to keep record the address of your hotel with contact number alike print screen. Don’t rely on WiFi. Also, Get extra cash and keep it in your hand bag.

How to Keep Connection with Your Families and Loved One

We are living in the 21st century, find the best possible safe apps to let your mum or dad where your location to be safe. I would suggest that google map sharing one of the best ways to tell someone trusted your exact location. Also, keep your social media active. Traveling as solo girls is fun.

Furthermore, Travelling as solo girls can be an empowering and life-changing. Also, it is an amazing and exciting adventure. They are always possibilities; something goes wrong but stand up and keep back on the track. Other than getting upset about your choice.

Solo Girls Bags Packing Rules

Nine out of ten Solo Girls travelers are struggling to pack the luggage lightly, all about the pure nature of the female kind. Just make it very simple and pack your bags with necessary items only.

Firstly, make a simple checklist first with the most essential. Then, you could cross off unnecessary items on it — a few shirts, pants, shorts/dresses that you can mix and match. Pack just two to three good pairs of shoes.

G-String type of underwear, and very light clothes would make wight of the bag light. Check out our bag packing rules here.

Special consideration – If your traveling to countries heavily influenced by Christian or Muslim and you’re looking for tampons?? It is impossible to buy in those countries. So, Make sure. You should buy it in your county.

Make Sure pay attention to a first aid kit and personal Travel hygiene pack.

Face Your Fears

Solo girls travel

Now, The outside of your comfortable doorstep. You have to face whatever comes across to your path. This entire world is a magical, beautiful, challenging, and fascinating entity. Also, criminalized. To be safe.
Don’t let your fears to overpower your dream. Ans travel experience can give you new opportunities, perspectives. Also, empowering yourself.

In the Air

Make sure pack your little hygiene pack it includes little Towel and one underwear if tour luggage lost or missed place through airport transit.
Avoid too many cups of coffees and too much alcohol to keep hydrated. The longest Air Roots in The World.

Stay Healthy & Fit

No matter where you are traveling, what you do. Keeping healthy and travelling fit as you could.
Trying to do exercises as you could, you don’t have to go to a gym to do it. Find some innovative locations to the exercises as you go. And keep your body shape and fit. Cook your meal in your accommodation. Hostel Kitchen could be more enjoyable. You are trying to cook all your favourite meals during your traveling, such as cook porridge for breakfast, Cook fish, or Cook pasta for dinner. Easy Cooking Skills for backpackers Here.

Traveling as Solo Girls!

Solo travels offer so much in your life. So, be smart, confident, and be informed to be safe. But don’t sacrifice your solo fun as solo girls. Test all you found on your way up traveling.
Open up your arm and legs, be friendly, get to know local and travelling like a local, learn new a culture and traditions.

Solo Girls travel Safe tips

Some Little Safety Tips are Here for Solo Girls.

Keep an Open Mind – Don’t criticize or new cultural or religious belief. Be a part of it.

Be Adventurous But Prepared – follow all safety precautions.

Write in a Journal as BLOGS or updated on social media.

Don’t Overshare – Don’t share how many did you hooked up during your trip.

Go Shopping – Don’t buy anything. Window shopping is the best.

Smile & Pleasant – Smile with the people you met. Don’t be miserable bitch.

Tap Into Other Women – who have open-minded and share the same passion.

Stay in Hostels – other than hotels — hostels cold offering more travel culture.

Put Down Your Phone – Don’t hang on the internet all the time.

Use Tinder or other hookups social nest work to get the hot hook and have fun. As solo girls, you could get so much free.

Put a Ring On It – it depends on and destinations, and it could be a safe action to keep sex predators away from you.

Understand the New Culture and Traditions – like India or the Middle East, dress appropriately.

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