Cultural Travel: Experience the differences of entire humanity of the world & Beyond

Experiencing different environment through all senses and trying to become a part of a foreign and completely different culture is what keeps all cultural travellers going. Whether its is exotic food, music, arts, habits and festivals or celebrations – the selection is almost endless.

Cultural Travel itself or cultural arts is a great appeal for people seeking something they have never seen or experienced before. Cultural travels is a one specific, yet wide kind of travelling and exploring the world. Cultural travellers are people who are travelling in order to observe, mingle and try on their own instead of bringing their own habits and traditions.

They leave their homes behind and open up to the unknown and even exotic for the sake of becoming a part of something new and foreign, even if only for a temporary period. They are seeking a strong experience and a cultural exploration, which all shall lead to a certain change or even a transformation of their lives, perceptions and the way of thinking and seeing the world around.

Everyone can be looking for a different aspect of their journey or vacation, but what remains important is the state of mind. Someone can be seeking an interaction with locals and getting to know their stories. Other person is keen on local arts such as music, paintings, sculptures or even literature.


List of countries for Cultural Travel

Someone wants to try all the different cuisines of the world, different spices and aromas, or even taste all the various and even weirdly looking dishes typical for special part of the world. Some people want to experience the way of living in a poor or undeveloped country or even try to live like native people. Usually, what is important for the cultural travelling is the people, more than the place itself – because the people are those, who hold the culture within themselves.

Cultural Travel

The only things which is not cultural travel is travelling like a tourist instead of travelling like an explorer. If you decide to bring your own culture and pursue to live along its rules and habits, and if you actually even try to show and teach locals your own way of living, it is not a cultural travel. In that case, that would be simply a tourism. Yet, it is still easy to misunderstand the true meaning.

Some of the typical ventures of cultural travel include for instance food travelling or trips, cultural exchanges, staying with locals or local families, eating local cuisine, exploring local festivals or celebrations, even visiting local art galleries or observing street art. You can go meditate in India, or you can stay a week in a Spanish family, it would still enrich you culturally.

Since the range is so wide it is hard to say what all is considered cultural travelling, so much harder than telling what is not.

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