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See the iconic landmarks like the Big Ben, visit incredible museums, and experience striking scenic landscapes in England.

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England is the largest of the home nations of the United Kingdom, and makes up the southern part of the island of Great Britain.

It is home to iconic British culture and landmarks of London , sweeping countryside, and charming villages that create the story of the land that has spread language and culture around the world.

England is densely populated, with over 50 million residents, the highest population and density in the United Kingdom.

Modern England takes more of a global approach in its cuisine and urban life, while retaining loyalty and pride in its traditions. Deep historic and modern culture lives – England has had a strong global presence for thousands of years.


London is the heart of it all. As the largest city of Europe, London is a leader in the arts, fashion, tourism, finance, entertainment, and more.

It has several World Heritage Sites, as well as a plethora of fantastic museums, cathedrals, and cultural institutions. London has premier entertainment; world-class theatre, ballet, opera, and sports draw a huge audience.


The city’s transportation network is one of the largest in the world, with extensive rail, bus and tram systems. Cycling and walking are also popular for recreation and getting around London.

The airports of London are high traffic international hubs, with London Heathrow as the busiest in the world. Many visitors come to England through London, and may find it easy to spend weeks exploring all of the incredible landmarks and cultural offerings of the great city.


The nation has been the home to countless remarkable literary figures and works, from the 14th century Caterbury Tales, to William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes. Many modern authors are influenced by London and the rich literary tradition of England.

 Sports are important and well-attended in England. Football is the most popular sport and there are several top-notch football clubs in England.

Additionally, London has hosted the Summer Olympics three times. Rugby is also popular, especially in the north of England. With premier facilities, England is host to many global sports competitions and is internationally competitive in many sports.


Fish and chips, roasts, sausages, dairy, and pies compose some of the iconic foods of England.

Traditionally, the English prefer tea, which is enjoyed with a typical English breakfast and in the afternoon with biscuits. Though traditional English food is rather simplistic, England offers some of the best restaurants in the world with an increasingly global approach.


The country is primarily composed of lowlands and plains, and takes up about two-thirds of the island of Great Britain. It is bordered by Scotland to the north, with Wales to the west.

London boasts over 40 percent green space and water, and over two thousand species of flowers. It is home to birds, butterflies, and foxes as well as many small mammals. Englands longest river is the Thames, which runs through London, and there are many lakes throughout the country.

The Lake District is a beautiful scenic region of northern England with many lakes and mountains.

It is a popular destination in the UK, with over 15 million visitors to the National Park annually.

From the southern lowlands to the scenic Lake District and hills of the north, England’s scenic beauty is sure to enchant.

England has top-notch higher education, architecture and has contributed to technology and emerging industries. Its culture has developed over thousands of years, making waves across the world.

Visit England to experience its international heritage, photograph its iconic landmarks and natural landscapes, and learn from some of the best museums and industry leaders in the world.


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