History Travel: Traveller where to travel & find the best possible historical destinations!

Learning about every single puzzle piece completing a certain culture before you go sleep, exploring ancient places in the morning and admiring historical masterpieces in arts and architecture in the afternoon. That could be a usual day of a history traveller!

History travel is a way of travelling tightly connected or even overlapping with the cultural travel. History travellers can be groups or individuals travelling in order to explore and learn about the history of a foreign civilisation or culture and either broaden their knowledge on the topic or simply to learn something new. Simplified, history is something which was, and history travel looks for what is left of it.

History Travel

List of History Travel  Landmarks 

  1. Machu Picchu in Peru
  2. Tikal in Guatemala
  3. Great Pyramid in Egypt 
  4. Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  5.   White Temple in Thailand 
  6. Petra in Jordan
  7. Stonehenge in England 
  8. The Colosseum and around in Italy  
  9. The Parthenon of Greek civilization in Greece  
  10. Taj Mahal in India
  11. The Great Wall in China 
  12. Chichén Itzá in Mexico 
  13. The Grand Mosque in  United Arab Emirates
  14. The kingdom of Anuradhapura and Kandy in Sri Lanka
  15. Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly South Wales
  16. Veliky Novgorod in Russia 
  17. Bilhorod – Dinistrovskyi in Ukraine


All those charming places where the past breathes through walls and gobbled streets, all the ancient building and temples, marvelous churches with stunning architecture made centuries ago, ruins and remains or former palaces or castles, sites and places where the history was made and written, old libraries and galleries – all those places are an attraction for history travel.

History Travel

They want to feel like the people in the past times, seeing the main importance in the learning process and knowledge gaining – whether it is a specific culture, country’s history, certain place or building or a past of a famous person or an artist.

There is also numerous, or maybe endless number of historical cities where the whole trip is a journey towards the discovery of the past. Lovers of history will probably love places like Rome , Prague, Athens, Jerusalem, Beijing, Venice, Hong Kong, Machu Picchu, Istanbul, Bali, Tokyo, Amsterdam , Berlin , Dublin , Buenos Aires, New Orleans or thousands and thousands of other places with significant events in the past or simply places, where the history still lives today.

Technically said, almost every capital city in Europe or major city in Asia is a sweet treasure ready to be explored, hiding beautiful places and stories to be heard.

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