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As a global traveler, I think that there significant benefits of interracial marriage to human society as I’m always open to speak or write about sensitive topics like the Benefits of Interracial Marriage because I have seen some solutions here. By the way, regardless of my opinions, many universities have done many deep researchers regarding this matter, And results are very positive. So, We have to find out global scale issues we face today, such as racism, genetically transmitted disease, and many more. And solution through it.

Common Human DNA 

The fabulous factor about DNA. Some features of our DNA may have lain dormant for generations and manifested after years. Also, regardless of our color, culture, or traditions. According to Bio-science, 0.001 only compromised our eye color, hair color, personality, skin color, and intelligence.  It means that far as our scientists have found, all humans races on this planet are distinctly sharing much more similar DNA codes. In the end, we are all well identical to each.  

What Is It Interracial Marriage? 

Nowadays, people more like believing interracial marriage is from different colors like black with white, yellow-white or white and brown whatever—moreover, Interracial marriage best way to explain. It a marriage from outside the categorically different from each other social group; it can be color-based, racial, or even cultural & traditional. 

The History of Interracial Marriage 

The history is going back to far as our entire human evaluations. Earlier, during the tribe age of human evolution, tribe groups use to exchange marriage to minimize conflicts among tribes. Surprisingly, the system moved forward throughout our entire civilization. The later evidence had shown that Homo Erectus and homo Sapiens had been lived together. Today it has changed; many Interracial Marriages are prevalent in our society. The best example in Australia, many British are getting married to Australians. Also, many Kiwi is getting settle down in Australia.

Most importantly, this type of marriage may not notice commonly in Australia nowadays. Because of both parties with similar social and cultural similarities. If African or Asian married to an Australian, it may be an interracial marriage within society today.  

Countries Listed Ethnically and Culturally Highest Diversity 

According to the U.N. cultural diversity index, 3rd world countries are ethically well as culturally distinct. Also, those countries have the most racial, cultural, and religious tensions among it is population. Unfortunately, more divers the nations, the more complexity rises. The country like PNG is ranking the World’s most ethnically diverse country.  

Significant Benefits of Interracial Marriage

Some best Universities around the world have conducted research and social experiments regarding Interracial Marriage and how it could be beneficial for the future of humanity. Somehow, this social concept is much more useful than early thought. More and more human diversity deep into society could directly or indirectly keep the human’s culture peacefully.  

Racism or Differences 

Well, the basics of racism base on differences, And it is nothing but natural phenomena. When we see different when we hear different languages or feel something different, we naturally react. It is nothing unusual, even withing. Animal groups have to decide about communal movements, activities, nesting collectively, reproductions, and survival rules. So, those apply only among similar characteristic groups within their territory. The best example is gorilla and Elephants. So, if our society more and more involving with Interracial Marriage, it would be offering more significant benefits to humanity’s future, such as diverse thinking power, cultural and emotional differences. Most importantly, people may think of the quality of humans much better than numbers. It may be hard to believe that there much negative impact on our nature and the entire ecosystem because of the large number of humans living on the plant. 

  Smart Babies 

Interracial marriage could make more intelligent, skillful, and smarts babies, according to the bio-science. The concept is straightforward as new hybrid humans in an organic way. Different genetics are combining in together without any modification. (Tribe groups who lives among modern societies) As we know, some unique tribes or some Islanders are still way behind advanced education and creativity even in the 21st century. If we are open up for more and more interracial marriage, it could offer more extensive opportunities through the future baby to enhance cognitive power and intellectual skills. 


Thankfully, the European continent that included the Russian Federation has Benefited from Interracial Marriages for centuries. And today, this continent enjoying many more benefits of Interracial Marriages than any part of the World. High human intelligence humans, less racial inequality, and minimizing cultural and traditional conflicts. How it happened, centuries, northern European tribes, Western European tribes, Central Europeans, central Asian tribes Eastern European tribes had wars, and it made may mix blood offspring. 

 The Most Creative Continent

Eventually, over centuries being mixing with all castes and races in Europe offers some of the World’s most exceptional humans. And it made fabulous creativeness and best tech to the World.

Southeast Asia

Notably, South East Asia that included Japan. The Ainu tribe used to live in Northern Japan, highly intelligent people. Also, the tribe was native to Hokkaido, Sakhalin and Kuril Island. Over time, those. Tribes did move to other Islands around Japan. Also, Just after the Russian Invention of the Sakhalin region. Many Ainu did migrate to the South part of Japan. So, This may have created an average high I.Q. among the modern Japanese population.  

High Intelligence in Eastern Europe and Russia 

Scientists have collected many population genetic substructure in Eurasia to find out Genetic connection and High intelligence among Eastern, central, southern Europe, and Russia. Surprise, They have predicted enormous numbers of genetic mixing with many tribes groups withing these geographical regions have compromised high intelligence withing modern humans in this region. According to Russia’s historical borders have two distinct primary DNA sources such as West and East Slavic and Mongolians. Also, They have found cross borders like Ukrainians and polish as well as Baltic. The significant fact that has proven, Some other regions like Scandinavia, such as Norwegians, Swedish, German, and Finnish, also have connections. Other considerable parts are Greek and Turkish. 

Sub Tribes Groups are Below  

  • Mezen
  • Pinega
  • Krasnoborsk
  • Vologda
  • Unzha
  • Kashin
  • Porhov
  • Ostrov
  • Roslavl
  • Livni
  • Pristen
  • Repievka
  • Belgorod
  • Kuban
  • Cossacs

So, due to mixing with some of the most intelligent humans groups and another High intelligence Slavic group made some of the smartest Eastern European populations in modern Human history. 

The Solution to Genetically Transmitted Disease

Regardless of our knowledge, According to the Bio-science. During reproductive prosses of humans. Half of the chromosomes are passed on from the biological mother. And rest from the biological father. So, It is crystal clear that our best as well as a lousy inheritance to our offspring.

On the other hand, marrying someone withing the same tribe group or close relatives offers genetic risks. It also provides limited benefits to offspring. I have a few best examples below. 

Middle East Countries

Most Middle East countries, as well as extreme Islam based societies, have high rates of endogamy marriages. Notably, countries in the Arab Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Qatar)


Ashkenazi Jews, who are practicing endogamy in traditionally, And they have a higher rate of genetic disease. On the other hand, this unique group has higher intelligence in the World. Well, similar to the Norwegian population.  

Southeast Asia

Myopia’s weakness is a significant cause of visual impairment in the Asia Pacific region. Especially countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore . over the years, the rate is sky-high. The cause is multifactorial. There is clear evidence of the interaction of environmental and genetic risk factors in this geographical region. So, decades of research have found many gene loci and variants have been identified for myopia.

 Interracial Marriage in India

India, Especially the South of India. Some castes in India have higher endogamy rates in the World. Noaterbley, The most significant problem here in India is Money and wealth. Somehow, Indians are culturally very likable wealth and money. The traditional dowry system in India refers to durable goods that the bride’s family gives to the other side. So, They don’t want to give way their inherited wealth to another caste. So, They are encouraged to marrying within the same caste or even within the same families. According to research, India has the highest rate of genetically transmitted disses in the World

Racial Inequality

The USA is the best example of the most multicultural nation in the World. Also, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. Unfortunately, The USA has the highest racial inequality than any other developed multicultural country.  

Somehow, Us has the highest cross race or interracial marriages in recent years. According to researchers, interracial marriages have less prejudicial social structures. Also, the race gap is getting much closer among interracial babies at school or universities. However, cross-race relationships are scarce among many Americans when we consider population density. And remote Americans’ attitudes towards interracial relationships appear to be confused.

 Benefits of Interracial Marriage – Financial Stability in Poor Countries 

Financial stability could be one of another direct benefit from Interracial Marriage to 3rd world countries. Far as we know, many western men and women are going to find their partners from countries like

  • Eastern Europe ( Ukraine, Russia and many more) 
  • South East Aasia ( Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia
  • Africa ( Africans nations are massively benefiting from Interacial marriage) 

South America And Caribbean 

Africa, Caribbeans, South America, and Central America are the most popular sex tourism destinations among Western Japanese ladies. popularity holding as the hot boy’s paradis

By the way, Most of the countries above list are categorizing as 3rd world nations. If many western people start to have a relationship in developing nations, it could directly benefit those families. 

Creating A Global Federation

Many unique divers are interesting cultural and traditional things that make our society more enjoyable. Yes, it is genuine, As I mentioned earlier. Also, it has given us many wars and conflicts throughout our evolution. Somehow, We could use benefit from the Interracial Marriage concept to create a global culture without destroying our unique features. Travelers are the most open-minded people in this World so far I have seen. So, Travellers could involve more and more Interracial Marriage, which could benefit the future of humanity in many ways directly—such as marring from the Middle East, Marry from China, from African continents, from South America and the Indian subcontinent.  


Our entire human race had been mixed over thousands of years. After as fragments of evidence have proven, Homo sapiens had sex with Neanderthals in Eurasia during our evolution. Not that only, that interbred species had sex with several other species of our primitive across the World, and they did it in very often in many locations around the globe. Intensely, did they do it on purpose to make better humans species? Well, no one knows it for sure, but the presses made highly skillful and smart new organically interbred humans, what we are today. Our responsibilities today, what our ancestors did for us, keep carry on for the future—involving to make more racially mixed, interracial marriage to make a better future. Remember the quality of humanity other than numbers.    

After All, WHAT ARE THOSE BENEFITS of INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES? We are a step closer to create one world with one IDENTITY.

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