Many Rich Western Sugar Mamas are looking for Hot FOREIGN HUSBANDS, PARTNERS, LOVERS, CASUAL HOOKUP ONE IN OVERSEAS. Many Americans, British, European, Australians, and New Zealand ladies are traveling to many overseas destinations to buy foreign husbands. By the way, Some ladies are honestly looking for true love, some just to have fun.

Are you aware that most cases, many Hot Boys are coming to Sugar Mamas just because of money but nothing else? Well, Our business here to give you the best destinations to find Hot sexy foreign husbands for your future love.

Why Many Western Ladies are Looking for Love From Overseas?

I met a few ladies who were looking for a lover over in South America and East Africa a few years back. Well, I still remember one lady said that “typical America woman around 38. By the way, I met her in Kenya told me that “currently not interested in Marriage.” She does not believe in this institution at all. I just want to catch fun. And I’m looking for a young Black muscular African guy with the big gear. That is responsible and strong enough to Handle her requests when it comes to pleasure, care, attention, and sex any time of the day. Well, I Can’t say that she is bad looking at all. But be honest with you. She is just looking to buy a product in Africa.

Why Specific Countries are Holding Popularity for Pimps??

There many countries and regions on the planet. But many ladies are traveling to a few destinations to find their personal sex toys. Basically, Social & Cultural, Economical, and Geographical & Biological factors are involved with popularity.

Social & Cultural

Some regions are on our map well civilized than Middle East regions. No ladies want to live like a slave without the freedom to go out or dress as they wish. So, reasons why no many western or Asian ladies aren’t traveling to Muslim countries to find a lover even though they could find hot boys country like Turkey.


It is crystal clear that where the ladies are flying as female sex tourists to find FOREIGN HUSBANDS or lovers. When you’re looking deep into the global map. And Chosen by ladies, They have chosen some of the poorest countries to buy a husband. Nothing wrong with it. We all well-capitalized today, and we need to find comfortable and cheap products to buy.

Geographical Biological Factors

Geographical and Biological factor have influenced on
female sex tourism industry. The reason why Females basically looks into intense physical body structure with large gear. In simple words, looking for handsome black men in Africa, or golden brown South Americans or Central Americans. No many western ladies are traveling to India or Asia to find their FOREIGN HUSBANDS because of cultural differences and small gear size.

Most Famous FOREIGN HUSBANDS Destinations

Most popular destinations are located in Africa, countries such as Liberia, Nigeria, Gambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana for dating. Places like Mombasa and Nairobi are well popular as Pimps destinations.

In South and Central America

Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala and many more places.

Female Sex Tourism – Countries of Origin

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and newest countries are South Korea & Taiwan.

Female Sex Tourism – Countries of Destination

Balkans, Cambodia, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Haiti, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Tobago, Turkey and Vietnam.

Popular Countries Among Ladies to Find FOREIGN HUSBANDS, Lovers or Casual Hookup.

Many Aussie girls are traveling to Bali to get a casual hookup or find FOREIGN HUSBANDS.

American ladies are traveling to Central and South America, Africa as well as Caribbean Islands.

Europeans And British ladies are moving to Africa and Caribbean Islands. (British Girls Like Aussie Boys too).

Australians and NZ Girls most likely down to Europeans and Americans.

Japanese Girls, South Korans, Thai, Philippines Taiwanese and Chines ladies like Aussie Boys to have PR visa for their future prosperity. ( Thai and Philippines ladies almost going to any western Countries for economical success)

Russian Girls, Ukrainian Girls and rest of the Eastern Europeans ladies most like to travel to Europe, America, and country like Turkey to find FOREIGN HUSBANDS or to get a casual hookup.

South American ladies are generally traveling the USA, Canada to find FOREIGN HUSBANDS. And Numbers of ladies from South America to Australia are rising under the working holiday program.

Canadian Solo Ladies are most like to travel to Africa or Australia or New Zealand.

What Reasons Ladies To Travel Abroad To Find Lover or FOREIGN PARTNERS.

  • Many of our Ladies are traveling as Solo Girls just after high school. They can feel the difference dating a man back home and dating a foreign guy. Solo girls think that dating different culture more romantic than dating someone back home. 
  • Massive social changes in western countries. Such as spending a long time finishing a study, many ladies are holding business ownership or executive-level jobs. And ordinary social structure has moved to the digital age.   
  • Many selections available in poor countries. Also, many Hot Boys are waiting to go to develop western nations. 

Ladies Always Have a Choice

Likely, Our ladies have freedom in the 21st century in western culture. Ladies have a right to choose what they want to have in their life. Well, the greatest achievement of democracy and diplomacy. We all have the right to select the partner, freedom to choose the lover and say no!

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