Fuvahmulah-Travel Attractions - Best Black Sand Beach

Fuvahmulah is located in the administrative areas of the Gnaviyani Atoll  The name of the island literally means, “island of the Areca nut palms,” in the local language.  The island is about 4.5 km by 1.2 km with a submerged reef extending an additional three km southeast of the island.

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Traditionally, Fuvahmulah was very difficult to access due to the fact that it didn’t have a lagoon and the island is heavily impacted by ocean swells.

However, in the early 2000s, a harbor was built on the southeast tip of the island and in 2011, a domestic airport further opened the island up to the rest of the country.

Beaches on Tropical Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah is widely considered the most beautiful of all the Maldivian Beaches-on-Tropical-Fuvahmulah-2islands.  It is a single island atoll and the second largest island in the Maldives.  
For such a small island, it is the home to a variety of habitats, ranging from tropical woodlands and wetlands, freshwater lakes, well-vegetated marshland areas, white sandy beaches, gravel beaches, and fertile humus lands.  
The freshwater lakes and the marsh land  on the island provides habitat for a variety of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the Maldives.


  The freshwater lakes (perfect for boating or fishing), as well as the abundant white sand beaches are two of the primary attractions on the island of Fuvahmulah.

 Like any tropical island, swimming, Black-Sand-BEACHbeachgoing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and generally exploring the dense, tropical vegetation are the most popular activities on Fuvahmulah.

 In addition to the typical white sand beaches, Fuvahmulah also has a black sand beach and a pebble beach, the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world  Locals have dotted Fuvahmulah with farmland, growing a variety of crops, including watermelon, passion fruit, cucumber, tomato, carrot, cabbage, pepper, and eggplant.

 As such, visitorsBlack-Sand-BEACH can expect, fresh, delicious meals during their stay!  The island also has the ruins of an old Buddhist temple and some old mosques that make for a fascinating visit.  

There are a number of options for visitors to stay in Fuvahmulah, ranging from extravagant five star resorts, to more affordable hotels.  Additionally, some house and self-contained apartment rentals can be found on the island.  


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