Male - Capital Island with Beaches

CAPITAL OF MALDIVES, MALE: Unrivalled luxury, stunning white sandy beaches and an amazing underwater world

Last updated on September 5th, 2017 at 05:10 am

 Male is the capital, and most populous city, in Maldives.  It has a population of 156,000 in an area of only 5.8 square kilometers, thus making it one of the most densely populated areas in the world.


The city is located on the southern edge of the North Male atoll and the city consists of a central island, and airport island, and two other smaller islands.

 Being the hub of the Maldives, Male is the perfect location for visitors who will only be spending a few days in Maldives as it is has both the natural beauty of the beaches as well as the cultural and other attractions of a Maldivian city.  

The artificial beach is one of the main attractions in Malé.  Located on the eastern seafront of the central island of Malé, the beach was man made and provides an ideal, shallow place for both young and old to enjoy.

Maldives Male

The beach is lined with an array of restaurants and shops as well as open fields for spontaneous games of cricket and soccer.

 Also, near the airport ferry visitors can find additional attractions, including a bowling alley and more restaurants.  It is the only public beach in Malé and visitors should abide by the strict dress code and essentially swim with their clothes on (remember Maldives is a Muslim nation and covering up is customary).


Another must see is the Old Friday Mosque.  It is the oldest mosque in Maldives, dating back to 1656.  The structure is made of coral stone into which there are a number of intricate carvings and Quranic scripture.


 While the exterior has been sullied a little by the corrugated metal sheet that now protects the roof, it is still a beautiful structure and the inside is as fantastic as ever.  Visitors who want to see the inside are supposed to receive permission from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.  

For those interested in history, the National Museum in Malé is filled with an excellent collection of artifacts depicting the history of Maldives.

While a number of the country’s most precious items were destroyed during a break in by religious extremists in 2012, the museum still maintains an impressive collection more than capable of telling the interesting and diverse history of the country.

Maldives Male

The museum also includes more modern displays, and some beautiful examples of the lacquer-work boxes the country is known for.  

The Malé fishmarket is another fun stop for any visit to the capital.  The fish market is the soul of Malé.  Simply walking around and looking at all the diverse seafood on offer as well as its preparation makes for a fascinating visit.  The fish market in Malé is known for having giant tuna, octopus, and grouper.  

For those visiting Male, the Club Faru Hotel is a three-star hotel situated in the north of Malé atoll, very close to the capital.


The resort has a number of recreational amenities, including a swimming pool, a private beach (where western swimwear is allowed), water sports, and a spa.  All the rooms are fully equipped with the usual hotel amenities.  Additionally, business travellers can use the meeting facilities for a variety of corporate events.  

Male is an ideal location for any visitor to Maldives, and especially for those who only have a few days to spend in the country.  There are ample activities, all smashed onto a small island, as well as abundant beaches (although keep in mind local dress code rules for public spaces).    


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