Tiraspol Best Attractions, Activities – Historically Valued Landmarks in the Republic of Moldova.

Tiraspol Attractions & Historical Landmarks

Best Things To Do In Transnistria – The Tiny Post-Soviet Break-Away Republic of Moldova. The national-territorial autonomous of  Pridnestrovie in the Republic of Moldova could offer something very unique to tourism. I have worked in Russia. So, I did see that the Modern Russian Federation has changed so much since the collapse of the USSR. The pure Soviet Union Cultura & the social system still alive this part of the word, including one nuclear protection bunker out tree build by the Union. So then, Tourists could have a better imagination of secretive ways of life during the cold war, the culture of the USSR right here. By the way, the City of Tiraspol is home to many tourist attractions. Including war memorial, The USSR buildings, and monuments to you to have a knowledgable tour in Tiraspol. So, I have written some of the best Tiraspol Attractions.

Best Tiraspol Attractions in the City Center

Tiraspol is offering many historical tourist attractions and landmarks to visitors to the City. By the way, the town isn’t big at all. You could walk around the City very easily and comfortably.   Especially, little green parks, rivers, and clam streets would be made some of the incredible feelings of travel in Eastern Europe.

Tiraspol Attractions in the City Center

  List of Best Tiraspol Attractions and Landmarks

Tank Monument

Tank Monument – T-34 was the deadliest Soviet medium tank used during WW2 against to Nazis.

Monument to Suvorov

Monument to Suvorov – The proud Russian’s General Who smashed The Ottoman Empire ” monuments of Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov.”

Tiraspol Attractions Lenin Street

Lenin Street – Tiraspol in Transnistria, the central Boulevard, is called Gagarin Street name after the famous The USSR cosmonaut, who was the first humankind to travel to the Astronomical outer space in 1961. Somehow, Yuri Gagarin has visited Tiraspol just before his historic Astronomical victory.

Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity, Tiraspol – This attractive Orthodox Church was built in 1999. The church also is known as the Birthplace of Christ. Also, it is the largest and newest one in City.

Tiraspol Attractions Kirov Park

Kirov Park – The park is located right in the city center of Tiraspol. Well, Beautiful green grass lying between the city center and the River. One of the best places to get hook up with a local lady or a boy — also a great place to relax and look around the way of life of people in Tiraspol. By the way, you could walk around 3,5 Km around the park as well as along the Nistru Riverbank.


Noul Neamț Monastery

The monastery is located around 7km from Tiraspol. By the way, The Monastry near Bender and Tiraspol city. Most importantly, geographically, it is situated in the historical region of Basarabia in Transnistria. Also, You can climb the bell tower to see beautiful surround.

Bendery Fortress

This impressive Ottoman Fortress is located near the Bendery. And it was built in the 16th century as far as evidence proven. By the way, the site was used for the main battlefield between Turkish and Russian. Then, it was falling to the Russian Military permanently. When your there, you can walk along the walls. Also, it gives you a beautiful view of the River Dniestr.  In the meantime, the EU has offered around 2 million o reconstructed Bendery Fortress as Tiraspol Attractions. 

Transfiguration Cathedral, Bender

The Cathedral is located withing Bendery Fortress. The actual historical value of the Cathedral going long back to 1814. Also. Must see the place. By the way, one of the sustainable churches, it has almost all they need to service from agricultural facilities to wine production.

Dniester River Crossing 

It is a miracle Sustainable tourism concept in the wild East. River barge, zero emissions. Former USSR technology way back to Joseph Stalin. Surprisingly, still active for the public in the deep of Wild East. As your tourists to Tiraspol, you should cross the River by Ferry. In the first place, the system is hand operational; technology is straightforward; it is using gravity and river tide. By the way, the crossing would cost you  10 Ruble.

Enjoy Traditional Meals and Drinks

As your western traveler, you may have eaten much Asian or western food back home. Well, you should be trying some of the taste of authentic local cuisine — food such as La Placinte. By the way, many types of food can be found in Tiraspol. Also, there are many types of Alcoholic beverages are available like Drink  Kvint.

Explore the Soviet Past is Popular Tiraspol Attractions

As soon as you crossed from West to Wild East, you can see leftover former USSR monuments as Tiraspol Attractions. Furthermore, You should travel deep into the village side to look more exciting leftover from the Soviet Union.


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 Tiraspol Best Activities – Tiraspol Day Tour

Tiraspol Day Tour I like to introduce as one of the best in the City. It is very convenient, bet price and reliable. Also, the driver is speaking in English perfectly. The price is very reasonable. You can cover all the above Tiraspol Attractions and activities or all landmarks around 8 hours. Also, search and compare Moldovian Historical or Winery tour packages availability here.

Things You Should know in Tiraspol.

Tiraspol – Accommodation


Accommodation – There many accommodations options are available in the City. Tiraspol Hostel is a great way to enjoy local life. Price around 15 Euro a day. Well, I was in the Sofia hotel, only a few 100 miters from the city center. By the way, Korona Hotel hotel is a great one but a little far from the City. Also, Hotel Russia is highly recommended.

Tiraspol – Currency

Currency – Tiraspol in Transnistria has it is own currency call, Transnistria  Ruble. By the way, You can’t use  Moldovan Leu withing Transnistria. So, make sure you have USD, EURO, or any other primary currency with you. I only recommend the USD or Euro the best because some money exchange does business only a few major currencies. No master card or visa or any other ATM system is working in the territory.

Transportation  to Tiraspol Attractions

Transportation by taxi or prevet cars available. Uber isn’t working within the territory. Tram buses are working in all big cities. Or minibus services available in villages.

Tiraspol Visa

If you’re traveling from Chisinau to Tiraspol, you have to go through territorial check pints. Then, they will issue a tourist card to staying within the territory.

Is Tiraspol safe?

There was no war within the territory for many years. I would say Moldova and Tiraspol very safe, and the crime rate is even lower than in NY or London . Local people are very welcoming to tourists. By the way, Taxi or other tourism-related industries may charge you little more than regular prices. Somehow, the Russian Military is occupying within the territory, but it has zero interference to the overall social system.

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