Sharm El Luli-Marsa Alam Egypt is the Beach Paradise on the Earth for Beach Lovers!

Sharm El Luli-Marsa Alam Beach resorts town in Egypt right on the edge of the Red Sea in Egypt and It was beautiful and magnificent relaxation sport for travelers to the city. Day to day people is knowing this place as a paradise or in name as Sharm El Luli.

Many miles long white sandy beaches with ocean blue mixed calm water. And few steps away from the shoe offers stunning beauty colorful reef as well as abundant marine biodiversity.

Sharm El Luli in Egypt Located!

The town is located about 60km south of Marsa Alam little town – about halfway to Berenice area – that’s if you believe the hype is circling this isolated sandy beach and lagoon region. If anyone driving from another part of Egypt to the town GPS code is East-24’33 & North-and 35’9′.

So, How’S Sharm El Luli REALLY look LIKE?

The entire coast a naturally fine as the pure white sandy beach that puts the Maldives in the shade of your mind.” Also, If anyone has the image of Caribbean beaches. Well, The view would be exactly the same but coconut trees. Some travelers have ranked the cost as the number one excursion or beach driving on a few travel websites. A few parts of it is stretch has some rocky landscape adding more divers eyesight to the views.

Sharm El Luli-Marsa beach

Best Snorkeling in Sharm El Luli Beach!

Most popular beaches around the town are a shallow sandy bottomed stretch of water with evergreen by coral reefs. The seabed is eventually led out to deeper crystal clear waters with a maximum depth of 20 meters. And I would guaranty visibility almost over 35m. During the low tide, you may have to change the game. There is peaceful lagoon another side of the reef. And the lagoon is the perfect place your swim or paddle over the soft pitch of the to the shore side. Because the ridge of the coral reef is acting as a natural barrier.

The Coast of Sharm El Luli Beach Laying Direction!

Sharm El Luli Region un-imaginably is running East to the west with little peninsula to the North. And this nature geography set up preventing the strong winds blowing to the beach. The main reason why The beach offers the best beach holiday in the world.

Marine Diversity of Red Sea!

The region of red sea represents one of the most unique marine environments on the earth. Regarding its rich marine biodiversity. Only very few places on earth have similar rich marine life compare to the Red Sea.

There is an existing aquarium. Also, If you spend time snorkeling around the reef, you can wonder at the quick unforgettable movements of the colorful butterflyfish, the inactive skulking behavior of isolated groupers. Pufferfish, the exotic colored Napoleons and the bright orange clownfish and most importantly world famous Finding Nemo in the reef. Somehow, due to the shy personality, hiding among anemone reef corals. I highly recommended photographing sea turtles without distracting them on all beaches here.


Under the law, Don’t touch any marine life, especially turtles. While some sea turtles may pop up from the deep water. Most humans like an animal, They just trying to destroy all around them. When green groups of people are working on touching Turtles, they may become very stressful. Especially, during the summer turtles nesting season.

Also, be careful. Some of beautiful marine life is dangerous to touch such as stone and lionfish.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOU – If you see any plastic cups, bags or bottles left on the beach, please collect them. Plastic one of the invisible Marine life killers around the world.

Illegal to fish at Sharm El Luli. Withing it is located the National Park. Also to be mindful when you walk on the sea bed. Do not step over Seagrass, and not to collect any reef, shellfish or rocks.

Sharm El Luli- Marsa Alam Accommodations on Hotels Combined!

Search Hotels Here.

There charming hotels & resorts are available as you wish along right on the beach. Hotels and resorts Close to Sharm El Luli as well Shams Alam Beach Resort within 3 to 5 km. Some of the best-rated places such as Labranda Gemma Premium Resort All-Inclusive, Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort- Soft All-inclusive, Wadi Lahami Village, Marsa Nakari Village, Bliss Laguna Beach Resort, Zabargad Beach Resort, Lahami Bay Beach Resort and many more Here.

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