Volunteer-Teaching project overseas also the best way to feel the country for long term. 

Get to know the real world & connect with students of all ages.

Information about living experience as a volunteer, Teaching English and volunteering, involvement in international organisations.

My volunteering experience in Ghana, Many of us, simply having a job with a steady income isn’t enough to fulfil yourself??

Ghana situated in the heart of West Africa’s “Gold Coast.” Travellers & volunteers will experience the welcoming , friendly African Ghanaian people’s traditions. Peki Blengo, Volta Region, Ghana.

Volunteering in Ghana just unforgettable. The Kids would rub my milk bottle coloured arms and touch my ginger hair in sheer amazement, genuinely not believing it was real

In Ghana, if you are white skinned you are considered rich. They think that automatically every white person they meet is a millionaire who lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Many have never travelled outside of their own region, and can’t begin to imagine what first world countries are like. This sometimes became a bit awkward for me. Kids would come to me, begging me to pay their school fees.