Extend that feeling of relaxation with our top travel hints and advice 

White sand beach, sound of waves in the background, ice-cold drink in one hand and chill atmosphere everywhere around. At least once in a lifetime, everyone wants to enjoy the relaxation vacation like a queen or king.

Travel & Relax ideas!

  • Spa trip and pampering massage
  • Quiet walk along the beach or through the rainforest
  • Try a cultural experience and immerse yourself in their ways, foods and activities
  • Kick back and read a book in a comfy chair, on a hammock or by the water
  • Get on or in the water – Kayak, sail, luxury yacht, swim, snorkel, dive
  • Enjoy a multi-course dining experience paired with tasty beverages
  • Go horse riding or camel riding
  • Visit the local wildlife and eco experiences
  • Take a shopping trip, check out the local markets and local shopping centres
  • Revitalise your mind with yoga, pilates or fitness activities

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