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KANDY TO ELLA TRAIN JOURNEY ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES AMONG MANY OTHER IN SRI LANKA. So then, we were a few nights in Kandy. Finally, all of us want to see this most stunning beauty of the hill country train journey.

Kandy Ella Train Journey

We headed again to Kandy train station to begin the second half of our train journey, which would get us to the next destination – Ella station. The train left the station. Afterward, it did prove that the natural beauty of the journey in a few minutes later. We were looking out of the massive train window. And we are watching the green surface created by billions of tea leaves. I thought myself, and there is no doubt in my mind why Sri Lanka belongs among the four biggest tea producing countries in the world. Sri Lankan Tea also the most famous beverage around the world. Sri Lanka Train History and more information on train Sri Lanka.

   How Beautiful Is The Trip

Beautiful train trip in Sri Lanka

Kandy to Ella segment of the Sri Lankan railway line belongs to the most scenic beauty of central Sri Lanka. The most famous train journey among many tourists to the country. You can see the stunning beauty of rain forests with evergreen trees — also Green highest mountain with the froggy sky and wildflowers. By the way, the British built an old train line passed through many underground tunnels. Furthermore, Travellers able to see many locals are working in the backyard. Kids are playing, or tea picking ladies are working in tea estates. Those views are the best evidence to have some images of the local lifestyle in Sri Lanka. Most importantly, the train is passing a few natural waterfalls to have the most beautiful natural views of the journey.

Kandy to Ella Train Journey with Great Facilities

Imaging, one of the most beautiful train trips without facilities?. Well no. Therefore, the government and the private tour companies are providing the best possible facilitates to tourists. Such as booking the ticket online with luxury air-conditioned compartment, 1st class AC compartment, or 2nd class non-AC reserved seats.

Things To Do Between The Journey

There are many nature activities available for tourists in the center of the country. Such as hiking. It will be a great idea for travelers who climbed to Adam’s Peak in Maskeliya or White Water Rafting in Kitulgala to join the train ride from Hatton station. By the way, the most scenic part of the train journey is from Hatton to Haputale station, this part of the country named as little Europe. You may not think that this tropical country home to the Europian landscape.

How Long Does The Train From Ella to Kandy Take?

If you’re in Kandy and catching the train from Kandy Station, it takes around 6-7 hours. From Colombo to Ella around 10-12 hours, it includes transit time in Kandy.

Ticket Prices

Train ticket prices are in Sri Lanka, the cheapest public transport option. The price is around less than USD$ 1 to USD 20. First, the class ticket around USD 7.00 to 21.00. Sri Lankan railway official website has not updated the new price since 2017. So, better not to trust it is information.

Reservation Method For Travelers In Sri Lanka In Person or Over The Phone.

(Recommended 30 days before the travel)

Contact Person – Station Superintendent/ Station Master

Colombo Fort (Reservation tourists Office) – 011-2432908

Kandy Railway Station – 081-2222271

Badulla Railway Station – 055-2222271

Anuradhapura Railway Station – 025-2222271

Vavuniya Railway Station – 024-2222271

Jaffna Railway Station – 021-2222271

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