Best Shopping Experiences in Singapore. With the best places for shopping in this article. By the way, Our prime purpose is to give you the best location for shopping in Singapore with other travel activities such as relaxation, dining, and adventure. Shopping in Singapore, everybody knows that Singapore is heaven in South East Asia for a shopaholic. This tiny island of Singapore shopping center packs in more malls per kilometer than any other country globally. By the way, According to some socio-biologists. Women do link to shopping in the same way that men are linked to sports and other activities. Such as hunting or fishing. Women’s behavior is often explained by something like the “shopping gene”: men are the “hunters.”

List of Best Shopping Malls in Singapore

The Best Places to Shop in Singapore Below. By the way, some areas or shopping malls are specialized for certain products and services. 


  • Orchard Road
  • Chinatown Street Market
  • VivoCity
  • Haji Lane
  • The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
  • Little India (Serangoon Road)
  • Clarke Quay
  • Mustafa Centre
  • Bugis Street Market
  • Raffles City Shopping Centre
  • Sim Lim Square shopping complex ( Electronic Complex) 
  • The Jewel Park

Who We Are

We were  on the Island

My name is Tina, a legal assistant from Melbourne, Australia, and last month I took the trip of a lifetime. My boyfriend, Chris, and I spent five days holiday in spectacular Singapore, with a side trip to nearby Sentosa Island. We are both hard-working with full-time jobs, which was a perfect opportunity to enjoy some time off. Singapore city has so much to offer, and I would undoubtedly come back for the fantastic dining, shopping, and beaches. So, I decided to write this info blog for SHOPPING IN SINGAPORE to the best fun and other activities for new travelers to Singapore.  

Our Journey Began For Best Shopping in Singapore

Singapore Hotel lobby

We flew out of Melbourne early Friday morning and quickly made it to our hotel from the Changi airport. We arrived at our hotel, Pan Pacific Singapore, before check-in time, and they offered us a free room upgrade! By the way, Singapore hotels are some of the most luxurious in the World. The hotel was stylish, comfortable, and had all of the amenities we wanted. Additionally, our suite had a romantic atmosphere along with amazing views of the city.

Overall Feeling About Singapore 

We wanted to see and feel for the city and stretch our legs after the long flight, so we went out to walk along the water. I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness and energy of the city.

Sim Lim Square Shopping Complex

Sim Lim Square shopping

We came across Sim Lim Square shopping complex, which had any electronics imaginable to offer. We picked up an expensive camera for a deal. It was perfect to use for our time there to capture holiday memories as well as Shopping In Singapore. We started to get hungry between the travel and the walking, so we returned to the hotel to clean up for dinner. The hotel staff had some great restaurant recommendations. The concierge even snapped Chris and me in the lobby with our new camera before we left. Also, We wanted an exceptional dining experience to celebrate our first night in Singapore. 

First Dinner in Singapore 

Kisses in Singapore

So, we went out to N.O.X. – Dine in the Dark, one of the city’s top-rated restaurants. The food and service were all wonderful, and dining in the Dark was genuinely unique. Moreover, we stored phones and the camera in a locker, and the staff guided us to our table. The whole meal was spent with pleasant conversation. By the way, excellent service from our waiter and delicious food – all in the Dark! The Prix Fixe Dinner enabled us to try various specialty food items, and I opted for the wine-pairing menu. It was worth every penny for this truly multi-sensory dining experience. 

Our city walk, shopping, and dining experiences were a great start to our holiday.

A Trip To Sentosa Island

romance in Singapore

Singapore already enthralled me. We both planned to spend a couple of days on Sentosa Island at the beginning of our holiday to relax. After our first night, we packed up our swimsuits and bags for our side trip to the island. Saturday morning, we left shortly after breakfast for Sentosa Island! I chose Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa, a lovely hotel near the beach with a great pool and fitness center. We had very close access to the beach and many activities on the island. We spent most the first day relaxing at the beach and hotel. The sunset views from our hotel were spectacular. Our night was complete with a delicious dinner of various Pan-Asian cuisine at the hotel’s Kwee Zeen restaurant, followed by a night swim in their outdoor pool. Well. make sure to check out travel packages in Singapore.

SPA Treatment On The Island 

The next day, I had a morning spa appointment, and Chris went to the golf course. We had a lovely afternoon organic herbal tea at the hotel’s bar, and I was treated to some savoury pastries. It was a genuinely luxurious morning. Afterward, we went to the S.E.A. Aquarium, a place I would recommend for everyone. It was a big, beautiful aquarium and worth a visit! We wanted dinner on the water, so we headed to Coast, a highly rated restaurant along the Siloso Beach Walk. It was a great dining experience, and we enjoyed a nice romantic walk along the water after dinner. We loved the island atmosphere, relaxation, and luxury resort experience on Sentosa Island

Returned to Pan Pacific Singapore From Sentosa Island 

We were back in the city, however, it was busy travelers! By the way, we returned to the town that evening. And we checked again into a suite at Pan Pacific Singapore for the remainder of our stay. How ever, both of us were delighted with this luxurious hotel for our stay in Singapore. 

ION Orchard Best Shopping in Singapore

On Monday, we went to ION Orchard, one of the most glamorous and complete shopping centers I’ve been too. I loved the décor of the building, and the center was full of many designer shops. My first stop was Sephora, where I splurged on some new lipstick and foundation. We walked through most of the mall, exploring the shoes and clothing. After checking out the L’Occotaine scents and bath products, we went to Basement 4, their incredible dining hall. ION also boasts a unique top floor restaurant, Salt Grill & Sky Bar. We decided to skip to save our pocketbooks.

Shopping Experience at ION Orchard

Orchard Mall

The main dining hall options were classy and varied, and we found a great spot called Province for a little something to tide us over. I loved my shopping experience at ION Orchard and found some fabulous shoes and clothing. We ended up spending hours there! It can’t be denied that Chris had been patient and even found some high leather shoes at Clarks. However, this wasn’t precisely Chris’s ideal shopping experience as it had been for me. Our way back to the hotel, we stopped by Sim Lim tower, a vast electronics complex where Chris did some bargaining. He could pick up some electronics for his flat, and we both went back to the hotel happy with our shopping day.

  Local Beer Little Island Brewing Co

We called a taxi to another part of the city, took a lovely walk along the water, and dined at a great place called Little Island Brewing Co. It is located in a great spot, overlooking the sea and was great for food and brews.  I loved my short rib burger, served with cheese and a side salad. It’s a real place for foodies who love food and beer, of course. Chris enjoyed their specialty – a smoked beef brisket tender and cooked to perfection, served with a side of fries. It was an excellent dinner.

Marina Bay Sands Walk

The next day we took a beautiful and long walk along the marina then went to the Marina Bay Sands Casino to escape the heat and test our luck! We enjoyed some great cocktails and tried our hand at Roulette and Blackjack. It was a fun environment, and it turned out to be my lucky day. After a solid round of blackjack, we decided to quit while we were ahead and went to dinner. We enjoyed a great Japanese restaurant near our hotel and had fancy cocktails to celebrate our winnings!

Little India For Best Shopping in Singapore

Little India

On Wednesday, we took a bus a comfortable 30-minute ride to explore the Little India district. The district of little India has an exciting, bustling nature. We walked Serangoon Road, the main commercial road, as well as the Tekka Market. The area had all sorts of beautiful multicultural products, produce, and more. The market isn’t longer could describe as multicultural, more like the Indian subcontinent here in Singapore. We had typical Tamil Cuisine at a nice local restaurant. 

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre

Afterward, we checked out the Mustafa Centre, a 24-hour budget-friendly shopping mall, where I found a great pair of shoes on sale.

I would recommend a trip to Little India to anyone traveling to Singapore. It is a great way to get to know the city and culture, and there are endless shopping opportunities.

Singapore Zoo

Our main evening activity was a trip to the Singapore zoo for the night safari! The zoo was such an incredible experience, seeing the animals up close at night. Our trip included dinner at the Chinese buffet, a walk around the exhibits, a zoo tour, and a fire show! The presentations highlighted the conservation efforts of many of the endangered species featured in the zoo. It was a great idea to walk the shows first, as the line had shrunk by the time we got to the tram.

Zoo Tour

The zoo tour was so much fun! I loved seeing the tigers up close. The show took around 45 minutes, and it was my favorite part of the experience. We stayed for the fire show, which was genuinely enthralling. This last wild adventure turned out to be one of our favorite nights of the trip. I would mark the Singapore zoo as a must-see.

 The Last Day of Shopping in Singapore

Thursday morning, we had our return flight from Singapore to Melbourne. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check out the Changi duty-free shop. It was a perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat and pick up some of my favorite cosmetics and perfume. The shops have a vast selection and so many of the best brand names. What a beautiful end to such a fantastic trip! Singapore, I hope to be back soon.

Jewel park at the Singapore

Jewel Park in Changi Airport For Best Shopping in Singapore

We Both Down to the Airport Little Early. Jewel park in Changi Airport is an iconic humanmade artificial. Also, the park is one of the best in Asia. By the way, this humanmade iconic attraction located heat of Singapore international airport. And it has easy access from all terminals. Jewel is open 2407. However, if you are looking for shopping, most shops are open from 10 to 22.00. When you arrived at T1, please follow The Jewel park at level 1 of the terminal.  

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