Royal Botanical Garden – These Stunning Gardens Were Once Reserved Exclusively for Kandyan Royalty

The Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya – Sri Lanka

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The Royal Botanical Garden Travel Information Guide 

It’s History

The Royal Botanical Garden has a renowned history as it was created started during the time of   one Sri Lankan King known as King Wickramabahu ⅲ. It was created during his reign and it dates as far back in history as 1371.

This king is said to have kept court at Peradeniya near the Mahaweli River which is the longest river in Sri Lanka.

Once he ascended the throne, this area became his abode. Then came the era of King Kirthi Sri and King Rajadhi Rajasinghe.

Later, a temple was built in this location only to be destroyed by the British rulers who took control of the Kandy Kingdom in 1815.

Royal Botanical Garden

During the British reign, basic work for a botanical garden was formed and undertaken by Alexander Moon in 1821 with the use of this landscape for coffee and cinnamon plants.

In fact, history has it that it was formally initiated as the Botanical Garden at Peradeniya in 1843.

Plants brought from Kew garden, Slave Island Colombo and the Kalutara gardens were first planted with its establishment as a Royal Botanical Garden.

Under the supervision of the superintendent George Gardener the Royal Botanical Garden began to be independent and expanded, in 1844.

On this gardener’s passing away in 1849 George Henry Kendrick Thwaites was appointed superintendent.

Henry Kendrick home

His period of service continued to be until he resigned in 1879 and his successor Henri Trimen was in charge of the Royal Botanical Gardens until 1895.

Interestingly, the garden came under the administration of the Department of Agriculture with the department’s establishment in 1912.

The River Drive Avenues, like Cook’s Pine Avenue, Palmyra Avenue, Double Coconut Avenue, Cabbage Avenue and Royal Palm Avenue can be seen and enjoyed here.

There is also the Classical Avenue of palms in this garden. The cannonball tree which was planted by king George v and Queen Mary in 1901 is really the history of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Even today it bears fruit which are similar to cannonballs.


The Royal Botanical Gardens was used by Lord Louis Mountbatten, the supreme commander of all allied forces in South Asia as the headquarters during the world war Ⅱ.

Location of Royal Botanical Garden

This charming attraction is nestled in the lush area which is about 5.5 km to the city of Kandy and is lovingly nurtured in the bosom of the Central Province.

Its Spectacular Attraction:

It is interesting to speak about the statistics concerning its attraction. In fact, an estimated and proven number of 2 million visitors are said to come to this phenomenal nature attraction annually.

It is nurtured by the Mahaweli whose presence on one edge of it adds magnificent beauty to it, to be exact and precise, and to be honest and genuine in expression of its great unique charm.

 Botanical Garden in Peradeniya

So, if you are into natural beauty peace and calm, The Royal Botanical Gardens is what you need to visit.

What I have been telling you in my short account is nothing but true. There is no attempt to cheat in it. Yeah, it genuinely is a place you gotta visit if you ever happen to step on our Island Paradise, Sri Lanka.


What’s more for eyes to feast On

It is well known for its rich concentration of diverse varieties of orchids. And it is home to more than 4000 species of plants.

They are orchid species, medicinal plants and palm trees. The presence of The National Herbarium of Sri Lanka is yet another attraction.

The complete extent of the Royal Botanical Garden is 147 acres. That is, 0.59 Km2.. It is 460 meters above the sea level.

Generally, it enjoys an annual rainfall of about 200 days. It comes under the administration of the division of National Botanical Gardens of the Department of Agriculture.

You would feel privileged once you step on this conspicuous location and start stolling in the lightly sunny landscape of soothing breeze.

Take a stroll among the tropical timber trees, palm trees and the giant bamboo of Burma which grow to be 40 meters high with 25-centimeter diameter and which are said to grow so fast with rapid growing 30 centimeters a day!

The cannonball tree which enjoys history with its waxy pink flowers and fruit, the double palm tree from the Seychelles, the Javan fig trees which is said to be so massive spreading in an area of 19,375 square feet are breathtaking, mesmerizing attractions to keep you glued to its marvelous beauty. More to this is its age-old suspension bridge which will attract your attention.



Hundreds of thousands of both local and foreign tourists make it  a point not to miss a visit to this wonderful botanical garden.

As and when they visit they lose nothing, but get more from the most of its relaxing, soporific, but languid sensation and may think of being yet another ‘Lotus Eater’ and wish to be there, for ever and ever without the wish to leave it. So the Royal Botanical Garden is there – Be an achiever of happiness of its beauty.


To Make Your Dream Come True

Do not hesitate to visit this marvel in one of the most natural attractions of Sri Lanka. It does not cost much, rather you can get more from photographing or videoing on location and make your holiday more than memorable with resounding sweet memories to take home with you.

If you book in advance a private Kandy Tour by Air-conditioned car it will cost you up to LKR 9,693 and up.

This is for one day and the cost is comparatively low. So, you have to spend a very little from your pocket, but grab at more from it. Yeah, a lot more. The above tour is ‘Do it all in one-day tour’

Also, there’s another private tour with Kandy cultural show which will cost you LKR2,154 and up. There is also a full time Kandy highlights tour costing you about LKR 4,616 and up. Yeah, mate, at such low cost.

Accommodation on your visit:

There are a number of luxury hotels accommodating you at attractive prices to the best of your satisfaction.

Some are Cinnamon Citadel Kandy. It is a four-star Hotel 5 km away from the Royal Botanical Gardens. You could book online of course.

Then comes Rivora Residence, Hanittas Holiday Inn (0.8 Km from Royal Botanical Gardens), Peradeniya Rest House (0.9 Km from Royal Botanical Gardens), Home Away From Home (0.9 Km from the location), Peradeniya Guest House (1Km away), Villa Kamonrich (1Km away) etc.

Indeed, there are many more hotels which will comfortably accommodate you. Well then you know what to do next. It’s all at your desire. Make your dream come true.

Dear visitor, never ever hesitate to spend your valuable time and money to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka.

Other than the things, I mean the attraction, you will find many other things adding to your taste only to give you the best satisfaction for having made the right choice of location to enjoy your visit to Our Beautiful Island Paradise.

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