Davao City - Biggest Eagle Known in the World - Philippines National Bird

Davao City, being known as a progressive city and largest city in Mindanao. The fourth most populous city in the country. It is often called as the safest place in the Philippines.

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The Davao City takes pride as it is the home of the magnificent Philippine Eagle, the biggest eagle known in the world and the country’s national bird ((Pithecophaga Jefferyi). Famous exotic fruits like Durian, called the king of fruits, and Mangosteen, called the queen of fruits, are among the favourites of Davao people called Davaoeños.


What makes this place interesting is the fact that the malls are just a few kilometres away from the beaches. The people are very simple and laid-back, you often see them joined together with the farmers.

While you’re there, you’ll definitely notice that the city is cleaner than any other city in the country. And being the strictest city, you will never find anyone smoking in the city. Not a single person does so as anyone to break the rules is subject to penalty.

Davao city is blessed with great sceneries such as white-sand beaches, lovely waterfalls, parks, cave sanctuary and more. It is a place of peace and order. It is a place with clean air. It is the place known as the most child-friendly city in the country.

It white-sand-beachesis also a place for great food especially for people who love to eat. Aside from Durian, you may try their popular Lachi’s and their tempting desserts.  

Also, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting Philippine Eagle Center as one of the city’s main attraction as well as the Island Garden City of Samal, just less than 30 minutes ride from Davao City.

And when it comes to recreation and food, Jack’s Ridge is a great place to go with lots of facilities to enjoy.

Whether you prefer the hottest months or the coolest months of the year, it shouldn’t stop you from getting there and experiencing the breathtaking sceneries that you will surely enjoy.

Be it in summer for extreme hot weather experiences, or preferably on the coldest months of December to January, the escapade is all worth it.


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