Caramoan Island - Perfect Beaches for Swimming and Photography

Getting to this island is already a memorable journey and gives a sense of seclusion from the very busy world, experience the therapeutic beauty and a perfect place to unwind.

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Caramoan Island in the Philippines  – are you the kind of a person who likes to travel, discover and explore? Do you like different kinds of adventures? Caramoan is one of the best islands located at eastern seaboard of Camarines Sur, in Bicol Region.

Even though you are still in the travelling stage, there is already the presence of thrilling factor. This place is not easy to reach, it is like a set of islands. There are lots of islands in Caramoan, The first destination on every adventurer’s list and a perfect welcome should be the Lahos Island.

lower-eastern-part-of-CamarThe water is perfect for swimming and the sand is so fine. The two gigantic rocks on both ends are characteristic of Caramoan Island.

Another one is Cagbalinad Island. It’s a bit small so that it can only hold a few visitors. But that doesn’t mean that it lacks in beauty, – it has a huge rock wall which can be an awesome background when taking pictures.

Cotivas Island -going there feels like forever because it is very far. However, all of that boredom you felt when travelling there fizzles out once you arrive on the island with its wide and naked sandbar which can only be seen during low-tide.

In Bugtong Island, you can see a lot of starfish with different colours and sizes. Invite your friends and enjoy the water, swim and explore the view. You can also find the Our Lady of Peace Grotto for your final and last stop for the day.

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Visit the Grotto of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary a 26-foot statue, Mother of Peace Grotto that is located at Caglago Mountain in Barangay Tabgon, Caramoan. You must trek 524 steps in order to see it, so you need do some stretching first. The view from the top will ease your tiredness.

Everyone can definitely say that Caramoan Island is a place to visit for those who seek nature tripping and island hopping. All of the islands that are mentioned have crystal clear water and are characterized by white sand. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go to Caramoan Island.

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