Ijen Volcano - Dramatic Scenery - Hot Springs - Waterfalls

Trek at the wonderful Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater with a wide acidic crater lake rich in sulfur mining located in East Java, Indonesia.

Ijen Volcano is featured as the world’s biggest acidic volcanic lake crater. Tourists are drawn to its dramatic scenery, hot springs and waterfalls and the Ijen caldera floor is covered by the coffee plantations. It is really an attraction because of its breathtaking turquoise sulfur lake that exudes flames, smoky white at daytime and blue fire at night.

Ijen Volcano

The entrance fee is about  Rp 150,000 or around $11 per person for foreign visitors, especially during holidays.

To reach Ijen, you may take a train from Surabaya or Yogyakarta to Karangasem station or take a bus bound to Sempol from the bus depot of Bondowoso, this is the closest town going to Ijen Kawah. The start travel time is around 7am till 10am. The trip is around 2 and half hours that cost you 35,000 Rupiah.

Ijen Volcano is amazingly beautiful specially getting up close to the bluish flames and the stunning sunrise that will make your trip Kawah Ijen Volcanounique and memorable.

Going up to the volcano crater, a rocky path that will lead you down to the blue flames.

There are some locals that pass by you and some offer to guide you and ask for money, it is up to you if you want a guide especially if you travel solo and the good thing too is they can feed you with some information.

Persons in charge below the mountain are requiring to do a Paltuding base camp where travellers hold a meeting there before they start hiking up to the rim or down to the lake.

You can see small stalls in the base camp that sell raincoats, masks and gloves. You may also take a supper at one of this food stall and grab a coffee before climbing.

Tourists choose to stay on the crater rim as soon as they smell the stinky sulfur fumes.

After that awesome experience, there are plenty of ojek drivers and busses when you reach the end of the trail, these transportations will take you back to Bondowoso.

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