How Should New Immigrants Successfully Integrate Into a New Society, Culture, and Economic values of Australia?

New Migrants Social Integration is a big topic across the globe in different policies and various aspects of migrant's lives. And therefore, Migrants Integrate covering a wide range of information, including whether migrants are successfully integrating into the new economic, social, cultural, and political spheres of Australian society.

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Essential Social Integration Information Guide For New Migrants! Nowadays, global migrations are a vast and more extensive topic around the world. Far as we know the movements of Skills, refugees, students, travel, & tourism and stable future mean new homes.

I have been live in different countries and living in Australia for almost 22 years. I have found, there so many new migrants are struggling to integrate into Australian society successfully.

By the way, social, economic and cultural integration is not that easy as people think. I just liked to share some of my experience and the tools that I have used for social integration into Australian Society.

What I think About Australia, And It is People, Culture, Economic, Social Prospects.

Australia – Australia the largest island on the plant, we have a diverse climate, nature-rich wildlife, home to the largest sand island in the world Fraser Island.

Furthermorewhite sand sexy beaches and Tasmania has the world’s cleanest air. As well,  Australia rich in natural resources for our brighter future.

By the way, Still the most peaceful nation with plenty of opportunities to migrants here in Australia.


Australians – Austrians are not badly alcoholic, but Aussies are big fans of getting together with friends or family and enjoying a carafe of wine or coffee and Big fans of the outdoor BBQ, they can often be found enjoying long afternoons.

Australian people are not sick racists as immigrants think when you get to know well each other.

The best part of Australians is tolerant to express your views about religious and cultural aspects — the average Aussie drinks 96 liters of beer each year.

So, I’m trying to give some ideas to new migrants to successful integration into new Australia home without staying their own pockets.

What I meant, If anyone wants to leave their home country and migrate to modern Home Australia for a new life, has to make little effort to integrate into a new home.

Other than keep carrying things they did back their home country, Such as religious views, abuse & under mind females, laziness, speak mother language, gathering with the same races, eat the same food and staying home, and every dollar you earn send back to your home country.

newcomer to Australia

Forced to Social Integration Into New Australia Home

I did studying in Australia is an entirely new experience for me as a newcomer to Australia. Therefore, it is a great way to integrate into Australia easily.

And I have seen many Indian students as well as South East Asians they quite often have hang around with their little group.

Also, they are speaking in the same languages, eat the same food and do the same as what did back home. I have noted some of the significant issues among Migrants from Sub-continents, South East Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europeans.

They have an incredibly tight cultural background with their home countries, and they don’t want to have a new way of life in Australia other than earning dollars.

After all, they do want to call home Australia, but lack of effort to the social integration process. Don’t forget ever, there anything that comes easier in your life. The more you interact with the new place, the more you succeed.

Social Integration View

My View of Successful Social Integration to Australia

Have New migrants students always part of own gang?
Does your gang have any local students? If not, then you are losing a significant opportunity to peep into the local culture & customs and of course, local Aussies girls or a boy.

Also, New migrants should try mixing with other people outside your group, be it your hostel, neighbor or the local store.

It doesn’t matter where you come from Aussies girls and boys are well friendly and they always make you welcome.
Also, I have noted, students come from Europe, South America, and quite strong integration into Australian student’s society because of their cultural background.

When you come from America, UK, Ireland, Canada or elsewhere in Europe, There is not that much gap between Australians society and the rest of Europe.

New Migrants Social Integration First Tool is the Language

If migrants want to do social integration into Australia and well mix with the society, the person needs transferable language skills to get a job and express their feeling with locals.

Therefore, of course, many reasons for learning the language and everyone who has learned secondary language always has a different story about how they did it and how they use the second tongue.

Age limits

Social Integration – Chosen Right Age of Migration

The age limits of the Migrants are helping social Integration to Australia. If anyone wants to immigrate to the new country?

It should be migrated to a new nation, when they are early age, instead of waiting over the 30th. When the age limit is going highest and highest, the person may not have time to learn a new country, mix with the society, learning new languages or getting locally laid.

Dating an Aussie girl

Date a Local Girl or a Boy  – Social Integration

Dating an Aussie girl – is great fun. But what’s it’s genuinely like? Well, She will be your Sugar mama, and her ability to teach you all you need is much more value than you think.

In Australia. Such As a natural way of speaking, Aussies culture, customs, and unique tradition as well as the method of Aussies girls getting laid.

Dating an Aussie Boy – is well fun. Aussie boys are ranking globally as some of the sexiest in the world. Some hottest boys around you and need to put your hand into someone’s pants, and he will be behind you.

It is a great idea to learn a new country as your female new migrants. You can learn surfing, drinking beer, Aussies BBQ and Australian outback camping.


Successful Social Integration  Travel and Explore Around Australia

According to Modern human society research, Aetna International conducted in 2017, And have found that “most people that have chosen to immigrate abroad are looking to experience a new and different way of life, earn money than home country — not to create a home in New country.

It’s all about cultural immersion. Well, just because people still have resistance to change into a new society, therefore, If the new migrant was looking for successful Social integration to New Home like Australia?

Take a trip to the local points of interest like nature attractions, even if you are not a tourist — you’re not a tourist anymore in your new country, this is your new home & life!

Connecting to the beauty of your new surroundings, you can have a particularly beneficial effect on your new transition.

Heading up to the museums, public buildings, beaches, rivers, and national parks can help you absorb a greater understanding of the local history as well as feel a greater positive sense of connection with local environments.

I did travel around Australia for over three years, drove my car around Australia as well crossed central Australia.

Social Life

Build a Social Life and  Successful Social Integration

Groups gathering are a great way to meet like-minded individuals, especially, if your relocation is to a mainly rural and isolated area.

Although, the other Expatriate are experiencing a similar transition, try to avoid socializing solely within these groups come from a similar background as your, father more, Not to relatively confining your inner circle.

Furthermore, One of the best ways of integrating is to meet up and socializing with the local Australians, Then, merely mixing with other expatriates in surrounding suburbs.

Making friendships with the locals not only helping with your English language skills, but you may have gained access to areas of your new home country that others will remain unaware of such as job opportunities and local community recognitions. On the other hand, There some different ways to meet regional Australians such as joying society works like Volunteering SES, Fire brigade, Environmental protection society, Animal welfare, wildlife protection and youth society in the area.


Respect the Australians Constitution and the Law of the Commonwealth

Nowadays, we are living in modern society, and we have easy access to a range of pieces of information. We don’t have to use row information, the best way to apply knowledge correctly analysis and only useful and helpful info with evidence.

Therefore, We don’t have to hold onto our religious beliefs or cultural beliefs back home country.

Believing humanity, New country pledge to the constitution, keep the new society and it is people pease and harmony would be the easiest way to integrate into Australia without any dramas.

As long as, new migrants follow the right principles of Australians values Australians are grateful as well helpful for getting a job or starting a business. 

They are always welcoming and helping you to build your own life in Australia freely. Our God is the law, and our Church, temple or mosque are the courts.


Successful Social Integration – Coffee??? Don’t Hate Coffee

Australians love their coffee so much. So, if you ever got an opportunity an Aussie date with a hot sexy girl or a boy, there are high chances, it will be in the day & you will be sitting across her or him with two coffee mugs in between your hand.

It’s important you know all about Australian coffee and learn how to select the right coffee. Such as Espresso (Short Black), Double Espresso (Doppio), Short Macchiato, Long Macchiato. Ristretto, Long Black (Americano)
Café Latte. Flat White, Affogato, Piccolo Latte and Mocha.

Do You Comfortable with Dancing and Social Behavior?

Aussie women love the dudes means a Man who knows a few moves and is confident to ask a girl for a dance. If you are a new migrant a boy, when you’re in clubs, your steps may help to get a partner for your life.

If your a girl just landed in Australia, show your tits up, All Aussies boys will be following you and catcalling nonstop.

Don’t get offended Many new migrants are getting annoyed by cunt or fuck. Those two words in Aussies language had significant values and highlighted as golden words. There so many wrong and robust meanings to it.

Successfull Social Integration to Australia In-conclusion.

Every persona has its beliefs, individual perceptions and so on. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is in your mind.

Most importantly, It is very crystal that balancing and adjustment accordingly geographical & hydro-graphical need is the most important of your life changes to your successful social integration to Australia or a new country on the plants.

Other than turning into extremism and be a terrorist, hate the society of the new nation. Prime example right today among Australians society, like the situation in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne among some African’s Youths and ideological extremism among some of the Middle Eastern communities. 

Personally believed that there nothing to do with your race, color or religion be succeeded in New home Australia but who you and your sense of humor.

Finally, Austrians society doesn’t need beheading or suicide bombe missions in Australia other than peaceful behavior within the community as of how it has been for years among Australians. 

Written By Migrant to Australia and solo traveler Sam Navarathna!

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