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Amazon-com is the largest internet retailer and online commerce and cloud computing company, and every travellers and online shoppers dream. Amazon began simply as an online book store, once gaining traction in the business they expanded to all form of entertainment from books and audio books to CD’s and DVDs. Today, they sell everything from homewares, electronics, clothing, health and beauty, kids and baby, to all your automotive, industrial and outdoor needs - it’s like browsing through a giant department store without leaving your house!

Since 2000, Amazon has been helping businesses increase sales world wide and reach new customers in Australia.

With an easy to navigate website, a plethora of items to browse through, and constant online deals and sales, Amazon-com is a one stop shop for all your travel and adventure needs!

How Amazon ables to help for travellers 

As a traveller, it’s important that you have all the gear and equipment you need and at a good price and with Amazon, it’s all in the one place with customer reviews so you can pick the perfect things for your next trip!

With around 100 categories and an endless amount of products to browse through, I’ve gathered a ‘Travellers Guide to Amazon’

If you’ve never used Amazon before, it won’t take long at all to navigate the site, another one of the benefits of Amazon-com, is it’s incredibly user friendly.

At the top left hand corner of the websites home page there is a ‘Department’ drop down box,that will give you a list of all the categories and subcategories for you to browse through.

For all your travel needs, the best categories to check out are Sports and Outdoor and Cameras and Electronics.

Amazon – Click and look up you need 

Within these two categories, you can browse through based on brands, activities and individual items (clothing, boots, mobile phones etc).

Within Sports and Outdoor, you’ll find everything you need for any outdoor adventure, from camping to mountain climbing and everything in between, and all from the best and most trusted brands.

The Camping section is where you’ll find most of your amenities, like portable gas stoves, tents, air beds, camp chairs and even specialty camping knives and scissors.

If you’re someone that likes to travel sustainably and live in the wilderness, then this should be your first stop!

With brands such as Coleman, Columbia, Razor, High Sierra, Intex and Spyder you know you’ll be getting the best quality for the best price!

For those of you who are after a little more adventure, then look no further than the Climbing and Accessories sections where you’ll find all you climbing harnesses, clothing and protective gear for all types of climbing terrain and weather that start from as little as $30!

And with plenty of actual user reviews, you’ll have no trouble picking the perfect equipment for you!

To browse through all the clothing and footwear for travel and adventure, you can click on the Sports and Outdoor department, then on the women’s or men’s clothing link and you’ll have hundreds of different types of clothing for different places, climates and activities all in one place.

This section is also the best place for all the backpackers out there to find their travel pack and backpack needs!

Amazon has a full range of Oprey backs and packs, starting from as little as $30! Currently Amazon have 25% off all Oprey bags, but there are always different deals and sales available – perfect for that lightweight and budget traveller!

Apart from all your clothing and travel gear, you can also satisfy all your electronic needs with the Cameras and Electronics department.

The most exciting section in the Cameras and Electronics department is the Wearable Technology section.

This is where you’ll find a range of the latest, smartest and most durable watches, fitness trackers, cameras, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices; which would definitely come in handy for any thrill and adventure seekers that want to let family know they’re safe.

Wearable GPS tracking devices are also great for female and solo travellers, it allows you to keep track of where you are, as well as letting your family know you’re safe.

If something should go wrong while you’re travelling, then the GPS can pick up your location quickly, making it easier for you to get help.

Amazon – Click and look up you need

Wearable cameras also include things such as Go-Pros and mounted cameras; perfect for catching that action shot, or so you can capture every moment easily.

Apart from the Wearable Technology section, you can browse through a range of cameras, underwater recording devices for all the divers out there, and absolutely amazing ranges of telescopes with smartphone technology, night vision goggles and monoculars to take your next adventure to the next level!  

Speaking of smart phones, Amazon has all your mobile phone needs covered with their huge range of carrier and unlocked mobile and smartphone devices and accessories.

Not only is there an option to get yourself a brand new phone (without the hassle of going into a store OR paying extra for a mobile plan as well), but Amazon also offer a mobile phone trade in service.

This service allows you to send your old phone (in working condition) to Amazon, depending on the condition of the phone, they’ll pay you anywhere from $30-$200 for the device!

Amazon – Click and look up you need

Not only does this mean you can get paid to get a new phone, but you’re also helping the environment by not throwing it away – it’s a win/win!

Being an online store, it also means the pricing will be more competitive, and you might even be able to get yourself a good deal or sale – so if you ruin your phone while you’re travelling, it’s not big deal! Another win for the budget traveller!

You can also browse through a range of phone accessories like shockproof and waterproof cases, bluetooth headsets, chargers, car mounts, cords and adaptors!

Apart from all the amazing travel equipment and technology that Amazon has to offer, there are an abundance of other departments and categories to browse through.

For all the health conscious travellers, you can also get all your health, vitamin and supplements needs taken care of with the Vitamins and Dietary Supplements section, in the Health and Household department.

As well as, any health and medical supplies (like first aid kits, bandages etc.) that you might need while travelling – especially if you’re a thrill seeker!

These are just a few of the many departments you can browse through on Amazon-com, you can even do your grocery shopping online too!

You can also sign up to be a ‘Prime’ member for $10 per month, which gives you free shipping, and access to exclusive book, movie and music streaming for free!

Amazon accepts a range of payment options, including Paypal and credit card, and ships to most countries; it is recommended that you check if a certain item can be shipped to your location before purchasing.

There are also options to sell your services and products online for those who want to get more involved in the world of online business.

So next time you plan your next adventure, make Amazon-com
your first stop for all your travel and adventure needs!

 Amazon in Australia for Australians 

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