Value storage on Bitcoins will be the best option for humanity and the longer-term travel community today. However, Bitcoins are already recognized as digital GOLD among global elite communities and SEC in the USA. Storing value, Gold, Silver, and a few other metals have been essential to humanity’s transfer of economic energy as storage, even in 560 B.C. human civilization. Therefore, the store values nothing but part of human tradition. However, modern human economic digitalized cashless society indeed needs a solution in digitalized options to store value other than traditional Gold. Surprisingly, an Unknown person or a group has given birth to the most secure Bitcoin algorithm and native blockchain network. Therefore, we should find out why Bitcoins are the best option for travelers to use as store value in the future. 


Yes, Indeed. Longer-term travelers travel worldwide; some travel their entire lives without proper residence. However, Storing value is not about travelers but all of us in the ordinary so, Why bitcoins is the perfect value storage as below?

Fast, secure, and easy transactions than Gold  

Easily Transportable

Digitally interoperable and scaling solutions for tangible value 

Ownership of your value

DEFI POW is the most secure Network 

Deflationary Asset 

Cashless Traveling

Much More Environmentally Friendly than Gold 

Use for Interplanetary Travel and Bussines

Fast and Easy Transaction than Gold

The invention of Bitcoins can transfer the value digitally to another tangible source, such as buying property in Fiat value or another cryptocurrency. But, most importantly, Modern humanity offered the disconnection of primitive economies based on the exchange like a bank or other transaction value by Bitcoin innovation.


When you store Bitcoins, your hard-working money is easy to carry to places, even cross borders in a wallet. Technically, the invention of Bitcoins does not hold in one location; you move part of the human invention as long as you have internet access. You can use your Bitcoins as yours without dirty bankers.


1, Hardware wallet

2, Trust wallet

Bitcoins offer Financial Freedom.

Store value Bitcoins

The technology behind Bitcoins is a Decentralised blockchain. Therefore, no centralized authority controls you or asks for commissions from your storage value. As long as you store, you value secure. No one will touch your value and purity of ownership by you. Dirty, corrupted bankers are not able to smell it. Most importantly, freedom to use your own wealth.

Digitally Interoperable and Scaling Solutions for Tangible Value

Blockchain technologies are growing daily, and human innovation moves faster than ever. Moreover, Layer 2 scaling solutions on the Bitcoins blockchain and fast interoperability of cross-chain inventions and technological advancement are on their way to the traditional financial sector.

Bitcoins offer Ownership of Your Value.

The Bitcoins inventor unknown today, Satoshi Nakamoto, offers the best gift to humanity—pure ownership of your value. Incidentally, the owner of the Bitcoins value storage can access their wealth without beginning authority, centralized government, or authority ruling the world of diplomacy and fairness.  

DEFI POW is the Most Secure Network in The World

POW blockchain Consensus Mechanisms developed year around 1993. And It’s the oldest. However, Bitcoins were the first to give birth to the POW Consensus Mechanisms as world pioneers in monitory engineering. On the other hand, Cryptography Software and specialized computer hardware validate each block and transaction on the blockchain to secure the data recording accurately. However, the process is energy-intensive, and information recording runs on a public blockchain ledger.

Bitcoins are Deflationary Asset

The nature of Bitcoins is deflationary. Therefore, only 21m coins would mint on the blockchain forever. And also, each halving event reduces block sizes to half every four years. And as we all know, dirty politicians print money to stay in power and steal our value daily.

Bitcoins offer Cashless Traveling.

The entire human society is moving to a cashless society day to day transactions and cross-border payment. However, traveling with assets or significant cash could have security uncertainty. So, value storage on Bitcoins will be the best option for all travel categories.

Much More Environmentally Friendly than Gold

However, Paid organizations must publish correct information about Bitcoins mining energy consumption. Unfortunately, they don’t. As soon as the mining end, the energy consumption will be low in the Network, and the average electricity consumption will be less than 1% globally, even today, incidentally according to Cambridge University research. People are using much more electricity for holidays and street lights. Also, Gold miners worldwide destroy nature and the ecosystem, ultimately destroying the planet’s ground base ecosystem.

Bitcoins are Interplanetary and Usable in the Future

It could be in 100 years or even after Will Humanity Achieve Interstellar or interplanetary travel And Find Alien Life. indeed, possibility and humans could exchange value with others easily with Bitcoins. We could start interstellar business modules and monitory protocols in the future with Bitcoins. But, most importantly, we can transfer value and carry it to another planet without heavy weights as interplanetary travelers.


Storing value on the Bitcoins blockchain may require some knowledge. What do you need? My best advice to humanity and fellow travelers. You should know two steps.

How to Buy Bitcoins Safely

Buy your bitcoins on a DEFI or centralized exchange, but do not keep your Bitcoins on a centralized Exchange ever. Instead, use the platform you like and transfer your Bitcoins to a secure wallet. Binance exchange is the world’s safest and most secure place to buy Bitcoins and is available worldwide.

How to Store Bitcoins Safely Longer Term

Storing value long-term can only be challenging without proper knowledge. However, knowing little about the right products and services is easy.

I advise Trust Wallet, which is an open-source mobile or desktop wallet. However, Make sure to follow all security steps indeed.

The second option is the Ledger headwear wallet. The wallet costs you money but is the most trusted way to store your value on Bitcoins and keep it longer. The owner can disconnect the wallet and use it even ever need internet safely for exchange and transfer storage. But make sure to guide security truly. Also, buy your product directly from the company link below.


Financial freedom is a basic fundamental right of human beings, but unfortunately, authorities and the dirty banking system have cut down on it and placed barriers ever since modern monetary protocol began with the industrial revolution. However, Bitcoins have offered financial freedom for all without discrimination, and travelers are the first to use its tremendous benefits of it.

Value Storage In Bitcoins Acknowledgment

The blog has been written for entertainment and educational purposes only. Not for financial advice. nor I am not holding a financial certificate to advise financial planning or investment in any country.

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