Gippsland is an economic rural region taking up much of the southeastern part of Victoria, Australia.  It covers an area of 41,556 square kilometres, beginning just east of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


Situated north of Bass Strait, west of the Tasman Sea, south of the Black-Allan Line, and east, southeast of the Great Dividing Range.

 The region is known for a number of different industries, including mining, power generation, and farming, but also for its many tourist destinations, which include Phillip Island, Wilson’s Promontory, Gippsland Lakes, Walhalla, Baw Baw Plateau, and the Strzelecki Ranges.  


The area is traditionally divided into four or five different subdivisions.

West Gippsland, which is made up of the better part of the Cardinia and Baw Baw Shires, South Gippsland, which is approximately the equivalent of the Bass Coast and South Gippsland Shires, the Latrobe Valley, which consists of Latrobe City and parts of Baw Baw to the north, and East Gippsland, which contains the Wellington and East Gippsland Shire.

Some include a fifth region, Central Gippsland, which approximately corresponds to the shire of Wellington, and is intended to refer to the dry zone between the Gippsland Lakes and Yarram.


Gippsland generally enjoys a temperate, but humid climate.

Annual rainfall in the region ranges from less than 600mm – things-to-do-in-Gippsland-in-victoria1,500mm, with much of it falling as snow at the higher elevations.

The average annual temperature ranges from 15-24 degrees Celsius, making it comfortable year round.

However, the temperature can fluctuate around that average depending on where you plan to visit in Gippsland.


   While Gippsland provides visitors with a number of activities, the beaches serve as, arguably, the greatest draw to the area.
The area is littered with fantastic beaches, each offering something a little different.  There is a beach for everyone in Gippsland.

Below is a quick look at all the beaches Gippsland has to offer.

South Gippsland

places-to-see-in-Gippsland-melbourne1)   Gippsland – Venus Bay:

Venus Bay is a great spot for surfers year round.

The area is a popular spot among travellers looking for a refreshing swim.

However, the water at Venus Bay can be a little dicey and swimmers are encouraged to only swim in the designated swimming area.  Livesavers do patrol the area in the summer.


2)   Gippsland – Walkerville:

Walkerville is one of Gippsland’s hidden gems.  Best known for its historic lime kilns, the beach offers a number of rocky pools and little sandy coves that are perfect for exploring.

Walkerville is a great place for fishing, walking, or just relaxing.  There are no livesavers at Walkerville.


3)  Gippsland surfing beach – Inverloch:

Iverloch is an excellent surfer’s beach.  It is patrolled by livesavers in the summer months, but the inlet beaches are not.

4)   Sandy Point: Sandy Point is another fantastic surfing beach that offers the added benefit of fantastic view of the surrounding mountains.  It also offers great conditions for windsurfers and is patrolled by livesavers in the summer.

5)   Port Welshpool: Port Welshpool is an ideal place to bring your young children.  The area has shallow water and sandy beaches perfect for young swimmers.  The area is not patrolled by livesavers.


6)   Cape Paterson: Another decent surf spot.  Cape Paterson is patrolled by livesavers in the summer.places-to-see-in-Gippsland

7)   Wilson’s Promontory: One of the more famous attractions in Gippsland, Wilson’s Promontory offers a number of different beaches on its western coast.

 The area is made up of fragile sand dunes and as such, visitors to the Prom are recommended to stay on designated walking paths.

Some of the beaches on the Prom are listed below.

  1. Norman Bay: Norman Bay is the safest swimming beach near the Prom.

     With multiple access points, it is also one of the easiest to get to.

     Norman Bay also offers good surf for surfers and the area is patrolled by livesavers in the summer.                                                                                            

  2. Squeaky Beach: This beach gets its name from the rounded grains of quartz on the beach that make a squeaking noise as you walk over them.                                                                                                   The rock formations at the northern end of the beach create a maze of pathways that are perfect for exploring.  There are no surf livesavers on this beach.                                                                                                                                                             
  3. Picnic Bay Beach: This beach sits at the bottom of a steep cliff.  There is a fantastic viewpoint from the car park at the top of the cliff and rock formations at each end of the beach create a number of rock pool habitats that are fascinating to explore.  There are no surf livesavers at this beach.                                                 
  4. Whiskey Bay Beach: This beach also offers a number of interesting rock formations.  Just getting to the beach is a scenic experience as the access path travels through a gully and follows a small creek before finally passing over a sand dune to the beach.  There are no surf livesavers at Whiskey Bay.

8)   Shallow Inlet: The sheltered and peaceful waters of Shallow Inlet are perfect for young children.  This area is also very well known among windsurfers as there are ideal windsurfing conditions a bit further offshore.  Surf livesavers do not patrol this beach.

9)   Waratah Bay: This beach stretches for as long as the eye can see offering excellent views overlooking Wilson’s Promontory.  It is the ideal place for a beach stroll.  There are no surf livesavers at this beach.


Central Gippsland

1)   Ninety Mile Beach: Another of Gippsland’s more famous beaches, the Nintey Mile beach starts at Woodside Beach.gippsland-in-Victoria-australia  

There is a swimming beach at Woodside Beach, as well as camping and caravanning accommodation available at the caravan park adjacent the beach.

The swimming beach is patrolled by livesavers in the summer.

2)   Seaspray Beach: Known primarily for fantastic fishing, Seaspray Beach also has a swimming area and decent surfing spots.

Camping is also available near the beach.  The diversity of possible activities at Seaspray Beach make it a great place for families.  Surf livesavers patrol the beach during the summer peak periods.

3)   Golden Beach: Famous for its surf fishing, Golden Beach serves as a lookout over Ninety Mile Beach.

Six kilometres down the beach from town, visitors can see what is left of the Trinculo shipwreck and at night, you can spot oil platforms out in the distance.

Free camping is available at 20 campsites within the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park near the beach.

4)   Loch Sport Beach: This beach is renowned for good fishing and is a popular spot for this visiting the nearby township.


beautifull-beaches-in-gippsland-in-victoriaEast Gippsland

1)   Lakes Entrance Beach: This beach provides access to the Ninety Mile Beach.

The main beach is patrolled by livesavers during the summer school and public holidays.

2)   Lake Tyers Beach: This lakeside beach is popular for families looking for calmer waters.  The beach is not patrolled by lifesavers.


3)   Cape Conran Coastal Park: The Cape Conran Coastal Park boasts three different beaches.

  1.  Pearl Point Cape: This is a very rough beach that should only be accessed by experienced surfers when the weather conditions are right.  With that being said, it is a fantastic surf fishing point.                                
  2. East Cape: This beach is protected by the East Cape, thus making the waters much calmer than the surrounding beaches. This makes it perfect for families looking to spend a day at the beach.  The shallow water is perfect for children and the rocky cape is ideal for snorkeling.  The beach is not patrolled by livesavers.                                                                                                                                                                   
  3. West Cape: This is a popular spot for surfers looking to catch a fairly good sized wave.  It is also a great location for abalone diving, snorkeling, and just wandering along the rocky shore.  The are is not patrolled by livesavers.


4) Croajingolong National Park: Croajingolong National Park is home to the Thurra Campground Beach.  This remote beach places-to-see-in--wilson-promonoteryis a beautiful long, sandy stretch of beach with dunes and plenty of rocks to explore between the campground and the Point Hicks Lighthouse.                                

It is a great place to camp righ ton the beach in a beautiful, remote setting.  The area is not patrolled by livesavers.

5)   Mallacoota: Mallacoota is home to four different beautiful beaches.

  1. Bastion Point Beach: This sheltered beach is very popular among surfers.  Only a short drive from Mallacoota, it is patrolled by livesavers in the summer.                                                                                              
  2.   Betka Beach: This sheltered beach along the Betka River is ideal for children due to its calm waters.  The beach has excellent picnic facilities that make for a great day with the family.  The area is not patrolled by livesavers.                                                                                                                                                
  3. Quarry Beach: This is a rugged, rocky beach that is very popular among abalone divers.  The area is not patrolled.                                                                                                                                                       
  4. Secret Beach: As you might expect, this is a very well secluded beach, with beautiful, pure sand.  It is only accessible by foot and it is not patrolled.  


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