Montague IslandMontague Island is a continental island within the Montague Island Nature Reserve, a protected nature reserve offshore from the South Coast Region of New South Wales, in eastern Australia.

The nearest town onshore to the 81 hectare reserve is Narooma, which is around nine kilometres to the northwest.  

The island is the second largest island of the coast of New South Wales and has been classified by the National Trust as a Landscape Conservation Area for its scenic, scientific, and historical value.

The Montague Island Light buildings are listed on the Register of the National Estate for its architectural quality.

The island boasts Australia’s premier eco-tourism experience, having been twice ranked as Tourism Australia’s top eco-tourism destination.

Accommodation – Montague Island

Visitors to the island can stay a the historic Montague Island lighthouse.

The Head Keepers Quarters, which sleeps 12, Montague Islandand the Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Quarters, which sleeps 8, are both available for a self-contained stay on the island.

 Each accommodation offers its own fully equipped kitchen and comes stocked with linens and bath towels.

The cost of this accommodation also includes a two-and-a-half hour tour of the island and boat transfers to and from the island, complete with an orientation from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service upon arrival.

Montague Island: What to Do

The primary reason anyone comes to Montague Island is for the nature.  The island is an important breeding ground for around 12,000 Little Penguins, which can be seen Montague Islandcoming ashore at dusk after feeding in the sea.

The island is also the home to the largest fur seal colony on the NSW coast, as well as a breading ground for around 15 different species of bird.

Depending on when you are visiting the island, it is also common to see dolphins, whales, and grey nurse sharks can also be seen.

There are a number of tours on the island that will take visitors to all the national heritage listed buildings, all the primary wildlife destinations, and cover all of the island’s history.  

There are morning, afternoon, and evening tours.  The morning tour lasts a couple hours and starts with a trip to visit the seal colony on the northern part of the island.

It then climbs through the vegetated areas to the lighthouse and up to the top of the lighthouse.  Tour-goers will learn the area’s aboriginal history and experience the island’s wildlife on this tour.

    Montague Island    The afternoon tour is only one hour and is essentially a shorted version of the morning tour.  

The evening tour is similar to the morning tour except you don’t visit the seals and you end the tour watching the antics of the little penguins as they return to the island at the end of the day.

There are also tours that allow you to assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with a variety of their conservation efforts.

How to Get There – Montague Island

The island is serviced by boat from Narooma.


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