William Bay National Park is situated 15 kilometres west of Denmark along the south coast of Western Australia.

The park encompasses an area of 1,734 hectares and includes popular destinations Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks.

The majority of visitors to the park come to enjoy the beaches and unique rock formations at both of these locations.

What to Do

As previously mentioned, the two main attractions at William Bay National Park are Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks.

Greens Pool is a wonderful swimming beach.William Bay National Park

This beach is protected from the harsh waters of the Great Southern Ocean by a ring of huge rounded boulders.

As such, Greens Pool is essentially a giant natural swimming pool.

No matter how rough the sea is, the boulders protect the waters at Greens Pool, keeping them perfectly calm and tranquil year round.

Greens Pool also has a huge expanse of white sand beach that is perfect for lounging in if you want a break from the water.

The sand gently slopes into the sea, allowing for a large stretch of calm, shallow water, making Greens Pool perfect for swimming for all ages.

The rocks in and around Greens Pool are also of particular interest.

There are a number of large boulders sticking out of the water within the pool that serve as great natural diving platforms.

If you are willing to swim out a little further all the way to the boulders protecting the pool, you will find rocks that provide swimmers a nice and warm place to lay in the sun and dry off after their swim.

The rocks also have their own little beachlets, coves, and gutters in and amongst them.

Finally, Greens Pool is a good spot for snorkeling.  While there isn’t quite as much marine life in Greens Pool as there is in other Australian destinations, snorkelers can see zebra fish, six-spined leatherjackets, and mosaic sea stars, among other things, swimming about in the waters of the pool.

Elephant Rocks is a unique rock formation that looks oddly like a herd of elephants wading into the water and out to see.

The rocks can be accessed from Greens Pool via a well maintained walking path.

However, the rocks also have a car park of their own with access to both Greens Pool as well as Elephant Rocks.

There is also a small beach at Elephant Rocks called Elephant Cove.

This beach is much smaller than Greens Pool and as such, much more private and less crowded than the very popular Greens Pool.William Bay National Park

        While Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks are the most popular attractions, they aren’t the only ones.

Waterfall Beach is also a unique spot within William Bay National Park.

Located a few kilometres east of Greens Pool, Waterfall Beach is another beach located on Madfish Bay where a relatively large and powerful waterfall cascades out onto the beach.

During the winter, the waterfall can be quite powerful and during the summer, it can serve as a welcome cool oasis.

 After walking along the beach to the waterfall, visitors can sit in the shade around it and feel the cool spray of the water.  The waterfall is located on the far side of the beach to the left of the car park, if you are facing the water.

        Finally, wildlife enthusiasts and hikers will find some beautiful hikes in William Bay National Park.

Apart from the short walk between Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, visitors can follow the beach from Greens Pool all the way past Mazzoletti Beach around the curve of the bay to Parry’s Beach.

Additionally, the famous Bibbulmun Track passes through the park.  If you are hiking the whole trail, a stop at William Bay National Park would be a welcome break on your journey.

Alternatively. Visitors to the park can hike sections of the trail and take in the variety of wildflowers that are present year round along the south coast.William Bay National Park

Where to Stay

While there is no accommodation in the park, the park is situated within the Denmark area, which is a very popular tourist destination.

As such, it is filled with a variety of accommodation options.

Whether you are looking for a campsite, caravan park, hostel, motel, bed and breakfast, hotel, luxury resort, or even a self-contained holiday apartment and house rentals.

There is something for every taste and budget in the Denmark area.

How to Get There

        The park sits on the South Coast Highway 14 kilometres southwest of Denmark.  As such, it is easily accessible by car.   

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