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Advantage Physiotherapy's guide for selecting Backpacks for long day hiking

Bodysmart physiotherapists recommend  few general considerations for selecting your backpacks, boots and other equipment’s in order to protect yourself. Also, minimize injury while hiking or long distance walking with weight.

Other related equipment, such as proper shoes as well as walking/hiking poles should also be considered if you are using your backpack over 75 litter size for very frequently walk or long distances.


The best way to find out right backpacks and equipment’s right for you, that is best for you to get to a store or Physiotherapist  at Bodysmart Centre in Perth or elsewhere to check out issues! The exact type of backpack to choose really depends exactly on what you will be using the pack for.

 A knowledgeable store expert or Physiotherapist are essential to have close-by when you are choosing or have right consultations before that.

Any How, if you have muscle strain   or any other backpacks injuries? Please See your Physiotherapist to-toady and find the right way to do your enjoyable travels.

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